Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The Central Nucleus

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

The last part of our previous reading said: “God decided to proceed without waiting for the response of the Earth.”  We may see that from then on the action of the Lord has taken a turn; what kind of change did it mean? We told you that in the 20the century God gave great graces beginning with the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima, the Divine Mercy, the visits of the faithful brothers to God to Pope Pius XII, Pope John XXIII and God’s insistence for the proclamation of life in the universe by the Church as well as her preparation for the evangelization of the low universe as it was up to the Church of the Earth to bear testimony to the Redeemer of the world.

The response of the Church of the Earth was not adequate. As we have heard in the last reading, not even the souls and the communities who had received great graces, beginning from the apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje, managed to respond by forming a powerful nucleus on Earth. They have been also held back strongly by the representatives of the Church, that is, the priests. The Church has not informed the Christians; no one has given the people of the Earth a clear explanation of the situation; yet, other events will follow as God will carry on with His plan, but the humanity of the Earth has not been prepared for that. Jesus Christ is the central figure in all the coming events; He is the One who provides a clear frame to the events in the whole universe. But the people have not been prepared for the reunification of all things and the whole universe in Christ. As we have heard, God has sped up the realisation of His programmes after the Council, and He will not stop. Therefore, from this point until the end of the book, we will hear about His action which marks a turning point and speeds up the course of His plans. Listen.


The Central Nucleus (page 320)

God decided to form directly a group of men from different planets who should work together with the seven great Archangels in order to draw the humanity of the whole universe around them. The group should form an initial cell that would attract other cells in order to form a living and acting body in the whole universe in favour of every creature. What He had not managed to achieve through the humanity of the Earth, He would do it by making use of other humanities of the universe, especially the faithful ones. The distances between the planets or the different levels of civilisation would have no impact: in every group the action of the Holy Spirit would be of such magnitude as to overcome any physical difficulties. Furthermore, the action of the group would be, at least in the initial phase, manly a spiritual action.

It was a very demanding programme: the persons who were called to take part in this group should be ready to lose their life for the plan of God. God did not need particularly learned people, but they should be faithful and ready for all; ready to bear witness to the life of God in the whole universe.

The Central Nucleus would be ahead of the times as it would live the communion between people of different humanities and the communion between angels and men. All this would anticipate the new creation in which all this would be normal.

Only six living persons from Earth were called to take part; a very small number which shows you the difficulties that God had met on Earth. However, God had not forgotten the role of the Church on Earth in His plans. Therefore, to fill the gap caused by the meagre response of the living on Earth God asked some departed saints of the Earth to participate in the group He intended to form and they accepted. This is possible because the spirit of the saints is immortal and acts independently from the body in the spiritual dimension. Moreover, the communion between the living and the dead is a reality that is made possible by the Holy Spirit and of which He makes use in His plans. In the Central Nucleus the communion between the living and the dead is fully working. God has chosen great saints who represent the Church of the Earth, her sanctity, her mission.

Once God had chosen the most suitable individuals, He formed the Central Nucleus[1]. It was the year 2004. In this manner God shifted the main focus of His action from the Earth to the universe: His action would be brought everywhere in the creation through an instrument directly guided by Him. No more delays, no more uncertain responses, but a compact group of people in communion with each other under the priestly authority of the seven great Archangels who would pass on God’s orders to the members of the Central Nucleus.

Two years of intensive formation followed for the members of the Central Nucleus during which the incessant action of the Holy Spirit modelled the single members and the whole Nucleus until the level desired by God was reached.

In the meantime God made sure that the plan of the recapitulation of the universe in Christ was made known to the official Church of the Earth to which He gave yet another chance to evaluate and decide whether and how to join such a plan.

The Archangel Michael revealed the existence and the work of the Central Nucleus only in 2010, as we will see further ahead.

