Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and Its Inhabitants” – More appeals to the Pope, the Church and the humanity of Earth

27 February, 2015

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We will continue with our reading on page 335 under the title “More appeals to the Pope, the Church and the humanity of the Earth.” It reads: “On 1 March, 2013, and subsequently on 17 March, 2013,[1] in the aftermath of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the election of the new Pope Francis St. Michael Archangel sent another appeal to the Church of the Earth.” Yet, we often confuse the official Church with the Church. We are all part of the Church. This time we will listen to a section of St. Michael’s message of March 1, 2013, and we shall take our responsibility for the words St. Michael addressed to us. Now, two years after the message was given, we can see that certain events have already taken place; that may give us an incentive to take greater responsibility. Let us listen.

Message of St. Michael of 1 March, 2013, “The powers of hell will not prevail“

What will happen now in the Catholic Church?  A new phase will open up, the beginning of which will be marked exactly by the election of the Pope. This event will be a watershed in the history of mankind, because it will be followed by many other events. In view of all this, God has ordained that, as of today, I be particularly present, with my angelic hosts, inside the Vatican.  In this task I will be supported, besides the angels, by the Central Nucleus and by the brethren faithful to God who will act primarily in the spirit. In fact, a tough and final match is about to take place, between the forces of good and evil, both present inside the Church ever since her foundation. God decided to put some order in all the Churches who claim to be Christian, beginning with the Catholic Church, which represents the majority of Christianity on your planet. Prayer and action of the Catholic Church are very important to your humanity. The words that follow, therefore, are addressed to the Catholic Church, at this particular time, but apply, of course, to all communities who call themselves Christian.

God has therefore decided to put some order in the Church. The order of God has nothing to do with human impositions, it always starts from HOLINESS. The Church then, is called to holiness; not the holiness of a few but of all. It is no longer sufficient the heroism of some of the faithful, and there are many: the holiness of the whole people of God is needed. Above all, the sanctity of pastors and of those who have the task of showing others the way, is needed. To them I say to have courage and not to hesitate to offer themselves to God; this way only, will they be able to show the people the way to holiness.

Holiness is the life of God flowing in the spirit of the believer and among the believers. It is pure and immaculate and manifests itself in the integrity of human life.  Corruption is the opposite of holiness. God wants to free the Church from corruption, so that the holiness of its people might freely grow; His own hand will do this. I assure you that God has raised His hand to separate the light from the darkness in His Church. God needs a holy people to whom the mission to snatch other brothers from sin and death can be entrusted.

God desires to recover the immense treasure of holiness, truth, doctrine and charity that the Church has accumulated over the centuries, thanks to the relentless action of the Holy Spirit and to the holiness of many.  He will not allow such a treasure to be squandered by corrupt hands. The vineyard of the Lord, which is the Church, is full of fruits: the Son of God will collect and will distribute them to the children of God, His brothers. The inheritance of God will go to the children of God and not the children of darkness. Therefore, may the unfaithful vine keepers know that they will not acquire the inheritance and that they will no longer be allowed to kill the true heirs (Mt 21, 38-40). Pray therefore, Christians of the Earth, so that the owner of the vineyard hasten to accomplish what He set out to do, freeing the Church from the infidelity of evil administrators.

I will be present inside the Vatican until God will say so; I will act with the power given to me by Him. He who would want to take the place of God, will have to face me head on. My cry, addressed to Lucifer at the beginning of creation: “Who is like God?” Will continue to resonate until the end of time; I will always fight against the false gods. May he who can understand, understand. My angels are already lined up around the walls of the Vatican, according to the order received from God. For sure, I will be present at the Conclave; nothing will escape my watchful eye.”

You have understood that the election of Pope Francis was a watershed between sanctity and corruption. St. Michael’s call is to renew ourselves in sanctity. Who can bring forth excuses by saying that this is a private revelation? Can the people of God say that we are not called to sanctity, to the integrity of faith, to the integrity of God’s life? Many people thought that St. Michael stayed in the Vatican only to ensure the Pope’s election. St. Michael will remain there with the force of God, with the sanctity of God, and he will guide the people of God also from Earth towards the glorious coming of Christ. And we have heard his words: “My cry, addressed to Lucifer at the beginning of creation: “Who is like God?” Will continue to resonate until the end of time.” It will be the force of this sanctity that will separate all things so that good and will be revealed and then, in the end, the harvest will come. Let us become aware of this fact. We are called to join the sanctity that we find through God.

