Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The apparitions of Mary Most Holy in Fatima – The third secret (Part 2)

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We shall continue to listen to the story about the apparitions of the Blessed Mother in Fatima. It is important to remember how to participate in God’s grace, and it is right to question whether we have responded to that grace or not and also whether the Church has responded. Today’s story shows us new aspects, and we want to take all these aspects into our hearts, reflect on them and give our response to the Lord for these times.

The apparitions of Mary Most Holy in Fatima – The third secret (Page 255)

Immediately before the apparitions in Fatima an important event took place in the spiritual dimension which, as we have told you before, always precedes the events in the real world: the seven great Archangels headed by St. Michael were sent to the depth of Hell by God; there St. Michael announced Lucifer the near coming of the Mother of God on Earth and the beginning of a powerful intervention of God in favour of the whole low universe.

In the beginning of every important period of human history, and when God considers it important, the seven great Archangels are sent down to Hell to announce Lucifer the plans of God. They burst into Hell causing it to tremble. The seven Archangels, in fact, are extremely powerful spirits and so overflowing of divine light that the darkness remains confused and frightened. No demon, not even Lucifer, dare oppose the seven great Archangels when they appear in Hell; they know that if they rebel, they will be hit by the light.

The light of the Archangels is at the same time their power, a spiritual and physical force, that comes out of the love of God in them and that can weaken the infernal spirits to the point of rendering them inoffesinve. The demons  have no light in them because they have no love for God; their power derives from the hatred they harbor for God and the creatures of God. Even hatred is a spiritual and physical force with which the demons incessantly hit man and the creation causing disease and death; those who have suffered evil by the infernal forces know it well. Through Lucifer’s hatred so many hearts, even the creation, are filled with spiritual darkness.

It happens sometimes that the demons rise up against the angels, but they push them back with the force of the light that is love; the demons find themselves in front of a wall of impenetrable light so that they draw back. Jesus too used this force of light; however, in Him it is far more powerful than in an angle: the Gospel of John reports the episode of the arrest of Jesus in Gethsemane. The guards came to arrest Him and Jesus asked them,’  “Who is it you want?”  “Jesus of Nazareth,” they replied. “I am he,” Jesus said. … When Jesus said, “I am he,” they drew back and fell to the ground.” ‘ (Jn 18: 4-6). The powerful light emanating from the Son of God had made them fall back. The same phenomenon occurs with the brothers and sisters of the universe faithful to God: their bodies emanate the power of the love of God which is visible as an aura of light surrounding them.

It is always St. Michael who announces Lucifer the plans of God even when he is accompanied by the six Archangels. The purpose of this announcement has two sides: on the one hand, it serves to remind Lucifer and all the infernal spirits that only God is the Lord of the whole creation; on the other hand, it limits the action of the infernal forces who know that they can act only as far as God permits it.

St. Michael brought the announcement of the imminent visit of Mary Most Holy on Earth. This should make you understand the greatness of the apparitions of the Virgin Mary and with how much respect, gratitude and faith you should welcome them. When Hell learns about them, it trembles; when the men and women of the world learn about them, they doubt, laugh at them and despise them. Only few people really recognize them for what they are: an immense gift of God and an extraordinary grace for the Earth.

Why were the apparitions of Mary Most Holy in Fatima so important to make Hell tremble? The reason is that God had decided that it had to be the Mother of God, Mother and Queen of the whole humanity, to give the Earth an extraordinary announcement: the existence of life in the universe and, first and foremost, the existence of the faithful brothers and sisters to God and their work in favour of humanity. What the Church of the Earth had not been able to do, would have been accomplished exceptionally by God through Mary Most Holy. Everything would have been presented in the right way, in the light of the Gospel and with a broad view over the last times.

The third secret should have been revealed no later than 1960. In the meantime, if the Church had recognized the announcement of Mary Most Holy, it would have received deeper explanations about life in the universe. If the Church had revealed the third secret within the stipulated time, God would have sent the faithful brothers and sisters to help the Church to cope with its tasks. Furthermore, God wanted the Church to be warned about the dangers it was running because of the actions Lucifer carried out in the universe, too.

