Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – A new visit of the faithful brothers and sisters – Pope Pius XII

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić



Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

This evening we will touch a very important issue, and we will continue to reflect on it also in our next meeting. The Lord wanted the apostles to begin with the evangelization of the universe right from the beginning of their mission.  St. Peter and Paul witnessed it; they have spoken about the visit of the faithful brothers and sisters of the universe in their messages. You can read them in the book “2012 ”[1], that relates to the year 2012 which was a decisive year for humanity.  However, at the time of the apostles people were not ready yet for that mission and God decided to wait until the time was ripe and the people were ready. Gradually this truth was revealed also through mystic experiences. We have read that in the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima the faithful brothers and sisters were also present; this time we will speak about the eyewitnesses. God wanted to draw the humanity closer to Him and sent the faithful brothers to meet some politicians and the Popes. The Popes were eyewitnesses as they met and welcomed the faithful brothers and sisters.  God cannot give more than this to the men and women of the Earth who want to experience everything themselves, since they do not believe in signs; yet, if they do not believe in tangible events, God cannot go any further.  So, let us listen to this passage.

The passage is on page 274.

A new visit of the faithful brothers and sisters – Pope Pius XII

A few years before the birth of the European Union, in the beginning of the 1950s, an extremely important event occurred of which no authority of the Earth has ever spoken officially. The Earth was again in danger despite the fact that the hostilities had ceased and the suffering of the peoples during World War II had ended. France and Germany found it hard to reconcile and the cold war set the block of Western Europe and the United States against that of Eastern Europe. Lucifer and his fellows were already thinking of how to trigger a new conflict when God sent the faithful brothers and sisters to visit the Earth one more time.

In February, 1954, a delegation of the faithful humanities visited the then president of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower. The meeting took place in an American military bases; in addition to the representatives of the armed forces and the intelligence of the USA also the Bishop of an important city of the United States was present.

The faithful brothers and sisters expressed God’s wish for the humanity of the Earth to finally find peace; that was only achievable through the conversion to God, the abandonment of party interests and the sincere search for the common good. They informed those present of the actions of Lucifer and the Illuminati and of the possibility of an invasion from outer space by the rebellious humanities of the low universe that had been in medianic contact with the Illuminati of the Earth. They declared to be ready, according to God’s wishes, to help the humanity of the Earth if it accepted to change radically its way of life and began to love and serve God.

Once again God waited for a positive response from humanity. For this reason the faithful brothers had been sent to the President of the most powerful Nation of the Earth and a bishop of the Catholic Church, that is, the most representative institution of Christianity. The American people together with the Church could have overturned the situation of the Earth through the help of the faithful brothers and sisters and thus nullify the work of Lucifer and the Illuminati in the whole low universe.

The bishop present at the meeting informed Pope Pius XII of what had taken place and the words the faithful brothers had reported on behalf of God. The Pope welcomed with joy that announcement but kept it to himself.

What happened meanwhile in the United States? Nothing. As it usually occurs in your humanity none of those present at the encounter took the responsibility to inform the population, on the contrary: the leaders of the American military and the espionage thought to get plenty of useful technological and military information from the faithful brothers and to take advantage of their good faith to make a quantum leap in order to outperform the Soviet  enemy. No one had any intention to change his life, let alone adore or serve God. The faithful brothers and sisters noticed the hypocrisy of those present already at the first meeting and God sent them immediately to the Pope.

Several encounters took place between Pius XII and the faithful brothers, both at the Vatican and at Castel Gandolfo, during which the Pope received many explanations about life in the universe, the third secret of Fatima and the mission of the Church in the universe; also about the action of the Illuminati who by then were active even inside the Vatican through their representatives who had ably infiltrated into the Roman Curia. The Pope was deeply shocked and asked the faithful brothers to remain beside him while waiting for the right time to announce the third secret of Fatima and the life in the universe. He declared himself ready to make such an announcement aware of the seriousness of the times and the threat to the humanity of the Earth.

