Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and its Inhabitants” – The faithful brothers and sisters


By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Tonight we will speak about the third extraordinary instrument: the brothers and sisters who remained faithful to God at the beginning of creation and who have not committed original sin. Tonight we are not going to read from the book “The Universe and its Inhabitants”, because there the presentation of those brothers and sisters is short; we will read a passage from the book “2012 – The Decisive Choice of Humanity”[1].  It is very important for us to deepen this issue because no-one, even the official Church, has given information about their existence, even though from the beginning of the early Church, that is, after Pentecost, these brothers and sisters visited the Church. Together with the Church they wanted to bring the news of Christ to the low universe and then to the whole universe.  The Church failed to give this information despite the special graces that were given to the Church in the last century. Yet, the Illuminati have blurred the sky with disinformation to mislead the people. It is very important that we approach this issue, but why? Because Lucifer is incapable to act against God and he cannot do anything against the angels either. As a spirit without a body he needs beings with a body, human beings, to carry out his plans; so, he uses corrupt men but the corruption will fall back on him. Yet, in the universe there are incorrupt men who have progressed a lot and Lucifer fears them; he fears the communion with the faithful brothers and sisters and the angels and the Central Nucleus and he fears the communion of the Christians of the Earth with these instruments. So, let us listen what Jesus said in 2012.


The passage is on page 56.

The third instrument is represented by the faithful humanities who live on different planets. They are the humanities whose progenitors chose from the beginning to serve God and who have not committed original sin. Therefore they find themselves in a totally different situation from yours because evil never entered into them, and they have kept many of the original prerogatives both on the spiritual and on the physical level. Their civilization has evolved fast and owns much higher knowledge than yours in every field. They are men like you and they are also waiting to be finally reunited with all the brothers spread in the universe to enter with them into the new creation.

These brothers love you very much and put themselves at God’s disposal to help you. They have been sent many times by God to rescue you, especially at the dawn of your history when your ancestors just managed to survive. They still help you now and repair much evil that you cause to yourselves and to your planet. They watch over you according to God’s order and intervene, also without your knowledge, when extreme danger looms over you; in fact, they are able to act without being seen by you and your instruments; they have done a lot for you and continue to do so. They never act out of their own initiative but always according to God’s order and in close collaboration with the angelic hosts, through which they receive all indications in order to act in accordance with God’s wishes.

Now it is time for these humanities to intensify their action in favour of those who, like you, find themselves in more disadvantaged situations. Their spiritual and physical abilities and their baggage of scientific knowledge will be of great help in this time. These brothers of yours will be sent to visit many planets including yours. First they will manifest themselves to those among you who are ready to welcome them. They will help you develop the faculties of the soul that you need for your mission, which are asleep in every one of you and which need to be awakened through profound and delicate spiritual and physical processes. If you are open for my Spirit, you will receive great help from these brothers and sisters. I will not send t hem to those who wish to know them out of curiosity, even less to those who intend to awaken their faculties to dominate over others.

Know that the time in which men exploit the gifts of God is over; from now on the graces will be given to those who wish to belong to Me and be recapitulated in Me, to those who are ready o give Me their life with total sincerity and faithfulness. Those who are not ready to do this and do not desire God will lose the graces they had received for free. So, My words will fulfil: “For whoever has, will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.“[2]

As soon as visiting and preparation of the ones I will have considered to be ready is completed, these brothers and sisters of the universe will manifest themselves openly to the whole humanity of the Earth and other planets. It will be an absolutely peaceful manifestation aiming only at awakening that part of humanity who is undecided and sceptical. Many will wake up; they will be instructed and helped in everything.

For the enemies of God, though, it will be a terrible day. Your brothers and sisters will not make any use of arms or violence against them, but their manifestation will definitely undermine the plans of Lucifer and his followers to conquer the universe. To realise these plans the followers of the devil have worked for centuries, but they will have to give up in front of the superiority of the faithful humanities to God and their absolute devotion to God. For Lucifer that will be the beginning of the end because he will be unable to keep his empty promises to become the Lord of the universe, to subject the whole humanity to himself and to give power and privileges to his servants.

The children of God, however, will rejoice at the communion with the faithful brothers and sisters of other planets who have the same love for God, the same desire to offer Him their life and to serve Him faithfully. You will rejoice and My Heart will rejoice as well; it will be the beginning of your liberation.

I will stop here for today but do not fear! I will lead you step by step towards the events that I have told you; if you have faith in Me, you will not be unprepared. I do not expect great deeds from you but your willingness to offer yourselves to me leaving aside all personal interests and human calculations. Your future is in the hands of God. You can face Him only by relying on Him.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

The text we have listened to tells us many things. I would like to add only that from the beginning of creation, after original sin, these brothers and sisters have helped us. We have received help on two different aspects: the first are the souls who have expressed their absolute “yes” at the moment of conception; many have offered themselves and have asked God to be sent to us and to incarnate among us. All true, great saints, all the righteous along history are these souls sent in the middle of us, and there are many also in our time.  Know that  the people of God has grown and has a potential thanks to the help of the angels and thanks to the help of the faithful, that is, the souls who have incarnated among us and carried our sufferings like Jesus in view of the coming of Jesus Christ. The second aspect is that the faithful brothers and sisters in the universe have rescued us in different periods of our history, as we have explained in the book “The Universe and its Inhabitants” on several pages. Today we are in a special time because, as we have read, God has sped up the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ. These brothers and sisters highly strengthened with the Trinitarian power to help us. Many are among us, invisibly; they help us spiritually and even materially, as we have heard, to prevent catastrophes.

How can we enter into contact with these persons? There is only one way: to love Jesus Christ in the way Jesus Christ has taught us, to enter the Spirit of Christ, to be open for the graces given to the apostles at Pentecost. We are going towards the cosmic Pentecost and these brothers and sisters together with the angels are doing everything to direct the children of God towards the cosmic Pentecost, towards the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ. About these brothers and sisters you will not find any of the information, images and all the strange things given by science fiction films about aliens; you may perceive noble, strong men who communicate the life of Christ;  seriously, older brothers par excellence, who are in the antechamber of the new creation and who can help and support us. Hence, it is very important that you pray to those brothers and sisters, some of whom are invisible on Earth. Among them there are couples who work for human health issues – invoke these brothers when you are in need; they are engineers, experts in all fields, but you cannot mislead them. They will not help you feed your egoism. They are sent by God to awaken your spirit; to unite with the Spirit of God means to promote your life and become children of God and to know the sublime laws that govern the universe, the laws of the pure Spirit. And this is their mission in order to elevate the Earth so that it may make a leap in quality; yet, the world cannot do it by itself. The next time, at the end of the presentation of all three extraordinary instruments together, we will understand even better why the three instruments are necessary to direct the people towards the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ.

I want to give you a special blessing together with the brothers and sisters faithful to God, who are  without original sin, and all the Archangels and angels as well as all sublime, extraordinary and ordinary instruments; may the Holy Spirit awaken in you the desire to be united with those who are in Christ; may the whole people from all the planets, from all peoples and religions, including the non-believers, be awakened; in addition, may the children of God who have said ”yes” to God in the moment of conception be awakened to recognise Christ, the Saviour of the world; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


[1] Message of Jesus of 5 September, 2011, with the title “The instruments of God in this time”, published on 23 September, 2011, on this website, and in the book with the original title “2012 – La scelta decisiva dell‘umanità”, Ed. Luci dell’Esodo, which is not available in English yet.

[2] Cfr. Mt 25:29