Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – Purpose and strategies of the Confederation of the Light

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We greet you and we continue with our reflection. We will deal with the purpose and the strategies of the Confederation of the Light. We want to introduce you only to the facts that you can follow and that are in front of your eyes; we will look at them in the light of the Holy Spirit so that you can understand them.

The passage is on page 238:

Purpose and strategies of the Confederation of the Light

The purpose of the Confederation is to found, consolidate and expand the kingdom of darkness in the whole universe with Lucifer as its leader. This kingdom is meant to overthrow God from His throne and dominate the entire creation. In order to pursue this goal, each confederate planet has developed different strategies according to its peculiar character and the nature of its humanity. However, all of them work for the kingdom of Lucifer and all are waiting for the coming of this kingdom.

The Illuminati have developed different strategies in time to achieve the goals of the Confederation of the Light to which they belong. Here are the most important ones:

1)    The progressive reduction of the global population. The Illunimati need to reduce the number of inhabitants of the overcrowded Earth; the fewer individuals there are the easier it is to control them. They try to reduce humanity not only quantitatively but also qualitatively by letting live only those who are more easily dominated. Therefore, they have programmed the systematic elimination of specific categories of people. Among them there are the Christians; then the persons who act and think too independently; the disabled, the elderly and the sick that are a burden and represent a cost factor for the governments. The next are the children who deserve a separate discussion. Too many children are born on Earth; it is better to have fewer and better selected children. Consequently, the Illuminati have taken action in two ways: by impoverishing the humanity more and more to discourage people from having children and by increasing abortions.

The solutions adopted by the Illuminati to reduce the world population are: hunger, diseases, wars, epidemics; impoverishment and modification of food and drugs, false health information, excessive use of poisons and pesticides as well as  the continuous emission of polluting substances into the water and the air.

2)    Mental control of the masses. It is impossible to dominate someone without guiding him/her to think in a certain way; even less an entire humanity can be dominated if it cannot be shaped. Mental control is designed to control the masses: to bring everyone to the same wave length so that it seems totally logical and natural to behave in a certain manner. Various techniques have been developed on Earth to direct the thinking of the masses: for example, telepathy is used by powerful mediums to influence the thinking of the individuals; subliminal messages which act deep inside the individual. Furthermore, the use of the mass media through which certain ideas can be instilled in the people through deceiving advertisement, images, messages or obsessively repeated key-words. Many mediums act through radio and television channels, not to mention the internet that allows the transmission of thoughts and messages leading in a precise direction. On Earth a real programme of deception of the masses, noticed only by few people, is carried out, which is inspired by the demons that are seducers par excellence.

3)    Controlling the behaviour of the individuals. The men and women of the Earth are increasingly losing their privacy. They make their life public trying to achieve media exposure, which they consider a sure indicator of success and approval. A long time ago the members of the Confederation who work on Earth started to collect data about the individuals through espionage at all levels and the creation of more or less secret archives; however, these systems are insufficient and costly. Therefore, the Illuminati have recently established an absolutely global and capillary system of collecting personal data: the social network. They do not need to search information about you since you deliver it yourselves with accurate details. The social networks are the largest archive on Earth, a mine of information about millions of individuals which is useful to control the desires and thoughts of the masses.

These ways of controlling people, that is, through espionage, archives and the social networks, affect the person from outside. There are others that aim at controlling the person from inside by controlling the mind and by inducing to certain behaviour. The microchip is one of them; the Illuminati have been trying to impose them on the global population for years. These devices, once inserted in the human body, allow the individuals to be controlled remotely so that he/she can be mentally conditioned through the transmission of specific impulses.

4)    The imposition of dangerous lifestyles. This manipulation occurs principally through false information and the influence of fashion. They are presented as appealing life styles and induce people to do all they can to comply with these models of life. These lifestyles are dangerous for your health and lead to the self-elimination of humanity. Some examples: false and contradictory information about nutrition in which this or that food is praised or demonized; lifestyles that lead people to eat too much or too little, to get little sleep, etc.

The young are the weakest in this respect; they are pushed to absurd and dangerous behaviour such as doing extreme sports, consuming alcohol and drugs and listening to obsessive music. The young follow models of life and lifestyles presented to them by famous persons like actors, singers and sportspeople who are often utterly negative idols.

False information is mixed with true information to create confusion. The most senseless fashion and behaviour are imposed almost imperceptibly but systematically until the masses internalize them and believe they are necessary to be accepted by the society. All this has evened out ways of behaviour: all dress the same, all have this or that device; this comes about in such a way that individuals increasingly lose their personality and lose their dignity and originality.

5)  The progressive fading of consciousness. The strategies mentioned above want to inhibit the individuals depriving them of their consciousness. The powerful are planning to achieve, within a certain time, generations of people without opinion, unable to discern between good and bad and who have lost the religious sense of life; generations who rely on science and technology who let themselves be guided towards what they promise; men and women who do not question anything and who do not ask questions, who are satisfied with the novelties of progress and material goods. Those who keep pace with progress are all right, but those who cannot manage are marginalized and become part of that section of humanity that is designed to disappear.

Among all the strategies used by the Illuminati two deserve to be mentioned separately because of the seriousness they are increasingly acquiring.

All this is occurring in front of our eyes. The believer asks himself why God allows it. God allows it because He wants to promote the inner growth of humanity and to widen its horizon. However, people use progress to do evil; how can we oppose them? God has already prepared His instruments. Those who have read the book “The Universe and its Inhabitants” have noticed that within the Central Nucleus one specific group deals with computer science; that group is able to control everything. God has entrusted to this group the task of directing people towards higher spiritual levels and to correct all wrong behaviour. Yet, we should not only wait for the intervention of this group, the group of Archangel Sealtiel that deals with computer science, because each one of us is called to participate in this action. If we are united to Christ, if we are in His Spirit, His Spirit communicates to us all that is positive so that we act inside ourselves with all the information of faith that we have. So, we are asked to wake up because God wants to use us as instruments who provide true information, who behave righteously and have a righteous personality.

I bless you; may the Holy Spirit give you true information, help you discern between good and evil and give you the strength to keep away from evil and to live your life according to the rhythm of the Holy Spirit in a time of passage that will surely lead us to the new creation. The Lord may give you hope, that is, the hope that comes from the light that He communicates to your heart. In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.