Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” The apparitions of Mary Most Holy in Fatima – The third secret

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

The last time we announced that today we would speak about the apparitions of the Most Blessed Virgin in Fatima. We will read a passage of that chapter. In addition to the apparitions of The Mother of God in Fatima today, we want to think about what She should mean to us, the One whom the Church calls the Mother and who is the most essential member of the Church; how important should She be in our life? The apparitions of the Mother of God want to draw us closer to Her person and to the life She is part of: She is in the Holy Trinity and lives a life in fullness and in glory.

The apparitions of Mary Most Holy in Fatima – The third secret (p. 251)

Among the greatest interventions of God there are certainly the apparitions of Mary Most Holy, the Mother of God. Along the history of Christianity on Earth the Lord often sent His Mother to rescue and help His people. Well-known are the miraculous healings that take place in Marian Sanctuaries which have been built in places of apparitions. However, the purpose of the Marian apparitions does not only consist in the healings or other particular graces, however important they may be: every apparition of The Mother of God carries a message for the people. It may be an invitation to conversion, a call with which the Mother of God wants to warn the faithful from specific adversities and so forth. In Her apparitions The Mother of God has often left secret messages to the visionaries; some of them were meant for the visionaries, others were meant for the whole humanity.

How are the visionaries chosen? It is always the Mother of God who chooses them because this is the Lord’s wish. What is the meaning of the secrets? Actually, God has no secrets as He is light and always acts in the light; the opposite of Lucifer who is always enveloped in dark secrets. They are not secrets as you understand them: they are truths that are entrusted to the visionaries for a certain period of time waiting for the right time and the necessary circumstances so that that truth can be understood and recognized by the people; only then it can be revealed. Unfortunately, the men and women of the Earth focus on the secrets showing excessive interest in them and trying to know their content at all costs. In this manner they miss the more profound meaning of the secrets which cannot be reached without preparing to receive the truth enclosed in the secretes through prayer and a holy life. No secret can be understood without the holiness of the people.

Most of the secrets The Mother of God has entrusted to the visionaries during Her apparitions have never been revealed because the people lost their time running after the visionaries to make them reveal the secrets instead of preparing themselves to welcome what The Mother of God wanted to reveal through the secrets. Excessive caution, not to say hostility, by the catholic hierarchies, who have always been afraid of encouraging excessive devotion, left the people alone before the great mystery of the apparitions and without shepherds. As a consequence what The Mother of God really wanted to make known has often remained hidden, veiled by the secrets that the visionaries brought with them into the tomb. This happened despite the faith of many simple people who believed and spread the messages of the Mother of God. However, the secrets remained such forever.

Many times the apparitions of Mary Most Holy have meant a turning point in the history of certain places and in particular moments of history, as happened, for example, in the apparitions of Guadalupe. However, there have been apparitions of the Mother of God that had a very particular character for both the historical moment in which they occurred and the importance and delicacy of the message they brought. Among those the apparitions of Fatima occupy a special place; they opened the 20th century and enlighten not only on the events of that period but also on the future history of the humanity of the Earth and the universe.

I will not repeat the story of the apparitions as you certainly know it; I will highlight only the most important aspects for this narrative.

Between May 13 and October 13, 1917, The Mother of God appeared to three children in Fatima, Portugal. World War I was raging on Earth, one of the most terrible wars of your history. Then, God sent His Mother to show humanity the way to stop not only that war but all the hatred of Lucifer who was preparing other tragic events for humanity. The Mother of God explained to the children that the war was a punishment for the sins of the world; however, the Lord would concede peace if humanity returned to God with prayer, repaired for its sins and consecrated itself to Her Heart. On the contrary, if humanity had not listened to Her calls, if it had continued to offend God and to disobey His will, God would have punished the world even more, employing Russia as “the instrument of punishment”. Russia would have spread atheism and materialism on Earth, harming itself and many other peoples. The Mother of God said that in order to prevent all this after some time She would ask for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart by the Pope in communion with all the catholic bishops of the Earth. Through its consecration Russia would have converted and peace would have been given to the world. The Mother of God reappeared to Lucia, one of the visionaries, in 1929 to ask for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart according to the announcement She had made years before.