What happened after that at the Vatican? The Pope informed his collaborators of the Roman Curia in broad terms about what had taken place; soon afterwards an internal persecution broke out against him. Everything was used to put him in a bad light even though it never leaked openly; as a consequence, the figure of this Pope has always been discussed despite his recent beatification. The evil forces attacked Pius XII who died in 1958 within a poisoned atmosphere; his corpse was subject to real outrages. He knew many things he never spoke about them except with a few close people; however, he left a written testimony for his successors as he believed that the information was for the good of the whole humanity. The faithful brothers waited for the election of the new Pope.

Pius XII was a great Pope, humble and brave, full of goodness and tenderness. In his heart he had decided with generosity to announce the world, at the cost of his own life, the presence of other children of God in the universe, especially that of the faithful brothers and sisters in whom he believed and with whom he had established  a relationship of trust and good collaboration. He wanted to reveal the messages given by the Mother of God at Fatima. He was convinced that the truth had to be announced and that the Church could not keep for herself what God had revealed for the good of the whole humankind. He considered himself a servant of humanity; however, he could not accomplish what he had hoped. He suffered a lot and God accepted his suffering as a holocaust in reparation for the many sins of humanity and the Church. He was abandoned and opposed by many; many untrue things have been said about him, especially in regard to his position towards Nazism and the holocaust. Those were only excuses; the reason of his persecution was a different one: he should not be allowed to reveal disturbing facts to the powerful of the Earth and many representatives of the Church. Nevertheless, his sacrifice was not in vain because it opened the way to the events that followed.

One wonders why people are afraid of God, why they are afraid of the truth and how they may receive the testimony of God’s love. We can receive a testimony if we do not stain it and have no interests against it. That applies to the natural order of things, but the same applies to the supernatural order. Those who fear God’s entrance in their life leave no room in their life for God and His truth. Most of the listeners of this website are believers who are waiting for Christmas. I wish you to be willing to open up all the space of your life for Jesus Christ as Mary did, and in the way Joseph dedicated his whole existence to serve God. We know that in the natural order of things we give space to those who love us – or that we believe that they love us. We open up to love in the measure we believe in love. The same law applies to the supernatural level. If we believe in the love God has manifested many times in the history of salvation, especially by sending His Son to incarnate on Earth, if we believe in this love and we love this love, then we are open to give God all the space we have within us; then God will not take our life away, as we might think, but will renew, enrich and elevate it; that will mean a quantum leap in our life and for humanity. In this way, we get to the central point of the message that we have been giving in these years: we must give ourselves to God through Mary Immaculate in the way She offered Her body and soul to God so that He may incarnate and operate. The same law applies to each one of us on the spiritual level. All our reflections on the recapitulation of the universe in Christ must be based on that law. If we want God to be all in everyone and that everyone may reach the fullness of life, we must follow this law:  to give our life to God so that He may transform it and make it perfect.

I wish you Merry Christmas and I would like to say that this Christmas brings along a strong momentum. All the great feasts on Earth accelerate the recapitulation of the universe in Christ every year. This truth may make you ready to receive the dynamic of the grace that is active during this Christmas so that you may prepare for the events that  we are entering more and more.

I bless you; may peace be with you and in everything God will do. God will give you peace and true security in order to manifest His love and by giving you a new life; may you be ready for Jesus Christ and may He not be just a gift of Father Christmas like it happens in modern society. I call on you to see God and His Son as the gift that contains all other gifts for your life; He will give you everything and you will find everything, yourselves and your loved ones realised in God. I greet and bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See  the message of St. Peter the Apostle of August 21, 2012, “The Universal Mission of the Church”, published on February 7, 2013, on the website; the message of St. Paul the Apostle of August 30, 2012, “A New Time for the Church of God”, published on February 23, 2013, on the same website. Both messages are contained in the book “2012 – La scelta decisiva dell’umanità”. Publisher Edizioni Luci dell’Esodo