The True Face of God

18 November 2017

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Translated Audio

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; the subject of today’s reflection is “The true face of God”. We have come to the end of this liturgical year and are awaiting the Feast of Christ the King of the universe. This liturgical year is coming to its end and a new one begins. Those who have walked this intensive path in these years have understood that the Feast of Christ the King brings a turn. Now we can say that we are in front of a millennial turn in which man will have to take a decision: going towards God or distancing himself from Him.

Since 2008 we have written and spoken to you. If you have followed us, at least generally, you could see the red thread of God’s work in the universe unfolding step by step in all these years. As you know, the evangelization of the whole universe will probably end in the following months and only the Earth[1] will be left. All events will start from here, that is, the whole dynamic of grace and the rejection of God that we have already explained to you.

We want to speak in this context, and I want to look deeper at the message of Our Lady of 13 November of this year[2] with you because it is necessary that the people who follow and want to move forward are united in the reflections and in dealing with the orientations Heaven gives in this time so that people do not get lost but can be gathered.

I must tell you something that is not written in this message. It is not a journalist, a preacher or a theologian speaking to you, nor a priest: it is the Mother of the life of God who welcomes life in each one of you, directs it towards Jesus Christ and protects it. You know what a mother means in our life. I will not explain biological or psychological processes but the truth of our faith: If we do not welcome Her with all the power She can transmit us in this time, we will get lost. Let us now begin with our reflection.

Our Lady says: “Today I want to tell you that LIFE IS NO LIFE WITHOUT GOD. If you leave God outside of your existence, you do not live, you limit yourselves to surviving. Only God gives a sense to your being because only in Him you understand who you are, where you come from and towards what you are going.” These days people talk a lot about the emptiness of life – this is what the Mother of God refers to – which is filled with substitutes and false faces of God which are not God. People talk a lot about how stressed, mentally unstable and oppressed by the arrogant man is, whereas the arrogant are weaker than the others. They are in the hands of Satan who makes them appear stronger so that they may oppress the others. But only few mention the incredible inner stress that we experience: the stress of not knowing the face of God, of not knowing the direction of our life and our destiny. That enormous stress is nothing else than living original sin, that is, being detached from God, and thus, having to orient ourselves without help. We can see this in the poor migrants, who are uprooted from their land, their families, their traditions, and we see them wandering around, dreaming of Europe or America and living under an illusion. This is an image, but it shows us that without God we are disoriented.

Nowadays there is also another problem: there is no mention of God in public. If He is mentioned in public, it is about a God, the only God, which is true: there is only one God; yet, He is not an abstract, an unknown God. What  a God we do not know, who does not know us, who is not interested in us, who is somewhere in the clouds and far away from us mean to us? Therefore, Our Lady calls upon us: “It is time to return to God; not any God but the true God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” But what do the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit tell us? What do They tell us Christians? What can we tell other people? The Creator, the Father, in whom all mysteries are contained, gives us the light to understand all mysteries; our life comes out of the love that develops within us and that gives a sense to everything. However, we can know the Father only through His Son, Jesus Christ, who has eliminated sin, who has opened the way for us. Therefore, Our Lady says: “In the face of My Son you can see the face of God.”

Perhaps we know a saint called Alter Christus, and we say, “We have a saint.” Yet, each one of us must become an Alter Christus; in each one of us the face of God must appear the way it is, and each one of us who is waiting for the new creation, that is, the glorious manifestation of God, must go through a process of learning to love that face, and when He manifests Himself, there will be an explosion of life and joy in us. No other chance will be given to us. From this path each one of us comes out filled with the energy of life, that is, peace, hope, vitality, confidence, so that the problems do not touch us, even important problems of life, because we have The Life, with capital letter, in us.

There is another aspect to consider in the words, “It is true that Saint Michael will have to shut the underworld in the end,” yes, but he will shut it in the name of God and in the name of the people who enter the new creation. On the face of all children of God must be manifested the face of Christ who will shut Hell forever.