In July 1917, The Mother of God entrusted to the little visionaries what in fact represents the central message of Fatima, afterwards called “Secret”, and consisting of three parts. The first two have been revealed publicly and relate to the vision of hell and the outbreak of World War II, respectively, as well as the solemn request of the consecration of Russia as a condition to obtain peace in the world. The third part, known as the third secret of Fatima, should have been written down according to the request of the Virgin Mary and handed over to the Bishop and subsequently to the Pope to be revealed to the faithful no later than 1960.

So far the official story; however there is another unofficial version which is precisely the one I want to tell you.

The apparitions in Fatima occurred at the beginning of the 20th century; this is an important element. In fact, in the beginning of the last century the action of Lucifer in the low universe took a clear direction. We have said that Lucifer needed to establish physical contact between the terrestrial allies and those of other rebellious planets at all costs; otherwise it would have been difficult for him to dominate the universe. The First World War that had been triggered by Lucifer and the plots of his fellows served the demons to eliminate a large number of men who were considered useless and to enrich the Illuminati to the detriment of all others. This is what wars are good for, all wars, and this is the reason why Lucifer and his friends periodically unleash wars. The official motivations of wars do not make any sense; the triggering reasons consist in the hatred and the self-interests of the demons and the humans who are their friends.

Therefore, the First World War served the plans of Lucifer who had new targets: to gain more power on Earth and enslave the masses. For this purpose the Illuminati of the Earth, Lucifer’s servants, were preparing the imminent arrival of communism in Russia with the revolution of 1917 that should have spread all over the world. That was a very useful regime for the demons: totalitarian, atheist and materialist. In the meantime, the allies of other rebellious planets prepared to get closer to Earth; Lucifer was shifting his armies in order to create a tight net of alliances. All this would later result in the creation of the Confederation of the light.

In May 1917 the Earth was backward, hungry and shattered by the First World War. The shadow of death lay over mankind while the turmoil in Russia predicted only more suffering and the threat of harm coming from the universe. In the middle of this dramatic scenario the Mother of God appeared to humanity. She came to communicate the will of God who wanted to save humanity; She came to lend a hand to Her suffering children and bring peace to the Earth. The coming of Mary Most Holy to Fatima was the beginning of Lucifer’s end, the bell that rang his funeral.

In that moment a terrible battle between light and darkness began, not only on Earth but in the whole low universe; however, first something else occurred. Immediately before the apparitions of Fatima an important event occurred in the spiritual dimension that always precedes the events in the real world as we have said before: the seven great Archangels headed by St. Michael were sent by God to the depth of hell, where St. Michael announced Lucifer the near coming of the Mother of God to Earth and the beginning of a powerful intervention  of God in favour of the whole low universe.

We will stop here for now to look at two important events: the apparitions of The Mother of God and the descent of the seven great Archangels to hell. We will speak about the latter in our next episode because it is an extremely important event.

I would like to reflect on the role of The Mother of God in our life and in the life of the Church, yet, not only in a theoretical sense but in an existential sense. As you have just heard, “Then, God sent His Mother to show humanity the way to stop not only that war but all the hatred of Lucifer who was preparing other tragic events for humanity.” You know some of the tragic events that occurred; but why did Jesus send His Mother? Why did He not come Himself? At this point we need to understand that this issue addresses the whole theology, specifically the Mariology: Mary is in the Holy Trinity. I will quickly go back to the text we heard the last time which explained the divine grace and how we can accept it. We looked at it through the example of a man who decides to offer his life to God – which does not mean that he will lose his life – being aware of the fact that he can receive life only from God; immediately he receives support from the Holy Spirit who teaches him, prepares him and leads him towards Jesus Christ. The person who welcomes Jesus Christ will be offered to the Father by Jesus, the High Priest; however, before this occurs Jesus forgives all the sins and heals that person as it is said, “After that, Jesus, as the High Priest, offers the man to the Father so that the Father, the Creator, gives him the abundance of life. At this point the man receives the grace that comes from the thought and action of the Holy Trinity and is capable of acting with all the power to accomplish the will of God”(see reflection of December 2, 2014).

