Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The 20th century and the interventions of God – The manifold grace of God

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

I greet you and I invite you to listen particularly carefully while we are going through the book, since the last hundred pages mention historical events that take us directly to the events that are going to come. What are the historical events referred to in this book? The apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Fatima, the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Ghiaie di Bonate, the Merciful Love through St. Faustina Kowalska, St. John XXIII and the Second Vatican Council, the manoeuvres of Lucifer and the Illuminati in the year 1966, then the great Pope John Paul II, proclaimed saint, who has introduced us into the third millennium. Here we have the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Medjugorje, the Queen of Peace, which are connected to the former period. At the beginning of the third millennium God revealed His Extraordinary Instruments to reunite the whole universe in Christ, and He explained their action in the whole universe.

Now it is very important for us to listen carefully and attentively to what will be explained. Today we will speak about grace. All these events are graces. God acted powerfully within His Church and through His Church, and He invited the Church to participate in His grace. Grace represents an energy without which we cannot go ahead; however, it can act only within those who accept and understand it and take responsibility. So, grace is the common thread in all these events and also for us who are growing and want to understand and play a part in this time; grace will make us open for the future great events on Earth and in the universe.

The 20th century and the interventions of God – The manifold graces of God (page. 248)

The intervention of God in human history did not end after the coming of Jesus Christ. On the contrary, after Jesus Christ ascended to Heaven, many far-reaching interventions of God occurred. While Lucifer and his followers were weaving their plots in the low universe, God was acting with great power, especially on Earth, to help the Church and to defend your very fragile humanity. God allowed the rebellious humanities to act against His laws, He respected their freedom but He certainly did not stand by and watch. God acts continuously in favour of His children; the dynamic of His action is inexhaustible.

During the first phase of the history after Christ, which lasted from Pentecost to the third millennium, the interventions of God occurred without interruption one after the other to counteract the action of Lucifer and his followers. The angels and the faithful brothers and sisters to God were continuously sent to the rescue of the humanity of the Earth, especially the Church that has been continuously attacked from inside and outside. The major part of your humanity is unaware of it even though God has revealed the actions of the angels and faithful brothers and sisters to many individuals. For example, many saints in the history of the Church have seen this action even though they were not always able to explain it; sometimes they have been silenced. However, God has never left the Church without clear signs of the presence of other children of God in the universe. On the other hand, it could not have been otherwise: God expected the Church to become aware of the existence of life in the universe and its mission of universal evangelization; it was therefore clear that He would confirm all this.

The action of God takes many shades; it is as manifold as grace that is the motor of any divine action. God acts through grace. What is grace? It is the power that flows ceaselessly from the thought of God that is always focused on good since He is the Supreme Good. Every thought of God contains the power to transform into action; this power is grace. God could therefore do all by Himself without the help of any creature; yet, there is the greatness of the divine love: God has decided that His most noble creatures, that is, angels and human beings, should participate fully in His action. For this to happen God fills His creatures with grace that is the power that is necessary for the realization of His plans; it is as if God transferred His power to each one of you to enable you to accomplish your mission through which His designs  are fulfilled.

In turn, humans and angels have to welcome grace. How? Here the Trinitarian action enters into play through a process that involves the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity. The divine thought arouses in perfect harmony with the Three Divine Persons: the divine thought is, so to say, triune and one as God Himself is. From this thought derives the Trinitarian power, that is, the grace with which God realizes His will. At this point the creature comes into play. For example, let us think of a man whom God has thought to give a specific task. The Holy Spirit, the Sanctifier, acts within the spirit of that man to enable him to know, understand and accept the will of God. The man must respond by welcoming God and offering himself to Him, allowing Him to act; the man has to sanctify himself; only then, he will be able to understand what God requests from him. If this occurs, the Holy Spirit leads that man to Jesus Christ and reveals to Him the action of the Son of God, the Redeemer, that is, first of all to purify the man from sin and heal him deep inside. After that, Jesus, as the High Priest, offers the man to the Father so that the Father, the Creator, gives him the abundance of life. At this point the man receives the grace that comes from the thought and action of the Holy Trinity and is capable of acting with all the power to accomplish the will of God.