After this reflection at the beginning of the message St. Michael gave the official Church twelve points, the guiding lines so to say. We will highlight only some points that are especially important for the people of God. Look at the first point: “.) The Church ought to put at the centre of Her life and of Her actions, not Herself, but the life of the Most Holy Trinity, not in words but in deeds;” have you understood its meaning? The Most Holy Trinity is no mystery beyond the clouds. After the coming of Jesus Christ the Father has been revealed and the Holy Spirit was sent into the Christians’ heart. The power of the Trinitarian action, of which we spoke the last time, and Its particular action since 2013 is present and will manifest itself. The Gospel says that the One and Triune God will come and make Its home in whom seeks and loves God.[2] The people of God are called to manifest the true God, the One and Triune God. It is not enough to say: God is; the God of the philosophers and the non-believers is useless. The Church, the people of God ought to incarnate this truth and manifest God and His power. Without that the people of God have no identity and are unable to discover the power of their mission. Let us look at other points.

.) The Church must humbly acknowledge Her mistakes and Her unfaithfulness, and ask God for forgiveness. 

.) The Church finally ought to open Her eyes on the universe and on the life contained in it, without no longer hiding this truth, accepting with love all people of other planets as children of God, investigating and promoting communion among all humanities of the universe. The Church must be aware of the fact that the people of the Earth are not the only ones in the universe and that they, on their own, will not be saved;

.) The Church must help the souls of the dead through prayer, celebration of the Holy Mass and by the baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire[3]. May the Church descend in spirit even into the depths of purgatory in order to free the prisoners, following the example of Her Lord that descended into hell to free man;

.) The Church must offer on Her altars the suffering of the entire humanity in union with the sacrifice of Christ; She ought to aid the suffering to offer themselves to God;

.) The Church has to forgive Her enemies and love them, without falling into compromising the truth.

“May the Church descend in spirit even into the depths of purgatory in order to free the prisoners.” This is the mission of the Christians’ Church. In the end St. Michael will close hell in the name of the Mystical Body of Christ. Purgatory is not a strange, dark place – it has to be illuminated by the faith of the Christians. St. Michael calls to prayer, to the participation in the Mass in order to free the brothers and sisters in Purgatory and also to the baptism with the Holy Spirit and fire. What does this mean? We have explained to you that in this time of the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ there are places where it is not possible to use water for baptism; however, every Christian is a temple of God and the Holy Spirit sends the needy souls to us and those who are not baptised ask for baptism. Every Christian is called to baptise in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit by giving a female and a masculine name. When we love God, we also love our brothers and sisters in Purgatory. God sends the souls to us because the communion of the saints unites us.

.) The Church must never forget that She is a pilgrim Church until the end of times; Her heart must not be tied to the Earth, but must walk decidedly to the new creation promised by Jesus; Must be committed to transform Herself, daily, in order to please Her Lord and be found worthy of being part of the kingdom of God, together with the other brothers of the universe.

From these words you can understand what challenges await the Christians on Earth.  These are not new words, but the spirit of the people of God that is called to put them into practice must be new. Understand the importance of the Church’s role in the change of humanity! God is waiting for the commitment of His Church on Earth, whose action must accompany the action undertaken by the faithful humanities in order to come to a true universal evangelization.“

Here we will stop our reading, and I would like to raise a question: is there under the sky anything more sublime and beautiful, meaningful and dignified than being a child of God, than living as children of God on Earth and having the power of God in oneself? To live as children of God means to start defeating corruption. This is how we may participate in the action of St. Michael, of the ordinary and the extraordinary instruments and of all saints, and how we may participate in the sanctity that God wants to recuperate in the Church.

I bless you; may the One and Triune God make His home in you and be your heart, the core of your existence and action; may He be recognisable to you and revealed through you to others who are of good will so that they may get to know the true God; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Message of St. Michael of 1 March, 2013, “The powers of hell will not prevail“; Message of St. Michael of 17 March, 2013, “I did not come to abolish but to bring to fulfilment”.

[2] John 14:23

[3] The issue of Baptism has been explained in depth in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, chapter 9.