Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The Angels

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Tonight we will speak about the angels who are the second extraordinary instrument God has given to us. The angels and the people of God used to be ordinary instruments, but now the angels are extraordinary instruments because we are in an extraordinary time in which the whole universe and all things must be recapitulated in Christ. Very many people do not believe in angels; many think they are wandering entities that go wherever they want, others represent them in modern art as something imaginary. We cannot discuss this issue in detail; we will stick to the theme of the extraordinary instruments and highlight essential aspects. Good listening.

The Angels (p. 324)

We have already spoken about the angels. They carry out their action in the spiritual dimension; they fulfil the tasks that do not require direct intervention on matter, nor the involvement of a body.

The presence of the angels has been extremely important since the beginning of creation, and God employed them many times in extraordinary missions such as the events linked to the Exodus of the people of Israel and the annunciation to Mary. The missions carried out by the angels are countless, especially those of the seven great Archangels[1] who contemplate the face of God, receive orders from Him and rush like arrows of light to carry them out. They can access all dimensions of the universe including Hell as we have seen; they often go down to report Lucifer God’s orders.

In this time the seven great Archangels and their angelic hosts have received the extraordinary mission to accompany the people of God towards the new creation. The seven great Archangels are particularly involved with the Central Nucleus: they follow closely the seven groups it is composed of. Each group is entrusted to one great Archangel who is its guardian and priest.

Among the seven great Archangels St. Michael has a special role in this time. He has received from God the task to prepare the glorious coming of the Lord Jesus; he is the Precursor of the glorious return of Christ. Therefore, he is responsible before God for the fulfillment of the plan to reunite all things in Christ. His action is of utmost importance: he is drawing together the people of God from all over the universe to present them to Christ on the day of His return.

It is up to St. Michael to direct the extraordinary instrument, in the name of God, by passing on God’s wishes to them. He particularly protects them from evil and guarantees for the faithfulness of each instrument before God.

St. Michael offers himself to God not only for the extraordinary instruments but for the whole people of God throughout the universe. He helps the souls of the deceased and sends his angels even to Purgatory to help and comfort the purifying souls. All angels, from the smallest to the biggest are under the command of St. Michael who is the head of all angelic hosts. Around him are the other six great Archangels: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Jehudiel, Sealtiel, Barachiel. They too obey to St. Michael. Nevertheless, there is no actual hierarchy among them: in the spiritual dimension, where the angels live, no hierarchies exist but the harmony of the sublime laws of the Spirit. The obedience of the pure spirits means primarily the full compliance to the laws of the Spirit who act within each of them. The angels know the voice of the Spirit; thus, their obedience to St. Michael is obedience to the Spirit of God acting in him. Consequently, any form of jealousy and rebellion becomes impossible.

All angels are called to support the journey of the people of God in this time. Especially the guardian angels are intensifying their presence and action in favour of all those who wish to serve God sincerely and who are ready to transform their life to make it compliant with the laws of God. The angels are beside the truly faithful, they pray for them and protect them from evil; their action allows the action of the Holy Spirit to be more penetrating both in the individual and in the people of God.

The angels are also beside the three extraordinary instruments to help them in their mission.


We will speak about the angels who serve God. They contemplate the face of God and transmit faithfully His light and at the same time the life of God, the vibration of life, to us humans and to all creatures. Because of the great confusion men have created about angels it is of basic importance to understand this truth: the angels of God are subject to the command of God; they are perfectly united to the Spirit of God and transmit the action of the Holy Spirit; as we have heard, “their action allows the action of the Holy Spirit to be more penetrating both in the individual and in the people of God.” In this occasion we will speak about the angels who lead to the recapitulation of the universe and all things in Christ. They are one of the extraordinary instruments together with the Central Nucleus of which we have already spoken. Another time we will speak about the faithful brothers and sisters to God who remained without original sin and who are another extraordinary instrument.

It is very important to understand a basic point: they have been introduced to you as the seven great Archangels; in our experiences we have noticed that the souls in Purgatory and the other angels, who headed by St. Michael fought the battle against Lucifer after his betrayal and defeated him, call them with this name. They are seven priests who look and penetrate God, Who is the purest Spirit, like crystals of different shape transmitting life. Which angel, which priest among men is able to carry out this priestly service? No-one. Tomorrow we will understand how they are connected to the brothers and sisters faithful to God.