The Central Nucleus is made of forty-nine members including the seven great Archangels; they members have been chosen from Earth, some planets of the high, middle and low universe. The members were divided in seven groups, each one of which is headed by an Archangel. Every group carries out its mission in a particular field. More precisely:

  1. the group of St. Michael Archangel: his action aims at countering, up to dismantling, the systems and the corrupt hierarchies as well as the organisations which work for Lucifer, first of all the Confederation of the Light;
  2. the group of St. Gabriel Archangel: he works to promote and instruct individuals and groups designed to carry out particular services within the people of God in this time;
  3. the group of St. Raphael Archangel: he cares for the training of those who will one day be priests, and of the people of God who will have to be a priestly people. Priesthood and the priestly consecration of the people will be very different from what they are now. They will be profoundly renewed by God: there will be one priesthood in the whole universe and one people until priests and people will be definitely submitted to Christ, who will remain the only High Priest of the new creation;
  4. the group of St. Uriel Archangel: he carries out his action in the field of medicine. Medicine will also have to be renewed: medical care in the whole universe will be based on the knowledge of the spirit of man and the divine laws of life. So the action of evil, from which all illnesses derive, will be annulled;
  5. the group of St. Jehudiel Archangel: he carries out his action in the field of science and technology by instructing those who are called to improve the condition of the whole humanity. That will occur through a technical-scientific knowledge which will be free from the constraints of the profit and derive from the knowledge of God and His laws;
  6. the group of St. Sealtiel Archangel: he promotes communication between men based on the communion in the Holy Spirit; he intervenes on existing means of communication on different planets in order to improve the valid ones and render harmless the ones Lucifer wants to exploit for his purposes;
  7. the group of St. Barachiel Archangel: he works in favour of the constantly threatened creation by the action of evil. He preserves the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom from the cursing of the demons and from the reckless action of corrupt men. He protects planets and galaxies and intervenes to restore the natural laws which have been violated by demons and men; he acts on damaged natural environment to prevent that the life of men and other creatures are endangered.

The Central Nucleus is an extraordinary instrument of this time. It does not act on its own but in communion with two more extraordinary instruments: the angels and the brothers and sisters faithful to God. St. Michael Archangel is responsible of the action of these three instruments before God.

God makes use of the angels and his people to realize His plans. As we have seen so far, this occurs ordinarily; therefore, the people of God and the angels are ordinary instruments. However, God arouses in every time instruments suitable to the period that His children are living in. To those instruments He entrusts extraordinary missions. Every time has its features. If you observe the history of salvation on Earth, you will notice that every epoch had its saints who carried out essential missions for that time, as for example, the care of particular diseases of the time.

Yours is a very particular time since humanity has now entered the final phase of the plan of God to recapitulate the universe in Christ. Therefore, He has decided to entrust the task to open the path towards the new creation for humanity to three special instruments, and the task to gather and instruct His people to prepare them for the events awaiting them. The action of the extraordinary instruments is fundamental in this time because God is accelerating the realization of His plan through them. In fact, the extraordinary instruments carry out God’s orders rapidly and constitute a protection for the people. They are in fact at the forefront in the fight against Lucifer and Hell.

Besides the Central Nucleus that has been mentioned, God has foreseen two more extraordinary instruments for this time: the angels and the brothers and sisters of the universe faithful to God.

As you have heard, the text has a rich content. We will come back to this issue later, especially to each group of the Central Nucleus. Then the book connects the extraordinary to the sublime instruments; it continues to speak about the Church of the Earth to remind it one more time and to call upon the Pope to respond.

I would like to deepen certain aspects that are important for you. What is the Central Nucleus? It is not something imaginary; it is real and we bear testimony to that reality; we will not speak about something that will be – it already exists! God has shifted the main focus from the Earth to the universe, not to condemn anyone but to proceed with His plan of recapitulation of the universe in Christ. I have said that I am not talking about something that might be: two thirds of the universe have already been recapitulated in Christ, even though the middle universe is not at the same level as the faithful brothers and sisters they are getting ahead fast; they participate in and submit to the laws of the pure Spirit, but where are they going? There where Jesus Christ has indicated the Christians to go when He spoke about the Kingdom of God and the second coming of Jesus Christ. That is the peak of our wellbeing, that is, to be blessed and happy. The centre of attention in the universe is now the Central Nucleus, the angels and the faithful men; all the people of God in the universe are uniting. It should have been the Church of the Earth to be the main testimony of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world; the Church of the Earth should have evangelized the low universe. However, nothing has happened and God thought that the time was ripe and that He could not wait any longer.