Let me tell you that this sentence contains the whole spiritual path. It is not enough to encounter Jesus and say yes to Him. Lucifer too said yes to God. It is necessary to do the spiritual path as the apostles did: from the call until martyrdom to defeat death. St. Peter explained in the revelations given to Stefania Caterina that the apostles could not accomplish anything without the prayers of Mary Most Holy. So, in the dynamic of the grace that we receive and our acceptance of the grace consists the passage. When a person welcomes Jesus Christ, He will forgive him/her, and this is the initial grace that opens the path and lifts the barrier in order to heal that person; that is the moment for him/her to begin the spiritual journey, but with whom? With Mary Most Holy because She is the Mother of the Church, the Mother of every one of us, the Immaculate Mother who has done the path. Despite the grace of being immaculate, She has participated fully in the path and became the new Eve at the foot of the Cross, and there She generates every child of God in God‘s grace. So, this journey needs to be done and no creature, neither angel nor human, can help the person to do this journey towards Jesus Christ. Mary is in perfect union with Her Son Jesus and through Him She is in perfect union with the Holy Trinity. In the same way as Jesus leads us to the Father, Mary leads us to Jesus, and She prepares us and does everything for us.

We have heard about the apparitions of The Mother of God in Fatima; however, the meaning of that event is not only to stop a war or overcome famine. There is more in the apparitions of the Mother of God: She wants to lead us to God, to the union with God. That is the sense of the conversion She calls us to and that She helps us to achieve.

The apparitions are not intended to achieve an effect, some success or benefit. The apparitions of The Mother of God bring the life of God in which The Mother of God Herself is contained as well as the perfect, full and realized life, in other words, the new creation. It is essential to welcome Her and that life to do the journey with Her to receive that life. If we do not understand this, our relationship with The Mother of God remains superficial; consider that the Holy Spirit acts within the good and the bad. Some persons may receive a strong impulse from the Holy Spirit, especially sensitive individuals, but then they twist it in their mind and give their own interpretation of it; or, some might start off with enthusiasm about the apparitions but no steps to grow are done afterwards; in the end what The Mother of God wanted to give and reveal is not achieved. As it has been explained above, most of the secrets that have been revealed to visionaries by The Mother of God remained secrets forever because in order to understand the secrets one has to respond with a holy life. As it has been explained, most of the pilgrims get lost in interpretations and curiosity about what the secrets might contain. Through the secrets The Mother of God leads humanity like a mother towards a faithful progressive understanding of the events to become capable of dealing with the great events that await humanity.

When we speak of the Marian apparitions, we will have to face a question in this time: does the Church thoroughly recognize The Mother of God or not? Does it accept Her according to God’s design to give humanity the Mother? We have to face this question, too: do we recognize the Mother of God as a grace for our survival or to overcome some obstacles, or do we recognize the Mother of God as the Mother who is in God, the Queen, by accepting Her life? In one of the next episodes we will speak about the apparitions of the Mother of God in Medjugorje; why are they the last? Think about why they are the last; why is a grace withdrawn? The reason is that for humanity something is coming to its conclusion. Humanity has to take its final decision: does it want to be reunited with Christ or not? This means a decisive turn. It is no longer a matter of an expected event on Earth but of a final event in the whole universe, an ultimate battle. We cannot face it with a superficial devotion to Mary. She has asked us to convert, to live our life saintly and with deep faith. Then you will see that the whole Church unites with the Mother of God. Even if God reproaches today’s Church, remember that we are the Church, too; The Church may receive admonishments by God because the Church should take part in the same way as the Mother of God did up to the foot of the Cross; the Church should offer itself together with the Mother of God to become perfectly mystically united with Christ. Then it will become the Mother, the true Mother Church.

I bless you; may the grace act inside you; may The Mother of God be beside you in these days as we are preparing for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Virgin Mother. I ask God to give us the grace to welcome the Immaculate, to welcome Her immaculate life, to sanctify ourselves, to give our response to God and to all the graces He gives us. After Jesus Christ the greatest grace given to us is Mary Most Holy who leads us to Christ. Be all blessed with the love of Mary Most Holy who conveys the life of God with Her maternal tenderness so that all the wounds of your soul are healed and life may rise again through the Holy Spirit in Christ, our Lord; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.