Our Path towards the Recapitulation in Jesus Christ


By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić


Translated Audio

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; our path is the path towards the recapitulation of all things in Christ, Priest and King of the universe. Only He can present us to God, but He can only present us to God if we are elevated to Him. Therefore, we have spoken a lot about our elevation in recent times.

Tonight we are holding a vigil to prepare for the Feast of Christ the King, Priest and King of the universe. In this occasion we will refer to the book “L’Universo e i suoi abitanti”[1] on page 126-128. The chapter deals with Abraham’s faith. We all know the phrase: “Faith against all hope”[2]; however, for Abraham it was very difficult to believe as he was old and his wife was old, too, and it was truly impossible to have children; he gave in and had a child with his slave to leave someone behind after his death. Today we will listen to how his path continued and how his faith strengthened. This applies to each one of us. Our faith will grow increasingly until we fully trust in Jesus Christ who will elevate us beyond all our earthly burdens, even beyond our religious ideas and religious culture which caused division among us as it happened also within the Church along the history. Our future is the glorious Jesus Christ.

Let’s listen to Abraham’s first spiritual steps.

“One day God spoke to Abraham and said that He would make a covenant with him which would make him a father of many nations. He asked him to walk before Him faithfully, to observe His laws and be blameless, and He promised him that Sarah, his wife, would give him a son from whom a great people would have come out. Abraham thought of Sarah, who was old and unable to bear, and himself who was also old and tired. Abraham prostrated himself again, but this time he laughed. Then he remembered Ishmael, the son of the slave, and thought that God was referring to him. No, the Lord God repeated that Sarah would bear a son; he would be called Isaac[3].”

On our path of life, and of faith, we may stumble upon many moments of weakness. We have heard the words of the Lord Jesus a thousand times, yet, we have not elevated ourselves but put them aside; we have received countless explanations but we have not elevated ourselves.

Let’s continue our reading to see how the Holy Spirit explains to us how to choose the right step.

“Abraham laughed because he doubted. When man fails to understand God’s words as they are too high for him, he has three options: 1) he may acknowledge his smallness and ask for the light to understand; 2) he may take a rebellious attitude turning his back to what he does not understand; 3) he may doubt and laugh about God’s promises with the superficiality of many men of the Earth. Abraham laughed because his faith wavered. It is typical for man, even the best, to lose heart in front of what seems indisputable evidence. Reality prevails so much that you think even God cannot modify it. Yet, God stands well above the circumstances of reality. He is the Lord and dominates all laws that come from Him. Through your firm faith, hope and love you shall leave all initiatives to God. Your yes, when expressed with faith, triggers the power of God who will take you to the dimension of the spirit where nothing is impossible because there all conditioning imposed by matter is annulled. Spirit knows no limits; it is matter to be limited. But if you have no faith, or your faith is fragile and wavering, you remain in a lower dimension where matter dictates the laws and you cannot dominate them because you have tied God’s hands. He will not intervene forcefully in your life; He will wait until you freely allow Him to act.

Your life is so troubled and full of insurmountable obstacles because you do not give yourselves faithfully over to God, and thus block His action in you and around you. You remain slaves of a dimension in which matter dominates and limits turn into laws. On the contrary, if you put your life in God’s hands, everything becomes possible as God will realise it. Nothing is impossible to God[4]; never forget that!”

Let’s return to the first option: “He may acknowledge his smallness and ask for the light to understand”. Our smallness comes from our sins, limits, fragility, ideas and habits which block us in the end. It is about recognizing all this and ask for light, see the light and be ready to be elevated. St. Paul says: “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”[5] They remain because they are laws of the pure Spirit. Slowly they ought to emerge because our faith, our hope and our love ought to become purer day by day as we have heard in the Gospel: “All who have this hope in him purify themselves, just as he is pure” (1 John 3:3).

The Holy Spirit says: “You remain slaves of a dimension in which matter dominates and limits turn into laws.” How many laws are there! Even religious laws restrict us and make people static, immobile.

We know about the lake of burning sulphur; the one at the bottom of the underworld, of course; we must understand, though, that we may sit in an inner lake as slaves if we do not lift ourselves up with faith, hope and love making our spirit free and standing above the laws of the flesh. The Apostle Paul spoke of this aspect in particular in his letter to the Romans.

“Abraham, who was a righteous man, understood that he should not allow his faith to waver and that his very first mission was to believe and hope “against all hope”. He believed in the promise of God who called him to be the father not only of Isaac, his son in the flesh, but of many other sons, and that is what he really was. He was the father of all those who after him would have believed in the only God and would have served Him with integrity. Abraham was a man and had his weaknesses, but he believed sincerely; he was confident in God.”

The one who elevates himself in true faith generates life; in him life is generated and he also generates others. This has been said by St. Michael in one of the six guiding points[6] in which he says that we all have to become mothers and fathers of the new humanity, of the power of the Holy Spirit that moves freely within us.

Everything that prevents our elevation in faith, such as attachment, ideas, habits, even devotions and rituals, stops us from elevating ourselves holding us down. Naturally, our faith is elevated in the way that has been shown to us, especially by the six points St. Michael has given to us as pillars: the offering of our life, immaculateness, which means integrity, and the universal communion. This generates a new Church, a new people, a new communion, and this makes the people open for their elevation and their future: the future is the glorious Christ.

