Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 April, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that THE LIFE OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU. YOU ARE CREATED IN THE IMAGE AND LIKENESS OF GOD AND YOU ARE MADE OF SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY. Not everyone knows the reality of what they are composed of, and this is the reason for many physical illnesses and mental disorders. I want to help you understand all this.

The Holy Spirit lives and acts in your SPIRIT. He acts incessantly in you to keep you alive both physically and spiritually. His action holds within the power of the Most Holy Trinity. The spirit of man guards the divine presence. From the beginning of his existence man must choose whether or not he allows the Holy Spirit to act freely in him by accepting or refusing His presence. This decision is taken by the spirit.

If the spirit welcomes God and opens up to His action, it will be filled with power. LOVE, INTELLIGENCE AND STRENGTH will blossom and enable man to participate in the life and action of God. The laws of life unfold their entire potential and allow the existential development to be harmonious. The spirit of man vibrates in harmony with the vibrations of God and rejects the action of Evil. The pathway of man is gradually guided towards reaching the full identity of a child of God. Thus, the spirit becomes the temple of God in which the human being encounters the Creator face to face and receives the vital impulses from Him.

On the contrary, when the spirit refuses God and His laws, the Holy Spirit keeps man only physically alive, but the divine prerogatives, which make man a child of God, remain buried and inactive. Life develops far away from God, true peace and a full identity. God respects the freedom of man and never forces anything; it is up to man to decide for his own fate. However, God never abandons anyone, even those who refuse Him. He is always ready to reach out to every child who wants to return to Him.

The spirit of man communicates with the SOUL, which is like an envelope that encloses the spirit. When the Holy Spirit communicates a vital impulse to the spirit, the latter transmits it to the soul. The soul has three faculties: MEMORY, INTELLECT and WILL. Through them the impulse coming from the spirit is elaborated and transmitted to the brain which transforms every impulse into thoughts, words and actions.

If you offer your life to God and decide to live according to His laws, the divine impulse will pass from the spirit to the soul and then to the body without difficulty. Thus, the love, intelligence and strength that God communicates to you through the spirit-soul-body channel can operate fully and your life becomes thoroughly balanced. However, if you oppose God, your spirit is arid and communicates nothing to the soul but the impulses that are necessary for your physical life. Thus, the soul has to fend for itself and begins to use its three faculties in order to elaborate its own thoughts, detached from the thoughts of God. The vital impulses either do not reach the soul or are unclear, and so illnesses start to appear. You end up living a selfish and difficult life. The laws of the world and the action of evil overwhelm you and distort your identity.

What is the role of your BODY in all this? It is very important that you understand this because the way the body has been considered by the Christians is incorrect and negative. Almost never considered in the right dimension, the body is not loved the way it deserves. Yet, Jesus also offered His Body to save you, and every day He nourishes you in the Eucharist with His Body and Blood!

The body ensures your existence on Earth and is the instrument with which you communicate the divine life, which is in you, to the people around you. Words, gestures, looks, smiles, etc., are the only way you can transmit and witness who you are and what you think. Does it seem little to you? It is, therefore, right for your body to express itself in a way worthy of the life you carry within and worthy of your image and likeness of God.

Children, do not use your body like a mannequin only able to display fashionable clothes. Do not treat it like a poor pack-mule on which to unload the enormous burdens the world loads on you: fashions, ways of behaviour, life styles, which are often foolish and harmful. Be aware that your body contains the spirit and the soul in which dwells an immense treasure: the life God has given to you. Would you leave your house unattended if it contained an immense treasure? Of course not. And yet, your body is often an unattended dwelling where anyone can enter and loot at will. Thus, you let them deprive you of your dignity; you offend yourselves and your Creator.

Look after your body with intelligence and treat it with respect because it is not less important than the spirit and the soul. Do not put it at the centre of your life like an idol that finally enslaves you, as happens to many of you who are obsessed with their appearance. If you live in God, you will begin to follow His laws more and more, and you will notice that your body will become healthier and more balanced.

I ask you to begin to consider yourselves as creatures worthy of the image and likeness of God which is imprinted in you. Become aware that your spirit, soul and body are a perfect unity in which all is vital and interconnected because all is guided by God if you allow the Lord to live and act in you. If God is able to govern the entire universe, will He not be able to direct your life?

Children, you fall ill because you do not allow God’s hand to act freely in you. You want to do all by yourselves, but you are not able to. Your soul often takes the upper hand over the spirit and determines what is good and what is evil, but to no avail. If you offer yourselves to God, the spirit regains its right position, and thus the soul and the body receive the right physical and spiritual impulses. In this way, you are healed and you contribute to heal the world and the universe.

Ask for the light of the One and Triune God to help you understand what I have told you. Not all can be explained with words, but in your spirit you have a perfect communication channel with God, and from there you will receive all explanations. Immerse yourselves in your spirit; God will guide you on this “inner pilgrimage”. I will also help you understand. God wants you to understand. He is not jealous of His wisdom; on the contrary, He would like to distribute it generously to His children, but, unfortunately, they reject it. They are more attracted by the knowledge of the world and the sparkling artificial lights which deceive the inner sight and hide the true light. Do not be among them!

I am by your side, especially in this Easter time of the Resurrection because I hope to see you rise again, finally freed from your illnesses and fears. I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”