Mary Most Holy had come for this: to broaden the knowledge of Her children about the creation by revealing the life in the universe, to warn them against dangers and to show them the way of salvation. The Catholic Church should have accepted Her words and reveal them to humanity within the stipulated time so that the events would have unfolded according to the order determined by God.

Great courage was needed but everything was ready on God’s side to support the Church of the Earth in giving such a far-reaching announcement that would have changed radically the fate of the whole humanity of the universe. In fact, from Earth finally the evangelization of the low universe would have begun, which would have annulled the action of Lucifer. However, if the Church would not have recognized the words of the Mother of God, it would have suffered serious consequences: apostasy, the loss of trust between the clergy and the people, persecutions and, primarily, great dangers coming from the universe.

All this was contained in the third secret of Fatima. It was written in a language suitable to those days and the instruments who received it: three little shepherds of a remote Portuguese village, apparently the least suitable to be the keepers of such a secret. Yet, this is the way of God; He has always chosen the weak in the world to confuse the powerful (1 Cor 1:27). And the powerful were really confused. Despite all attempts to undermine the apparitions by calling them fantasies of children; despite the threats that the little shepherds suffered and even being imprisoned; despite all this, a tangible sign was given to humanity to confirm the messages of Fatima.

It took place during the apparition of October 13, 1917: thousands of people, believers and non-believers, even kilometres away from there, witnessed to have seen the so-called miracle of the sun. It was raining that day and the sky was covered with thick clouds. All of a sudden the rain stopped and the clouds thinned. The sun appeared and beside the sun the visionaries saw St. Joseph with Baby Jesus in his arms, and they were blessing the Earth; next to them was the Mother of God. Then they saw the Mother of God again and the Lord who blessed them. After the apparitions the sun began to spin round on itself casting multicoloured light. The sun grew so much in size that the people thought it was going to crash down upon them. The people saw the sun become like a firewheel that cast multicoloured flashes of light while moving around in the sky with sudden movements. The ground and the clothes of the viewers that had been soaked wet by the rain appeared totally dry. It was an extraordinary event, and at that time it was deemed a miracle. Certainly it was a miracle, but it was also the testimony of the presence of the faithful brothers to God: many of the phenomena that occurred that day and, more generally, during the whole period of apparitions are known today by those who deal with ufology and can be explained in the light of the gained understanding in this field. The faithful brothers and sisters accompanied the Mother of God along with the angels and acted on their level thanks to their knowledge of the physical laws. God had wanted them to intervene to prove their existence and their action in favour of humanity.

Why should the third secret, expressed through Mary Most Holy according to the will of God, be revealed exactly in 1960? The reason is that between the 1950s and 60s the Confederation of the light was taking shape and was officially established in 1966. Moreover, Lucifer determined the beginning of his offensive and his action on a large scale through the Confederation in the year 1966. God wanted the humanity of the Earth to be informed about the reality of the universe before the work of concealment and deception of Lucifer and the Confederation began.

Was it possible that God would let Lucifer and the Confederation act undisturbed? No, because the Lord never allows it that His children are deceived. With the message entrusted to the visionaries and the many confirming signs that accompanied it, God wanted one more time to put the Church in the condition to understand and accept its mission in favour of the whole universe.

He sent His Mother to Earth together with St. Joseph and His faithful children to shake the entire humanity and awaken its faith. He appeared Himself to bless the world. He entrusted the Pope, as He had done with St. Peter, the task of revealing to your humanity the presence of other brothers in the universe. He invited the Pope and all Bishops to consecrate Russia solemnly to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to avoid other wars and catastrophes. It was useless. Once again caution prevailed, which is almost always a combination of fear and self-interest. In 1960 the Pope decided not to reveal the content of the third secret to the world and still now your humanity is unaware of the presence of other brothers and sisters in the universe. Russia has never been consecrated solemnly because the Pope was left alone: many Bishops refused to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary for political reasons and diplomatic calculations leading to the consequences that you all know. How long will the Lord be patient with you?

In October, 1917, in Russia the so-called October revolution broke out, the final act of the Bolshevik uprising, that made tsarist Russia become a Communist dictatorship. Another difficult page of the history of the Earth opened up. Lucifer was enthusiastic about the soviet regime and the atrocities it committed; everything was going according to his plans and the occult lords rejoiced with him anticipating the results: atheist and materialistic communism would strike a deadly blow to the Church and wipe out faith within many peoples. So, the coming of the kingdom of darkness would have been speeded up. 