This process is clearly visible in the angels who are pure spirits: in them the comprehension of the divine will of God is immediate and so is their response; therefore, they are able to carry out rapidly the will of God. Grace finds full space of action in them and the angelic missions follow one another incessantly; thus, the action of the angels is continuous and uninterrupted. 

The faithful brothers and sisters to God also understand, welcome and accomplish very rapidly the will of God. The divine grace can act without encountering any obstacles in them. This is given by the fact that they have not committed original sin; therefore, they are not slowed down and limited by the consequences of guilt.

On the contrary, the men and women of the Earth are slow in understanding the will of God since they are affected by the consequences of original sin which make them very fragile. The worst is the fear of God; that is what your progenitors felt after committing sin; a trace of that fear is still present in your humanity: the humans of Earth hide from God. This is why it is so difficult for them to offer themselves to God because they think that this will cause them deprivation and punishments whereas it is not so. Jesus Christ came to give you the possibility to overcome the tragedy of original sin. Unfortunately, only a small part of the humanity of the Earth has recognised Him; thus, it remains fragile and incapable of understanding and accepting the grace and struggles among countless difficulties which are mostly created by your humanity. Moreover, your humanity is oppressed by the spirit of evil of which the Earth is full and which confuses and seduces it.

It is the will of God that His plans shall be accomplished with the collaboration of angels and humans. The action of God is carried out by the creatures that God fills with His grace, that is, His power. God has kept for Himself only three great works that no creature could ever accomplish: THE CREATION, THE REDEMPTION, THE SANCTIFICATION that descend from the sublime force and fullness of the life of the Holy Trinity.

No creature can do such works, not even think of being able to accomplish them, let alone try to fulfil them. This is the impassable limit for both angels and humans. Nevertheless, Lucifer who is a pure spirit tries to overstep this limit with the help of men who are as rebellious and evil as him. God allows sometimes such transgressions for reasons that man will never be able to understand fully; however, He will not allow it forever.

During the time we are referring to, God has often intervened to remedy difficult situations on Earth. In the low universe God has acted in order to ward off the low blows of Lucifer who is always in ambush waiting to destroy what God has created. However, it is in the last century, the 20th century, that the history of the Earth has suffered a decisive turn. The 20th century was dark and witnessed the surge of the action of Lucifer and his followers culminating in the foundation of the Confederation of the Light after centuries of medianic contacts between Earth and the low universe. For this reason God intensified His action in the last century. Let us see, what the most relevant events of the last century were.

We should not simply want to list up the divine events or just read quickly through the pages that describe them: I call upon you to read again and again the text we have just heard to find and discover your slowness in understanding and the obstacles that are inside you; to discover the attitude that prompts you to solve the problems that only God can solve with His grace; the self-centred attitude of refusing to consult God or the way of reciting prayers without connecting to God so that His grace might flow through you, so that you might say like St. Paul, “For it is by grace you have been saved“ (Eph 2:5); by grace we are alive today, by grace we have been saved from many harmful events threatened by Lucifer. I invite you to read and reflect on this passage because, as we go ahead, these God-given events will raise questions for the Christians, for the Church, the whole Church: the official Church and the separate Churches. I want to tell you already now not to look at the faults of the Church, neither of the official nor of the whole Church; instead, read this passage again deeply and prepare yourselves to cooperate with God’s grace in order to participate as collaborators in the coming events. God is waiting for a new people that will cooperate with Him; a people that will be strongly helped by the angels and the faithful brothers and sisters, who are in the universe; the new people will be helped particularly by Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph. The next time we will begin to reflect on the apparitions of Mary Most Holy in Fatima.

I bless you; may the grace of the Lord that descends from the bosom of the Father fill your soul, all the faculties of your soul and your skills. May it help you understand how to participate in the grace of God; may it give you the strength to respond and to act responsibly in the face of the events that will take place in the time that lies ahead of us; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.