Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The desecration of the planet Earth / The total virus / The rest of the universe

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Today we will continue with our reflection on the subject we discussed in our last meeting by looking more deeply into the range of actions of the Illuminati to destroy the nature and the humanity of the Earth.

The desecration of the planet Earth (page 242)

All of you are aware of the problem of the pollution and contamination of the Earth. It is often explained to you that the pursuit of profit stands behind it and that states and multinational companies of different kinds exploit the resources of the planet in an irresponsible manner. That is not all: every thirst of profit has its roots in selfishness, and selfishness is the instrument used by Lucifer. By using the humanity’s selfishness Lucifer succeeds in making you accomplish his will, that is, to destroy you.

From the beginning Lucifer directed his hatred relentlessly against the creation. Firstly, because it is the work of the God he hates; secondly, because nature is like a great book in which man can read the marvels of God, and that is dangerous for him; finally, because by hitting nature, indirectly he hits the human being whom he hates for being child of God. Unfortunately, man does not understand the how much hate the devil nourishes against him; your progenitors who were seduced by Lucifer confused evil with good and did not understand it. Even the men and women of today fail to understand it; they partly deny the existence of the devil and partly adore him, partly they do not know how to combat him because they are not adequately instructed by the priests. As a matter of fact, the devil hates you and does all he can to put you in troubles even though you are not aware of it. One of the most subtle ways to do so consists in altering your environment, putting the laws of nature upside down to bring about suffering and misery. As you can observe very well in this time, the creation is suffering and its silent scream is purposely ignored by the leaders who are submitted to the Illuminati. The latter certainly have no intention to do any good for you, on the contrary, they hate you; they are children of their father, Lucifer, and they do what they see him do.

The followers of Lucifer who have always dominated the Earth began to sink their claws into nature from the dawn of your history: they got hold of the best resources depriving the meek and poor. They began to exploit fields, forests, seas, rivers and underground resources to earn money and construct great cities, buildings, treasures, etc. Slaves worked incessantly to enrich a small part of the population of the Earth made of humans and Reptilians who constitute the roots of today’s Illuminati. Lucifer has always supported their work helping them achieve richness and privilege.

As the centuries passed and your humanity progressed, the buying up and exploitment of the natural resources of the Earth intensified and increased in parallel to the needs of humanity. When the Confederation of the Light was born, the Illuminati decided to put in place a global strategy of exploitment and impoverishment of the planet in order to accelerate the project of reducing the population of the world. The savage exploitation and contamination of nature has continued mercilessly up to today. Today your planet has almost reached the point of collapse; the people, the animals and all the creatures suffer continuous harm, some of which is irreparable. Despite the increasing awareness and the efforts of many of the most sensitive among you, nothing can stop the devastating hand of Evil. An irreversible process of destruction has set off in front of which the humans of the Earth are helpless.

So, is there no more hope to save the Earth? Yes, there is and how! Not only there is the possibility of salvation but there is a Saviour, too: Jesus Christ. He is the Saviour and the Redeemer, that is, the One who liberates the whole creation from the suffering and the humiliation caused by evil and sin. His work embraces not only man but all creatures; Jesus has the power to heal all that exists. Only He and no one else can annul the work of Lucifer. However, Jesus does not use force and does not violate your freedom; He waits until you open your heart as it is written: “I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me“(Rev 3:20). The major part of humanity is deaf and does not hear that Jesus is continuously knocking to help you. You search help in science, technology or magic but not in Christ, the Saviour and Redeemer. Without awareness your humanity is going towards the disaster that can already be seen but is denied by those who seduce you and try to downplay what is in front of everyone’s eyes. Wake up and turn to Jesus Christ, the King of the universe! If you were united in requesting salvation, you would change the fate of the Earth; but that is not so because you have decided to do everything on your own. Sooner or later you will see the results. 

Why do the Illuminati promote the destruction of the Earth on which they live themselves? It seems a contradiction: they want to rule the Earth and at the same time they destroy it. Actually, the Illuminati of the Earth act in close relationship with the powerful of two planets that have joined the Confederation of the Light. Lucifer has promised to assign them the most beautiful planets of the universe the day he will have conquered it. Therefore, the Illuminati are not concerned about destroying the Earth, convinced as they are that they will own better planets one day.

Of course Lucifer knows very well that things will not develop like that and that he will never defeat God; however, he is careful not to reveal it to his friends who continue to believe in his lies. So the Illuminati carry on destroying the Earth; they think they are clever and laugh at the disasters on the planet, also because they do not lack anything. They do not undestand because they are blinded by hatred and greed. They are similar to the lumberman that cuts the branch on which he is sitting.

In the meantime the health of your planet is getting more and more compromised. However, the major part of the people does not realize it and carry on living their selfish life made of waste and insatiable greed. A life far away from the laws of God, often immoral and perverse, which lets out hatred and indifference on nature; the creation is sensitive to love and hatred. The more humanity distances itself from the law of God and rebels against the Creator the more nature rebels against man and begins to return what it received. The humankind of the Earth created by God to guard the creation rebelled against God and continues to be rebellious; so it became the torturer of the creation, the great desecrator of the planet. Exactly as it is written: “You have defiled the land with your prostitution and wickedness” (Jer 3:2).