In the meantime the First World War was coming to its end. In 1918 the hostilities ceased and the Earth could breathe a sigh of relief but not for long. Dark clouds appeared on the horizon promising nothing else than new bloodshed. While the Russian people were experiencing their tragedy, exactly what the Blessed Virgin Mary had wanted to prevent with the consecration of Russia, and new cruel dictatorships were coming forth in Europe, the Lord decided to intervene once more to lead the hearts of His children to faith and to be a safe haven of salvation for them.

This passage prompts us to reflect in order to understand the following chapters of the book until the last line. The core of this story is the immaculate light. The pure spirits bring the immaculate light and, according to the order of God, the pure spirits announce great events that are entrusted exactly to the seven great Archangels who are before the throne of God. In our reflection we want to focus on the light: the light that enlightens Hell, the light that enlightens the Earth and all hearts. It was said that the light of the Archangels is their power. The demons cannot resist that power which becomes a wall for them and limits their action. The grace of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary should have been a light for humanity and the people should have been prepared to it, as we said the last time. The whole Church should have taken an attitude of holiness to welcome the light to avoid the time of darkness. When speaking of the time of darkness, we feel that it has somehow a blurred meaning; however, looking back in time we can recognize the darkness: World War II and the revolution in Russia caused tens of millions of deaths and a lot of destruction. The light should have penetrated the heart of the Pope who represents the Church, but, as has been said, “Once again caution prevailed, which is almost always a combination of fear and self-interest.” The lack of readiness to welcome the immaculate light leads to inner darkness that reflects on others. This law is valid for all of us but especially for those who represent the Church.

We have seen what happened in the Second World War and all the threats that came afterwards. We will speak about this again but even today it is difficult for the people to understand the essential point of it. A powerful interplanetary action was planned for the year 1966 by Lucifer to harm the Church, the Christians, and the whole. It was said that God wanted to inform the Church “before the work of concealment and deception of Lucifer and the Confederation began,” as it is said. Let us open our eyes and recognize this concealment and deception. We do not know what lies behind the propaganda in the media, the false information given in drops and the seductions of the work of Lucifer and the Confederation of the light; yet, this wickedness is directed particularly towards the Earth where Jesus Christ has founded His Church.

I would like that we prepare ourselves and immediately begin to welcome the light. The seven great Archangels have been announced; they will be at the centre of attention in this book as messengers of God; they will enter into the darkness of our heart to illuminate it and communicate the light. If we do not welcome this grace, which God has prepared for this time, all the beautiful, striking words are an illusion for us, a deception of the people and not a means of guidance for them. Not by chance it has been said that the precursor of the second coming of Christ is St. Michael; we believe that St. Michael prepares every soul to encounter Christ; this means that the action of the extraordinary instruments that God has foreseen for this time is to lift the darkness from our heart and the darkness within the Church and the believers so that they can welcome the light. These are all truths that we profess in our faith, but they are useless if they remain theory or a historical event, because then we deceive ourselves. This is the moment to get back on the right track and learn from the history of the past to understand the time we live in, the time that lies ahead of us and the events that await humanity.

All those who believe in the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary are waiting for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; however, that triumph will be prepared by the seven great Archangels and by all the extraordinary and ordinary instruments. Her triumph will occur when Her immaculate light penetrates our hearts; then Hell will be paralyzed in the same way as it occurs when the seven great Archangels show up there. Anything beyond that just comes out of our imagination: what will be tomorrow; who will be the Antichrist; what will he be like? If we are not open for the Immaculate Light, we cannot discern between good and evil and we are no children of the light. We are now approaching the encountering with Christ in the Christmas celebration. Let us be open for this light and decide to become children of the Light. Let us give our response.

I bless you and I bless all the listeners, your life and your existence; I bless all those who are entrusted to you; I bless all dark things on Earth and in the universe; may they be enlightened as soon as possible; may the light of God  touch those who are drawn to evil and receive no help by anybody; may all those who are of good will see the light and decide to live in the light of God; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.