The seven great Archangels guard the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit in the souls; they are extremely important. In this time before our eyes there are crises of wars, economical crises, the crisis of manners and morals, the crisis in the family; it is said that the sprit of man is corrupt and that the spirit of the world governs man. All these crises cannot be solved if the spirit of man is not healed, if the spirit of man is not directed towards Jesus Christ. As we have explained in the book, everything came out of the pure Spirit, and in the same way the new humanity will be reborn from the Spirit. The spirit of man must be purified. The problem today is that no-one explains to you what the spirit of man is. It is the centre of the soul where the spark of life is, where the memory of man and the image and likeness to God are impressed so that man may be in tune with God and act in unison with God, with the Spirit of God. After original sin, man distanced himself from God; the more he distances himself the weaker and the more flesh he becomes, and as the Bible says, the more selfish. When the flesh, the man or the body are mentioned, it means that the spirit has almost vanished.

There is another problem we need to understand: there is great confusion about the gifts of the Holy Spirit even among Christians. Some think that in every extraordinary event, which is actually often close to fantasy, “they have the Holy Spirit”, or that “they have the gift of God” – careful! Only through Jesus Christ it is possible to have the Holy Spirit, by living like Jesus Christ. I repeat what I have said already several times and which is what St. Paul said: “If anyone does not have the Spirit of Christ, they do not belong to Christ.“[2] Every man, every soul needs spirit. When a person withdraws from the Holy Spirit and wants to be independent, he or she will become selfish and lean on other spirits; here begins Satan’s game who may slip in and arouse certain faculties of the soul, which we all have inside us, and make one become superman because he has something extraordinary; yet, that may not always be a gift of the Holy Spirit. Through Baptism the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are impressed in us, but they have to be awakened through our profound conversion so that the fruit of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, of which the Gospel and St. Paul clearly speak, may become visible: they are faith, hope, charity, joy, humbleness, patience and generosity –  the fruit of the life of God.

We know from the great saints that the extraordinary gifts were given to the them after a long path when the life of God, the fruit of God, was in them. There are some extraordinary gifts that are given for free, such as the apparitions of Our Lady, to awaken the people; they occur in addition to the persons who have the apparitions; however, they too have to make their path. Nowadays in certain groups it happens easily, especially in esoteric groups but also in certain groups of the Church, that as soon as they begin to pray unusual things occur. Be careful, God gives impulses to the souls but He cannot be trapped. Curiosity and arrogance arouse in the selfish souls which in turn trigger the imagination. Moreover, there is an aspect that concerns the communication between souls. We have already spoken about the telepathy used by the Confederation of the Light. They communicate from planet to planet. Those are souls and Lucifer helps them as He is a powerful spirit; therefore, we can see similar phenomena in the Satanists, but they are unable to be humble, to love Jesus Christ and to be patient; they cannot worship God.

The crisis of humanity will be solved only through the healing of the spirit of man. Man has to open the space of the spirit within him for the Spirit of God and enter into communion with the Spirit of God. For this reason there are the seven great Archangels and the angels as an extraordinary instrument. For this reason each group of the Central Nucleus is headed by a great Archangel who reflects the vibration that comes from God to that group. In this time the people of God are called to get in contact with these powerful servants of God who reflect the face of God, send us strength and graces and lift up our prayers and our masses; we ought to worship together with these heavenly beings and with the whole heavenly Liturgy. Archangels and angels are indispensable for this time. St. Michael has a particular role and we have already heard that he is the Precursor of the glorious coming of Christ. We have also heard that with the entrance into the third millennium the final phase of preparation has begun; how long will it last? We do not know, but God is speeding up the times and St. Michael has received the task, as we will hear further on, to divide humanity into those who are with Jesus Christ and those who are with the Antichrist. Every day more this division enters the spirit because God sees the hearts and conveys the graces more and more to the children who join the programme of the recapitulation withdrawing the graces from those who intend to exploit God. All those who follow the Antichrist are destined to enter the darkness every day more losing the understanding of the events the more they distance themselves from God. So, let us revive our relationship with the saint Archangels and the angels tonight so that they may accompany us towards Christ to receive the Spirit of Christ and hence belong to God.


I bless you; may the Spirit of the One and Triune God dwell in you; may all those who are of good will benefit from the power that passes through the extraordinary instruments particularly the saint angels; may you benefit from the intercession of the saint angels and their protection; may you have the security of peace; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See Beyond the Great Barrier, Chapter 3, Publisher Luci dell’Esodo

[2] Rom 8;9