Rewriting History – Volume II – “The Universe and Its Inhabitants” – The year 2013 and the Trinitarian action – The faithful brothers leave for their mission

24 February, 2015

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić


Dearest Brothers and Sister,

The last time we spoke about the action of God through the extraordinary instruments. This time we will speak about the action of the Holy Trinity in all Its power, and we will try to understand how the power acts and where we should place the Trinitarian action of God historically after the Church of the Earth has been called so many times. Let us listen; we will try to help you by commenting some of the passages.


The year 2013 and the Trinitarian action

At the end of 2012 the situation of the universe was the following:

  1. the Church of the Earth had failed to welcome the invitation of God to announce the existence of life in the universe, neither had the heads of state done so; the major part of the humanity was therefore misinformed.
  2. the more sensitive Christians of the Earth who had welcomed the extraordinary instruments had prayed and suffered in 2012. They had waited in vain for a turn of the official Church, and found themselves more and more isolated and marginalized, persecuted by the same Christians; nevertheless, many others awoke and decided to offer themselves to God for His plan;
  3. the humanities of the low universe had not been reached by the announcement of salvation and were suffering in the grip of Lucifer;
  4. the humanities of the middle universe had not been involved in the announcement of the salvation; they had been in contact with the faithful humanities of the high universe and were therefore not completely unaware of the facts; but a true evangelization of the middle universe had never begun;
  5. Lucifer and the Confederation of the light acted in the low universe; they were in touch with the allied Illuminati of the Earth and ready for any invasive and destructive action to bend the people’s resistance. Lucifer’s plan to take possession of the low universe proceeded fast. The situation had reached a critical point.

In the beginning of 2013 God decided to definitely give way to the final phase of His plan to recapitulate the whole universe in Christ.

He began by strongly enhancing His action: from that moment on the three Divine Persons would have acted in unison and in an increasingly penetrating manner to pave the way for the extraordinary instruments and the people who were gathering around the extraordinary instruments.

So began the time of the powerful Trinitarian action aiming at the fulfilment of the greatest work of God the humanity would ever have seen, comparable only to that of creation and redemption. That is how God started the work of the new creation.

You understand that the situation in the universe has reached a critical point. The same is true for the Earth; actually even more for the Earth because here the major part of the people do not believe in the true God and do not submit to His laws. The Trinitarian power acted perfectly during creation and redemption; the Trinitarian power acted in Christ and in a special manner in the sacrifice of Christ; the fruit of His sacrifice of redemption is Pentecost. So, within the historical frame of the universe the Trinitarian power set off with the cosmic Pentecost which is not the same as the first Pentecost. The first Pentecost was an overwhelming power given to the apostles and disciples to pull them ahead. The cosmic Pentecost is silently acting inside those who join the plan of God. This force acts perfectly within the Central Nucleus and the extraordinary and sublime instruments and draws all those who want to join God’s plan to them. I would like to draw your attention to this power, which we will focus on in our next meetings, especially through the presence of St. Michael Archangel also to better understand the Trinitarian action that runs through the extraordinary instruments down to the ordinary instruments who are the people of God, that is, each one of us.


The faithful brothers set off on their mission

On 6 January, 2013, St. Michael informed the Earth about the decisions God had taken[1]. Here is a summary:

  1. God entrusted the faithful brothers and sisters with the mission of evangelising the universe. Especially one humanity, which was chosen from among the faithful humanities, would have been at the head of the mission as a reference point for the whole people of God. Therefore, the faithful humanities chose the humanity of Alpha Centauri.
  2. God left the task and the privilege of evangelising the Earth itself to the faithful children of the Earth. The faithful brothers would only offer their help discretely without interfering in their initiatives. Therefore, God decided that the faithful brothers and sisters would manifest themselves openly on Earth no earlier than at the end of the evangelisation of the remaining universe.

God entrusted the evangelisation of the whole universe to the faithful humanities instead of the Church of the Earth who had not responded. That does not mean that the people of God will not respond, that is, those who feel called and those who want to offer their life for the recapitulation in order to be recapitulated themselves in Christ and to recapitulate others through Jesus Christ.