I have said that the Central Nucleus is not a castle in the air. I will give you a concrete example: you know that Pope St. John Paul II suffered an attack because they wanted to eliminate him for his decision to reveal the existence of men in the universe, and because He wanted to reveal the real content of the third secret of Fatima. He was hindered by the infiltrated in the Roman Curia, who are enemies of Christ and enemies of the Church. Did he fail? No, he did not fail; he is the only Pope present in the Central Nucleus. Lucia, the visionary of Fatima, a witness who suffered a lot, is part of the Central Nucleus; St. Faustina is in the Central Nucleus. Many saints of the recent history of the Church that you invoke, who inspire and help you, are in the Central Nucleus. In the book it reads: “God has chosen great saints who represent the Church of the Earth, her sanctity, her mission.” Everything will be brought to light. God’s greatness and the graces He has given along the history will be bear fruit through those who decide to belong radically to Christ and all evil will have to be revealed in this period.

The Central Nucleus is not a reality in the clouds, let us listen: God asked some departed saints of the Earth to participate in the group He intended to form and they accepted.” This is possible because the spirit of the saints is immortal and acts independently from the body in the spiritual dimension. Moreover, the communion between the living and the dead is a reality that is made possible by the Holy Spirit and He makes use of it in His plans. In the Central Nucleus the communion between the living and the dead is fully operating.” In the Central Nucleus the cosmic Pentecost has begun; so, all the people of God have to join this operating centre, not for the honour but for the service to the people. God needed to shift the centre of gravity because of the fragility and the difficulties of the Earth and, as we have said, because of the failed response of the official Church. This instrument failed to bring light to all the peoples of the Earth and, beyond its borders, to the whole universe. Therefore, it is very important that the new people wake up and focus on this centre of gravity. How? Simply by uniting with the living Christ with living faith, hope and love, sincerely open for the Holy Spirit and invoking the saints, especially Mary Most Holy – in one of our meetings we will speak about Mary Most Holy and Saint Joseph – with a sincere desire to belong totally to Christ, without looking at who does or does not participate. If certain instruments in the Church do not work, God will provide others who work in order to begin to unite in spirit with the Church that descends from heaven. It is not a new Christianity but a true Christianity which realises the hopes of the people and will reach its realisation in the new creation.  In the beginning of the Gospel of Mark, actually already in His first preaching, Jesus announces the kingdom of God: “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” [2] This is the seed sown in us; but why is the seed sleeping? Does it not own the power of the resurrection of Christ? The reason is that the response of the Christians is missing. Therefore, those instruments who were ordinary, angels and men, became extraordinary along with the seven great Archangels and some others who were chosen as representatives of the planets. The Church is not being ignored: two thirds of the Central Nucleus are from Earth even though only six are living members. The Church is in the centre and operating; she is present in the saints and, as we will hear further ahead, in all the saints, all the souls in Purgatory; all the instruments who are beyond the great barrier are enhanced and we are called to participate.

I will make a suggestion: try to join, along with us, every day one of the groups of the Central Nucleus beginning  on Sunday which is dedicated to St. Michael Archangel, then Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Jehudiel, Sealtiel and Barachiel on Saturday.  It is worthwhile to invoke St. Michael since before him the whole Hell trembles; it is worthwhile to join the group of Uriel, the group of medicine, and it is worthwhile to join St. Raphael, priest of the new priesthood; it is worthwhile to join St. Gabriel who helps you understand the will of God and to elevate yourselves. In this way every Archangel, every group will accompany you during the week. Try to experience the power of the saints, who are in the groups, the power of the Archangels and angels and the faithful men who are united with the Central Nucleus. Remaining geocentric is dangerous for the Earth, the Church of the Earth and humanity. The Christians on Earth run the risk of being crushed by the crisis of humanity, the crisis of spiritual productivity, which is not the crisis of the Spirit of creation. The creating Spirit leads us perfectly to the new creation. So, who joins the creating Spirit, the Spirit of God, will be guided towards the fulfilment of all the promises of God, towards the fulfilment of all noble and sublime wishes that lie within us.

We have said that along with the Central Nucleus two more extraordinary instruments are active and that we will speak about them in these days. God goes ahead, He will not stop. In the same way as St. Michael said to Lucifer and all the rebellious angels I say, “Who is like God?” In these times his voice will be heard everywhere and all the enemies of God will bow in front of him. All that is in God will remain upright; that will be new creation.

I bless you; may the Holy Spirit descend upon you. May He confirm your sincere wishes in God; may He give you the grace to give your response in this time, simple but consistent with the Gospel, consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ. God may give you the grace to be united with the instruments who convey the power of God descending from the heavenly Church; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


[1]  See Message of Jesus of 5 September, 2011, with the title, “The instruments of God in this time”, published on the website  on 23 September 2011.

[2]  Mk 1:15