Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 November, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

Today I want to tell you that LIFE IN GOD KNOWS NO DEATH. You are used to considering death as the end of all hope; an insurmountable limit beyond which everything disappears: pain, joy, our loved ones, etc. For some people death is a liberation, for others a punishment. Some believe in afterlife, others do not believe in anything, even among the Christians. How much confusion and fear is there around death!

So, what is death? It is the end of the experience in your body and the beginning of life in spirit. Your life continues in a different dimension where matter is no longer an obstacle for you.

If you believe in the Most Holy Trinity and you have decided to follow My Son, Jesus, you will understand what death is. Children, life in the body cannot be eternal because after original sin matter, of which your body is made, became corrupt, and thus deteriorates day by day. Therefore, you grow old and die. Death is the most serious consequence of original sin; it made you weak and corrupt and exposed you to the action of Evil. Lucifer and his demons have always exploited your fear of death. They lead you to believe that death is willed by God and that your Creator is not a loving Father but a merciless Judge.

No, children, death does not come from God but from the choice of your humanity. At the beginning of creation your progenitors refused God, preferring Lucifer ‘s empty promises. Once detached from the source of life, which is God, they encountered corruption and death.

God has remedied this situation by sending Jesus to Earth. Jesus died and resurrected for you, triumphing over death. He who firmly believes in My Son, Jesus and recognises Him as the Saviour will, in Him and through Him, defeat death and break the chains of fear. Then, death becomes a triumphal passage towards a blessed life which is only the anticipation of what will be at the end of times. In fact, Jesus will return gloriously and powerfully, and He will eliminate death. It will be the new creation where Lucifer and the children of darkness will not be allowed to enter.

Until then, death is inevitable, and it is the cause of grief and sorrow for the people of the Earth. However, God does not ask you to remain indifferent in the face of death. My Son wept at the tomb of His friend, Lazarus, and He suffered great anguish in the garden of Gethsemane. Do you think that My Heart did not suffer when I saw My Son nailed to the Cross? No, God does not ask you to be supermen; He wants to help you overcome the fear of death with the power of His life.

My children, if you believe in My Son, Jesus, and give yourselves over to Him through My Heart, Jesus will live in you, and not only spiritually. In fact, Jesus is alive and present in the sacrament of the Eucharist and He enters into you and becomes blood and flesh in you when you receive the Holy Host. You become, thus, the temple of the living God. So, how can death resist the presence of Christ in you? And what is death for the believer, if not the blessed transit towards a new and wonderful dimension in which you will live forever united with the Creator?

He who has lived his life loving God has nothing to fear from death: he will fall asleep in love and the angels will accompany him in his passage. Even if he suffers because of an illness, death will not be cruel to him as his spirit will remain peaceful: God will soften his suffering. The agony of a righteous man is a prayer of praise! I am your Mother and I love you. If you welcome Me as your Mother, I promise you to be by your side in the hour of your death.

However, there is a different kind of death on Earth which many people experience especially in these times. It is not physical but existential death. It is brought about by loneliness, bitterness, restlessness, disappointment; it is what you call depression. It is caused by your detachment from God. You move away from Life and encounter death. Superficial religiosity is not a remedy against this kind of death, nor do drugs help, however useful. What you need is firm faith, strong hope and true love, which only God can give you. If you want to defeat existential death, you must seek My Son, Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.1 Only He can eradicate death from your existence and liberate you from fear.

Open your spirit to Jesus so that the power of His love, which forgives and heals, may enter into you. Put your life and your troubles in His hands and He will govern your existence. Seek and accept His will for you as it is infallible. Human solutions never liberate you completely from the anguish of life. Only God can expel death.

In conclusion, children, God has given you life so that you live. He expects you to appreciate the gift of life as it is an immense gift, not only for you but also for your neighbour. Apply the talents well that God has given to you by living united with Him, full of joy and hope, and God will grant you happiness despite the tribulations of life.

I am by your side you and I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

1 See John 14,6