“Happy Easter” – Easter Sunday

1 April 2018

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Translated audio

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; Happy Easter and best wishes to all of you. I want us to experience this Easter in communion with all brothers and sisters of the universe, all men of good will and all angels; we shall live this Easter in a new and more profound way.

From the reading of the Gospel of St. Mark[1] we heard in last night’s Vigil, we understand that the testimonies reacted with timidity and fear when they encountered the Risen Christ for the first time. Even though they had received the order to “Go and tell …” the resurrection of Christ the women ran away and didn’t say anything to anyone. Today we read in the Gospel of John[2] how two disciples, Peter, the head of the Apostles, and John, who was very close to Jesus, were bewildered when they went (to the sepulchre) and saw, and timidly they believed. Why? Because they hadn’t understood the Scriptures. It was an obvious fact that He hadn’t been smuggled away because the complete cloth was there. They couldn’t have carried him away undressed.

This means that Jesus’ resurrection reaches our heart only slowly. Besides the visible proof and the ability to perceive the reality with one’s hands, which is typical for St. Thomas, and the possibility to eat with the risen Jesus as the Gospel tells[3], there is something else moving and awakening our inmost being to understanding and conversion. This is a reality that we must understand, for the historical events of the resurrection of Jesus Christ have been written and verified. The testimony of the whole history of the Church and the saints has been documented and verified.

Even today the angels bear witness to the Risen Jesus Christ everywhere in the universe, and the faithful brothers and sisters travel the universe to give testimony of the resurrection of Christ. In the last eleven, twelve years we have given testimony of this action in the whole universe which is strong, much stronger than the events at the beginning of Christianity; however, we may encounter Jesus Christ only in our inmost being.

Why does the Lord not manifest Himself on Earth with all His power and visible signs? There are several reasons but one is evident: because the humanity of the Earth would remain untouched; emotions and personal interests would hold it back from being profoundly involved. To experience the full meaning of Christ’s resurrection and to understand the signs conversion is essential. The whole Scripture contains the testimony of Jesus Christ’s resurrection expressed by the prophets; they gave clear signs which should lead the souls towards Jesus Christ; as we now, they have been largely refused.

So, the timidity and uncertainty of the apostles and testimonies tell us a lot. Our inmost being must be open to welcome all signs; all the signs the Lord is giving in this time, and they are no fewer than those He gave in the days of His resurrection. There are even more in this time, and they touch our heart because man, humanity, must be reborn within through the Holy Spirit.

What does the first reading of the Acts of the Apostles[4], taken from chapter 10, speak about? You certainly remember what happened: Peter had a vision which expressed the need to become open for the pagans. At the same time an angel appeared to a pagan, a Roman official called Cornelius; the angel tells him to call Peter who will explain to him, who is praying and invoking God, all things. God acts within the testimony, Peter, and also within the one who is sincere and of good will. He prepares both of them. Today He prepares us to be testimonies, and He also prepares the men of good will. This is what we have tried to explain. It is true that all angels are actively working to touch the souls, to awaken the souls to a new life, continuously renewed, which must reach our deepest spirit. And what happened when Peter entered the house of Cornelius? Peter announced the salvation.

The text of today’s reading is the essence of the Gospel, the kerygma, the heart of the apostolic proclamation: “Jesus Christ, the Master of Nazareth, who was crucified, has risen again. To welcome the resurrection, the power of the Saviour, get baptized and convert.” This will remains so forever. While Peter announced this truth, the Holy Spirit descended upon Cornelius and his family, to the astonishment of the Jews who accompanied Peter as the first Christians. It was unbelievable that Peter would enter the house of a pagan and that the Holy Spirit would descend upon pagans and even before receiving baptism! What does this event tell us? It tells us that the Lord draws each one of us to Him to remove any uncertainty. If we are His testimonies, He will guide us perfectly just as He guided Peter. At the same time He prepares the people, and the people He sends to us are already prepared. And the power of the Risen Christ expressed by St. Peter in his preaching removes all the doubts of the people who listen to him. This is what will have to take place within the Church of Jesus Christ in the whole universe and within the testimonies of Jesus Christ’s resurrection on Earth; this is the great sign that the universe is waiting for in this time.

In the letter to the Colossians[5] St. Paul tells the baptised to seek the things above, where your nature is in Christ. If we are baptised we are invested by the power of the Risen Christ, we are with Him in Heaven, and St. Paul tells us not to seek earthly things. What does that mean? It means that if we seek Jesus Christ after having received the grace through baptism, our promises and our “yes”, He will continuously open our view. If we look down on the earthly things, we will regress and harden our heart. This happens frequently in this time when we are fascinated by the many things technology offers us, and also when we are filled with emotions and are carried away by them. Our emotions disclose a part of our soul but only superficially. Jesus Christ’s resurrection reaches our inmost being and awakens our whole being from our origin.

I want us to be open to being guided by Jesus today. However, not only today through a rational understanding because that would be superficial, but ready to follow the path of the Risen Christ. He continued to instruct the apostles for forty days after His resurrection to give them the Holy Spirit; we also have to continue our path, but not only during Easter time but also afterwards; this period will open up new horizons for us.

Therefore, I hope that the whole new people, who wants to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole universe and also wants to live on Earth according to the Laws of the pure Spirit, will work to reach the place in which the glorified Jesus Christ finds Himself. I hope everyone will decide to follow the risen Master who guides us towards the new creation.

I hope you may take this decision deep in your heart: the decision to be in communion with the whole Church of the universe in order to be strengthened and supported for profound experiences, such as those the apostles and the first testimonies made with the angels, so that the path is opened for a new understanding; may you walk this path united with the faithful brothers and sisters, who have remained faithful to God from the beginning of their existence, and all those who need help and support to enter also the dimension in which the glorious Christ is now.

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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