The total virus

For centuries the Illuminati, with the help of their fellows of the Confederation, have been trying to create a virus with which they could keep under control the  whole humanity of the universe; a kind of lethal weapon that does not involve the costs and risks of a war. Over time on Earth as on other rebellious planets secret laboratories have been created in which they try to produce increasingly more dangerous viruses; the scientists that work there are bound to absolute secrecy under penalty of death. Several times in your history some of those viruses accidentally slipped out of these laboratories causing various types of epidemics; other times they were spread intentionally to test the results on the population. However, up to now the goal of creating what they call “the total virus” has not been reached yet. It is a virus capable of affecting not only some organs of the human body but most of the organs at the same time to cause immediate death similar to that caused by chemical weapons. It would be a formidable weapon but less compromising than traditional or chemical weapons: it would provoke mass extermination without an apparent perpetrator. Who could in fact prove that the virus was spread by anyone?

So far, despite the resources given by the Confederation, the hints of the demos and the incessant activity of unscrupulous scientists the total virus could not be developed yet. In fact, God does not allow it. The faithful brothers of the universe have intervened many times by order of God: they have visited the secret laboratories several times putting out of order hundreds of devices, rendering inactive viruses ready to be spread out and preventing certain types of experiments.

The action of the faithful brothers has not been limited to secret laboratories but has also affected military bases, weapon arsenals, missile sites and all that has come out of the perversity of Lucifer and his children to harm you as far as to destroy your life.

The faithful brothers and sisters have worked a great deal to protect the low universe especially the Earth that has been hit more strongly by the forces of evil because of the presence of the Christians. However, God has always acted within the limits of your freedom. If the majority of your humanity finally decided to call God for help, the scale of the divine intervention would be different. It is not so: the majority of men and women on Earth not only do not search God but curse Him and consider Him the cause of all their troubles.

How long will this situation last? Until God decides to put an end to the time given to humanity to recognize Jesus Christ. When all those who have welcomed Jesus Christ will have concluded their testimony and the work of redemption will be accomplished among the people of God, then the action of evil will be terminated. Until that time every one is given the possibility to convert to the true God and to change life; this is the only way for you to limit the domination of evil on your planet.

The rest of the universe

The action of Lucifer and his followers and the birth of the Confederation of the Light inevitably also caused repercussions on the other planets of the universe.

The humanities of the middle universe sensed the risk of an invasion by the planets of the low universe; however, a highly unlikely scenario, given the limited means of the rebellious humanities. Nevertheless, the humanities of the middle universe, always fearful and uncertain, began to reinforce their defence systems and to prepare the armies. At a certain point they panicked. God intervened in favour of these brothers and sisters who were weak but not bad and sent the faithful brothers and sisters from the high universe to visit them.

The humanities of the high universe had followed the manoeuvres of the rebellious planets in the low universe from a distance. God had ordered them to intervene only to prevent severe dangers especially on Earth. Besides, the humanity of Alfa Centauri had continuously been travelling the low universe, in which it is located, to monitor the situation and to prevent the most dangerous actions of the rebellious humanities. They intervened many times, for example, to put out of action dangerous weapons or to prevent that dangerous satellites or materials were sent into space.

When the humanities of the middle universe began to arm themselves and to prepare for a possible armed intervention in the low universe, the faithful brothers and sisters visited the planets of the middle universe by order of God. They reassured the populations that no harm would occur to them, that they would have been defended adequately in case of an invasion by the rebellious humanities, if only they remained calm and renounced all intentions of waging war against the rebellious planets. In this way the inhabitants of the middle universe calmed down and returned to their normal life. They got closer to the humanities of the high universe and bonds of friendship and trust were created.

Exactly on this point I want us to reflect: “In this way the inhabitants of the middle universe calmed down and returned to their normal life. They got closer to the humanities of the high universe and bonds of friendship and trust were created.” Who are these men and women of the high universe faithful to God? They know Him and are in close relationship with Him and they have remained faithful from the beginning. As has been explained in this reading, they do not cause any harm but prevent harm from growing further. They act to promote the good. The universe is full of instruments of God that act in favour of the weak.  They do not awaken in anyone evil desires of war; they arouse the desires of the Holy Spirit: to make humanity grow further towards the new creation where there will be no death, no tears, no pain, no wars but harmony and a full life.

This is the time to wake up. The rest of the book, that we will comment, wants to unite the people who believe in Jesus Christ and lead them to give their response as a people to God and to His instruments in the universe; the instruments act in a positive manner so that people may lift their head, so that people may begin to act by allowing the One and Triune God to act and to let history go ahead towards the end: the end of times and the beginning of life without end, the full eternal life.

I bless you; may the faith awaken in you so that you give your individual response and as a community in order to begin to pray together with others; may you begin to think in a different way, no more passively but actively in Christ to oppose evil. May the power of Christ, the King of the universe, act in you and through you. In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.