The New Priesthood

21 April 2018

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Translated audio

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; today we will speak about the “new priesthood”. We have spoken about the new priesthood before and shared messages with you of the years 2011 and 2012 in which Jesus explained, through Stefania Caterina, what the new priesthood is. Now we want to reflect on this issue considering the universal Church of Jesus Christ and this time as the time of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. All this adds new accents to this issue. We want to look at what Jesus said and emphasize relevant aspects for this time so that each one of you can orient himself better.

When we speak about the new priesthood we mean the unique priesthood which was given to the apostles and fulfilled in the Church over millennia. The newness lies in the fact that we are in a new time which requires new answers, and the whole people of God must do a quality leap towards the glorious encounter.

The new priesthood arises from the new people, from the Christians who want to belong to Jesus Christ seriously and unconditionally so that His promises can be realized within all of us. Let’s listen to this.

In reality every faithful is a priest who offers himself/herself to God, by uniting themselves to my offer. By doing so, the faithful recapitulates in me all that he lives and everything that is around him; he is the one who recapitulates the entire universe. My people will be a priestly people, because each member will have to live his priesthood to the depth of his being. He will live it in a new way, open to the Spirit, as up to now it has not been seen, because I shall make everything new.[1]

What is basically new in the new priesthood? The new priests and the whole new people are called to enter the mystical union with Christ. Only in this way they can unite with the glorious Jesus who manifests Himself to humanity.

The new priesthood also has a new quality. In the Church it is correctly said that the priest acts in the Person of Christ; however, that must no longer be an empty phrase. Every priest who is mystically united with Christ does a quality leap. He cannot be saved only through formulas and rituals. He must fully belong to Christ as a person and so must the people. Another new aspect is that the priests and the whole people are going towards the new creation and must be new.

Those who prefer to remain passive, those who will be afraid of accepting the newness of these times and cling to what is old and bound to end, those who cannot let go of their selfish interests will be left aside. The “old” people will be separated from the new people. No “old” priests will serve the new people who equally will not accept any “old” priests any longer. The new wine will finally be poured into new wineskins.[2]

How does the Lord divide the old people from the new people? We Christians must understand this: all that is corrupt must end. The new people is a people who wants to be transformed by living Baptism and by dying to itself leaving behind everything that over millennia left sings and hindrances within, ready to march from Egypt to the promised land. The new people wants to be new and also wants to manifest the newness to the whole universe. Being new is essential in this time and no-one who wants to enter the new creation can escape from it.

“The new priest will rise from the people and will be recognized by the people. It will be a priest anointed by Me at the moment of conception. The Father ordered Me to anoint the priests as I am the High Priest. At the time of anointing, the Holy Spirit takes over and begins to act in the person who has been anointed: it guides and instructs him and at the same time the people among whom the priest will work. Therefore, the priestly anointing will manifest itself with all its power in the chosen person if he accepts the gift of priesthood and decides to offer his life for the people. The people, on their part, accompany the future priest in his growth with their prayer and offering. At the right time, the Holy Spirit will make known his work in that person; the people will recognize the priesthood, it will confirm it and accept the new priest’s service. In this manner, priest and people will understand the will of God together in unison. The new priesthood will thus be the result of the action of God and the response of the priest and the people. Everything will be guided by the Holy Spirit.”[3]

There are some new elements in Jesus’ words. First of all, no-one has ever explained to us what happens in the moment of conception. We only know the seven sacraments and that we have to participate in them; however, the moment of conception is the moment of light, as we have explained in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”,[4] in which each one of us chooses either to serve God’s plan according to His thought and to live his uniqueness, or to choose Lucifer.

God has prepared different instruments for the people, among them the priests of this time, and Jesus has anointed all of us in the moment of conception, not only the priests, but all those who have decided to live their uniqueness and their mission according to His thoughts. This is the great novelty. If we don’t accept that, we cannot move forward, we cannot get over the rational obstacles which block the effectiveness of the anointment at the moment of conception, preventing us from moving towards the newness that will appear in the moment of the Lord’s glorious manifestation. Therefore, you see that the whole people, all individuals and priests are united in their uniqueness. The whole people, each individual and the priests are anointed in their uniqueness; new priests arise but also a new people and they recognise each other in the Holy Spirit.

 “The new priest will no longer need hierarchical investiture, because recognition will take place from below, from the people themselves. Moreover, the bishop who imposes his hands on the candidate at the time of ordination should do so on behalf of the Church, which is the people. Unfortunately, he often does it in the name of a structure that is called the Church. The new priest will be the expression of a living people, not of a structure.”[5]

There is another important point to understand. Who celebrates the Holy Mass? Who celebrates the sacraments? The people! The priest presides over the ceremony. The whole people must be reborn through the Holy Spirit together with the priest. The celebrating priest presides over the ceremony, but all the people celebrate and announce the death of the Lord and His victory, His resurrection. This is the dynamic of faith that must involve both the priest and the people. So, the priest appears as one of the people and the barriers between clerics and laymen fall. We are all in Christ. This is the condition for us all to get to fullness when the only Priest, Jesus Christ, will manifest Himself.

 “In this way, the people will walk towards the new creation. At the end of times, My priesthood will remain the only one in the whole universe. I will be the one and only Shepherd of one immense people, which will gather from every part of the universe. For now, it is still necessary to have priests among you. I repeat: new times will come that are prepared for a new people who will breathe freely, and from which will emerge new and powerful priests in the Holy Spirit.”[6]

The people who offer themselves to God for the priest pour the Holy Spirit onto him, just as, on the other hand, the new priest pours the Holy Spirit onto the new people. In the end, the only Priest, Jesus Christ, will remain, but the whole people finds its uniqueness and primal mission: each one of us becomes a collaborator of the Creator, through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, in the government of the universe and the whole creation. Then, through Jesus Christ, the Mystical Body of Christ emanates perfection and unites with Him.  

The contemplation of these aspects enables us to understand the greatness of the thought of God and His plans. Formalities become unimportant and the life within all our experiences and actions emerges. The power of the new priesthood increases as the new Church fully unites with the priesthood of the seven great Archangels and the angels, the priests of the faithful brothers of the universe; then the priest of the Earth who celebrates the death and resurrection of Christ in union with them will carry the power to defeat the Antichrist and his False Prophet. There, the power of the whole united people will manifest itself and give hope to the entire humanity and open a new path. As long as this communion, which makes us the living Mystical Body of Christ, does not take place, we cannot give a strong response to this humanity. Only through the true communion in Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit we will be able to manifest the glory of God.

Don’t be surprised about the things regarding the priestly ordination. We have explained to you that the Central Nucleus completes what is missing in the Apostolic College and continues the path of apostolic succession in the new people. The new people must be aware of this. Through the communion with the new priesthood the new people enters the fullness.

Now, after this reflection, everyone is asked to give a concrete response: to be a new people, to walk towards the new creation, to taste already now the fruits God gives just as He did with the Jews when they were on their way through the desert. He gave them sings, the prophet Moses and all the prophets who emerged through history; the people will receive everything, but they ares called to move towards the new creation through the manifestation of the glorious Lord.

I bless you in this occasion in which the Church celebrates the Good Shepherd[7] and prays for its priests. I bless the whole people to whom I will speak again about its mission. I bless all new priests who are aware of being called to participate in and serve the new priesthood. I bless all those who have been awakened and are ready to become new people; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

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