The second point is: God left the task and the privilege of evangelising the Earth itself to the faithful children of the Earth.” What kind of evangelisation? It is not about the catechism taught by the Church, but about announcing the reality of the universe in the way it has been explained to us in the past years; the evangelisation of the Earth is meant as the information of the people about what is going on, who is at the centre of attention in the universe and how the salvation of the Earth and the whole humanity will take place. It is clear that only those who join the plan of the universal Church in the whole universe headed by the extraordinary and sublime instruments can carry out this work. This is the moment of the awakening of the consciences to take responsibility for the Earth and for the whole universe.

On 1 March of the same year St. Michael said: I strongly recall all the ecclesiastical hierarchy, beginning with the Catholic ones, to an honest awareness about the presence of life in the universe, and to give to the faithful likewise clear information. This requires a radical rethinking of the universal mission of the Church which can not be delayed any further.”[2] From now on all God’s calls are turned to the Church so that she may join the process of God despite not being at the head of the evangelisation. St. Michael added also: “It also requires an appropriate amplification of theology, which must be set up with the times and with the new requirements of the knowledge of the truth.” What should we reconsider? That we should meet the angels in the way Abraham did – this will change our life; gaining awareness, meeting the faithful brothers to God and enter into communion with them who are ahead of us in everything, on the spiritual, human and technological level – this will change our life. Only in this manner we can elevate ourselves. In 2012 the Mayan prophesies foretold a qualitative leap forward, but there will be no qualitative leap without our participation. In this sense everyone in the Church and each one of us is called to elevate himself.

St. Michael also added: I invite all the faithful who for years have known and experienced the existence of the humanities of other planets, to pray a lot, so that room be made for this truth in the consciences of people, and the power of the communion with our brothers and sisters of the universe faithful to God, may become known. A courageous witnessing is required of you.” No-one can substitute a praying man; prayer is a powerful weapon. Pray with simplicity listening to your inspiration, but enter into a living relationship with the extraordinary and the sublime instruments to remain in touch with the huge power of the Most Holy Trinity that takes us to the new creation. Every one is invited. Do no wait until the powerful make an announcement. It is already almost too late.

The same day, 6 January, 2013, in which the Church remembers the manifestation of the Lord, the faithful brothers and sisters set off on their mission.

They headed straight for the middle universe in which the peoples are not hostile to God but undecided. They gave them great testimony: they appeared on various planets bringing the announcement of the true God and the salvation given through Jesus Christ speaking about the recapitulation of the whole universe and the action of the extraordinary instruments. They presented Mary Most Holy as Queen of the universe and St. Joseph as protector and guardian of the people of God.

The testimony of the faithful brothers and sisters was strong and accompanied by many signs and was welcomed by most of the populations of the middle universe. Only a few remained uncertain and fearful. The faithful brothers and sisters allowed them some more time to reflect and reappeared later. This time there were no more doubts. Thus, at the end of 2013 the middle universe had been crossed many times by the faithful brothers and sisters with excellent results: the people of God had gained many more brothers and sisters; whole planets had been converted and baptised.[3]

The Church has grown in the whole universe. Those brothers and sisters in the middle universe who have converted are strongly bound to the faithful brothers to God and together they convey the Trinitarian power; by welcoming them we will be touched by this power as it tends to involve everyone in order to form the Mystical Body of Christ. Each one of us is precious and every contribution is precious because every one of us is invited to walk towards the new creation where there will be no more tears, no more pain, no more death.

I bless you; may this Light and hope be in you; may new life awaken in you; may you be united to the Trinitarian power that is in the brothers and sisters of the Church of the whole universe and that of the Earth. It shall encourage us in these times to look ever more at the luminous aspect in front of our eyes where we can see the action of God taking everything towards the fulfilment of His promises; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] Cfr. Message of St. Michael of 6 January, 2013, “Let the dead bury their dead…”

[2] Cfr. Message of St. Michael of 1 March, 2013, „The powers of hell will not prevail“

[3] The issue of Baptism has been explained in depth in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, chapter 9.

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