This People Must Manifest the Power of God

Message of St. Michael the Archangel of 29 September 2018

“Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

First of all, I want to thank you for the path we have walked together in the past few years. We, the seven Archangels, have been a blessing for you as you have been for us. There are no differences within the people of God. There are differences in terms of service and structure – I am a pure spirit and you are made of flesh – but there are neither hierarchies, nor preferences before they eyes of God. During the last years you and we have been one thing before God; I thank you for this.

I would like to tell you that a time is coming for you in which there will be gradually fewer words, but the progress and the works accomplished by this people will increase. I am speaking about the people of the Earth, but I’m also referring to the whole people of the universe and the Church of Jesus Christ that has to make a great leap forward in this time. God has planned a significant development for His Church in order to contrast all that Lucifer is doing in the universe, particularly through the Antichrist, the False Prophet and the Confederation of the Light. The Church of Jesus Christ must stand well above the people of the darkness. This is especially true for the Earth as it will be the scenario of the last great battle between the spirits.

You are truly immersed in an apocalyptic scenario. This must not scare you because you are not alone: the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the universe watches the Earth and comes to rescue the people of the Earth.

The people of the Earth must do a leap forward. It must manifest the power of God, not only with words but with their life, their deeds and also the signs and wonders that the Lord will do in your midst. Just like He did at the beginning of the Church on Earth, He will do it with you. Therefore, do not be surprised about what will happen to you, for the signs, miracles, healings are not only acts of the saints but occur regularly among the people of God, for God works in the midst of His people in an ordinary and extraordinary way. This is not to say that you should run after extraordinary signs; I mean that you must welcome everything that God will give you, also the trials that you will certainly have to face. All trials, however, will be only steps forward; all that God allows in this time will be for your growth and the growth of the whole Church of Jesus Christ in the universe.

I ask you to begin to listen profoundly to the grace God will give you; a powerful grace for the growth of His Church. Put your spirit, your soul and your body at God’s disposal for all that the Lord wants to accomplish in your midst.

You will not receive as many messages and words as has occurred so far, because you have already received all. All that will be said to you from now on will be a deepening, a help, when God considers it necessary. If we Archangels spoke continuously, we would prevent you from growing. Now you have to dig into the treasure of your heart and put into practice what you have received; each one of you where he is, where the Lord calls him; thus, what you do will have repercussions on the entire Church of the universe and vice versa.

In communion with the Archangels, the angels and the extraordinary instruments and on behalf of the whole people of God I bless you and I protect you; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

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