“Love and trust in God are the foundation of your life, and they translate into love and confidence in yourselves and your neighbours. If you love God sincerely, it is, indeed, impossible not to love yourselves, for your life is a masterpiece of God and He loves each of His works. Very often you do not love yourselves; you look at yourselves through the eyes of other people who are unable to know you in the way God knows you. You do not accept yourselves, you hate yourselves, you cannot forgive yourselves when you have made a mistake; you carry on for years blaming yourselves and those you consider responsible of your fate attributing to them a power they do not have. All this happens because you have no faith in your Creator and do not allow Him to fill you with His love; only through His love you can love yourselves. The same is true for your neighbours. It is not easy to love others despite their weaknesses if God does not enable you to love, and if His life, which is stronger than evil and death, does not dwell in you. It is not easy for you to accept and pardon only with your own strength; on the contrary, it is impossible. If you want to be persons of integrity, you must believe in God beyond your logic and your human convictions to enter the true knowledge which opens you up to life. God reveals Himself to those who seek Him.“

We have said that God, if we elevate ourselves faithfully, generates others through each one of us and fills us with new, overflowing life which pours out from us on others. Without our elevation to God in the laws of the pure Spirit life does not flow.

I am touched by the words of the Holy Spirit: “You do not love yourselves; you look at yourselves through the eyes of other people who are unable to know you in the way God knows you. You do not accept yourselves, you hate yourselves, you cannot forgive yourselves when you have made a mistake; you carry on for years blaming yourselves and those you consider responsible of your fate attributing to them a power they do not have.” If we do not lift ourselves up, we give the power to the one who rules the world. Without Jesus Christ humanity cannot elevate itself. Everything that prevents us from elevating ourselves stops us and prevents us from entering the new creation.

At this point we wonder what we can do as we see that the Earth is in a bad condition: God comes to our aid. Listen.

“God confirmed His promises with many signs and sent Abraham His messengers to help and support him in his decision to serve God. The angels did not cease to manifest themselves to Abraham in various ways and continued to instruct him. Also the brothers of the universe faithful to God visited Abraham several times; many of them were priests. They were sent by God to introduce Abraham to the understanding of the covenant God intended to establish with him and the people that would come out of him.

MELCHIZEDEK[7] was one them, a priest of God Most High, who blessed Abraham in the name of all priests of the humanities of the universe faithful to God. From the people of Abraham, indeed, the High Priest of the whole universe, Jesus Christ, would be born. Through the blessing of Abraham by Melchizedek the faithful humanities manifested their full submission to Christ’s priesthood and the communion with the priesthood of the Earth that Jesus would have established at the Last Supper. Through Abraham’s blessing the faithful humanities also put themselves at the disposal of the chosen people to help them in the most delicate phases of their history.

Once again God did not fail, on His part, to give His support to the one He had chosen and who wanted to obey Him. God never fails to confirm you in everything.”

In the last paragraph we see God’s marvellous action in the history of man. He has always been present to indicate the humanity of the Earth the path step by step. We are coming to the fast times which approach the point where time ends and where there are no more tests and everything comes to an end.

We are talking about the brothers and sisters faithful to God who will come to help us; how will they help us? Will they give us spaceships or magic formulas? No. They will bring their experience of how they live in God, elevated to God – they, who travel the universe by dematerializing. After Pentecost the apostles saw them arrive by closed doors. What can they offer us? They can help us elevate ourselves and overcome the laws of matter which dominates us; yet, they cannot impose us to act in this or that way like leaders of religions. They can change our vibrations, if we are ready to be elevated. Don’t think that meeting the brothers will be like a lesson of catechism and that you may see them whenever you want. They will not manifest themselves until the end, for justice, because we have to walk our path faithfully. If we do not lift ourselves up faithfully, the creativity of God, of the Holy Spirit, cannot act fully in us. The man of the Earth is always ready to cling on, exploit and corrupt things. These messengers of God will not allow that, and the faith of the ones who reject these brothers and do not accept them the way they are in God will be tested; their faith will be tested.

We finish tonight’s reflection with the episode of the Gospel of Luke[8] that speaks about a woman and the seven brothers who married her. You may have noticed that the woman had no children in the end. We all remain without life; we do not generate life when we allow human interpretations to drag us here and there, such as the Sadducees or the Pharisees do or traditions, etc.  All this exists also among us and within the Church. If we do not elevate ourselves and do not want to be similar to the angels, we cannot generate life.

I tell you tonight that encountering the living God means to be filled with life; we will speak about this tomorrow morning.

I bless you tonight; may you bravely recognize your limits, your mistakes, and pray sincerely to God that He may open your eyes, widen your spirit and change your life; may He lift you above your rules, your ideas and your world, above your mentality as St. Paul says; offer yourselves so that your mind be changed. I bless you; may the Holy Spirit, through the intercession of the Immaculate Virgin, act in your heart, awaken your memory so that you may see your limits and your sins, repent and change your life. I bless you that you become ready to celebrate Christ, High Priest and King, who governs your life and the entire universe; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] “Riscrivere la storia – Vol. II – L’Universo e i suoi abitanti” (Rewriting History – Vol. II – The Universe and Its Inhabitants), Luci dell‘Esodo, not yet available in English; for excerpts of the book see posts of 2014-2015 on our website www.towardsthenewcreation.com

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