The first aspect I want to talk about is the aspect of the vitality that fills us with life; the other aspect concerns our responsibility for the whole planet, for the whole universe: revealing that Jesus is the Lord who rules over everything and takes us to the Father. We are living in these times. I speak about this because the humanity of the Earth will have to give its response. Those who will turn to the face of Christ and, through Him, to the face of the Father will have the power to live, and these are the marvelous times of which Our Lady has spoken. But those who remain outside will start living with fear, stress and worry; they will be consumed by an inner force coming from Satan. They will not be able to eliminate the evil acting in man and between men.

 “As a Mother I urge you all: leave the wrong paths and walk with determination towards My Son who is the Life, the Truth and the Way. He will reveal the Father to you, and you will know Him and love Him.” Let’s stop here for a moment. When we choose Jesus Christ from our heart, we become enlightened, our love for God the Father awakens and no one can stop it. Think about the experiences of the apostles after the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The message continues: “The Father will give you the Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus; the Holy Spirit will guide you on new paths, the only ones leading you to true happiness. You will know Life and you will live.”

Let’s return to the Mother of God. We have spoken about the message that refers to the Mother as Co-redemptrix[3], the mother, the woman who holds life, defends it and transmits vitality to the child and directs it. As it is in nature, it is also in grace. Have we Christians understood that? We are to welcome the Mother of God sincerely to let Her direct us from within. The Holy Spirit acts in Her, and therefore, She is the perfect Mother, and in Her the life of God has fulfilled in the way it was meant to be from the moment of conception until Her ascension to Heaven; yet, She is not in the clouds, She is among us as the Mother of each one of us. She witnesses: “Who has taught you to love and to feel loved?” You know that a man who receives no love is frustrated; a man who loves no one is miserable. Every man has a basic need to be loved, to love, to have a full life, and God, in His goodness, has given us His Mother who sees the life in each one of us protecting us from our weaknesses and defending us; She also said that She will defend us in these times and that no one else will be able to defend us. She is the Mother who makes us open for the Holy Spirit; She takes all that comes from LIFE and gives it to each of us according to our originality. When we are directed to Her with love, we are directed to Her Son, Jesus Christ. This is the inner process that heals that terrible stress, that is, original sin, which cannot be eliminated except by the mystery of the relationship of each of us with the Most Holy Trinity through the Mother of God and, of course, in communion with the whole Mystical Body of Christ.

Therefore, we must not consider these messages simply as pieces of information. We have to be open for the Holy Spirit to awaken in us the faith that holds all truths that have been transmitted to us also along the history of the Church; there are no others because they are the laws of life. Thus, we are directed towards the One who is the Source of our life, the Father, the One who heals our life – there are many problems in our society that only God can heal – and our life is directed towards the Holy Spirit who sanctifies everything, even our suffering, our failures and misfortunes, and the Holy Spirit consecrates all we offer to God and gives true sense to our life.

I will finish with the words to the young: I turn especially to you, dear young people: while the sun of life is still high up for you, do not forget God! Love Him, hope and believe in Him and you will be filled with love and courage to realise your most beautiful ideals.” And truly I turn to the young people who are present and those who are absent: invest your life in this manner so that a new humanity is born; invest your life in God’s plans for you, and your face will reflect the face of God; nowadays it is difficult to see the face of God in the men of the Earth, it is rare. Clearly, what is true for the young is true for each one of us, even for someone who is dying. But, let’s tell the young, who have their life in front of them, to choose life to realize their own life and that of the others so that light is given to humanity.

Thus, I want us to do the reflection all together and move in this direction by praying, by elevating our prayer from different points of the Earth and of the universe pleading God to give us His grace; yet, we, too, must be committed and allow the Holy Spirit to fulfill our wishes within us.

I bless you; may the blessing accompany you in your reflection, in your prayer, in your everyday life; may your life be focused on The One who is the Source, the Alpha and the Omega, so that you may draw from the Source in every moment and in every situation, and thus, move in the right direction; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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