Towards the New Creation

by Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 May, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

13 May 2018

 “My dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that LIFE IS BORN At THE MOMENT OF CONCEPTION when God creates you. There the marvellous mystery of life begins. From the very first instant in which you begin to develop in the mother’s womb, you are already complete creatures at the eyes of God. Your body has to follow the steps of growth, but spirit and soul are instantly eternal and functioning. If that was not so, the embryo would be only a “lump of meat” as many of you, unfortunately, think, and this is the reason for the great sin of abortion. They mislead themselves believing that man is truly such only when he able to think with his own brain. However, the brain is an organ that needs a lot of time to develop; yet, your thought is formed in spirit and soul from the first instant of life and is only waits to be manifested externally. This happens as soon as your brain is developed and able to receive the impulses transmitted by the soul which, in turn, receives them from the spirit. I have explained to you that the Holy Spirit acts in the spirit of man and keeps you alive physically and spiritually. From the moment of conception for the whole duration of your existence the Holy Spirit transmits life to you through His impulses. They contain all genetic, biological, chemical information that make the body work; they also transmit God’s LOVE, INTELLIGENCE and STRENGTH which enable you to live and act in the image and likeness of God.

The scientists of the Earth have never explained that to you because they do not know it themselves and do not understand it either. Their science is based on the observation of physical phenomena from which they derive hypotheses, theories and laws. What cannot be proved does not exist for them. Thus, the life of man becomes a phenomenon to observe and not a mystery to discover in the light of faith. It is true that life is also made of physical laws and phenomena to observe but that is not all about life: beyond the physical phenomenon there is, in fact, the immense space of the spirit where the spiritual laws work, governing the whole creation and determining the phenomena. Without understanding this, the true causes at the beginning of every physical and spiritual event cannot be discovered. This is the reason why the doctors and scientists of the Earth are unable to solve many problems and to heal the pathologies of this humanity: many of them do not accept the mystery of creation and the existence of God the Creator. They do not know the laws of the spirit, and therefore the space of the mystery is closed to their eyes, for God gives His wisdom to the humble and those who seek Him. Without Him, the knowledge remains on a human level, partial and limited. If science asked for God’s help it could solve many problems.

I told you that you start thinking from the moment of conception. Therefore, you are also able to choose: as soon as you are created, you stand face to face to the One and Triune God, your Creator. He asks you to choose if you want to love and serve Him or Lucifer; if you want to offer your live to Him or live a selfish life, and if you accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Saviour or not. This is the most solemn and decisive moment of your existence, comparable only with the moment after your death when you are again face to face to God; this time to account for the gift of life and how you have used it.

Why does God ask you to decide at the moment of conception? Because He did it with your progenitors and does so with every man, giving him the possibility to act freely when he is not yet influenced by the experiences of life. God does not create sinners but free men; sin is always a choice of the individual. Why are you asked to welcome Jesus Christ? Because only through Him you can know the Father, receive the Holy Spirit and be snatched from the power of the devil.

If man chooses God at the moment of conception, he receives a mission that will develop through his earthly existence; if he chooses Lucifer, his life will be oriented towards evil. If he chooses neither God nor Lucifer, as often happens, his life will be uncertain and wavering. In any case, man will be free to change his mind during his life, for he is always free. God never abandons anyone and offers everyone His light to understand how to correct his wrong choices through the experiences and the difficulties of life. Your Creator never ceases to indicate you the right path, and He does it in many ways. He forgives anyone who repents and wants to change life. In God there is always hope, even for the greatest sinner. Never forget that.

Life on Earth put our choices to the test; therefore, your “yes” at the moment of conception is not enough to make you holy in His eyes; your “yes” has to be renewed every day in full freedom. The difficulties, in fact, may strengthen your initial “yes” or weaken it if you are not persevering in faith. Therefore, Jesus told you to always pray in order not to fall into temptation. [1]

The decision at the moment of conception leads to important consequences for man. The first and most immediate consequence of all is the placement in the universe, that is, to which humanity one will belong. From the initial choice also depend the memory of God and the search for truth; the ability to face the difficulties of life; the depth of thought; the achievement of one’s full identity and independence; the human and spiritual development and happiness. These are delicate and profound aspects that I want to explain to you little by little so that you may understand them well because they are important for your life.

You may wonder why you do not remember your choice at the moment of conception. It is because God did not want to condition your freedom, nor did He want you to become fatalists or to feel guilty about your decision. Even though the initial choice is fundamental for the orientation of your life, it does not mean that you are enslaved by that decision. God has created you to be free, and life in God is never static but in continuous evolution; it is strongly dynamic.

I will stop here for now, and I invite you to reflect on your life and your conduct. It is not important to know what your decision was at the moment of conception; what you decide now to change your life to the better is important. Children, accept God’s help, let Him guide you. Welcome My Son Jesus Christ, who died and resurrected to redeem you from your sins. Begin with Him a new life, protected from the evil one who wants to degrade you and render your existence miserable.

I am always with you, and I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] Mat 26:41; Mk 14:38

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