Message of the Mother of Humanity of 13 December, 2018, to Stefania Caterina

“My Dear Children,

WITH THIS MESSAGE I CONCLUDE MY CONVERSATION WITH YOU. It is time for you to walk on your own after the many words I have addressed to you over time. I have always spoken to you and in many ways, trying to remind you that God is the centre of your life and of the whole history. Through My apparitions in many places of the Earth I have shown you My face and I have held out My hand to you. Now I withdraw and return to the Most Holy Trinity in whom I live and from where I have come to intercede as Mother for all My children.

Time is getting short, children, as My Son is about to return in His glory. He will manifest Himself to the whole universe and no one will be able to say anymore that God does not exist. Everyone will see Him but not everyone will welcome Him. He will separate the children of light from the children of darkness. Only the Father knows when this will take place, but you can already sense that times are changing.

Lucifer’s action becomes stronger day by day. The Antichrist and the False Prophet are endeavouring to seduce humanity and drag it, through violence and deception, towards the abyss. Man and nature are alarmed, and this will become even worse. In vain people will seek help from scientists, theologians and magicians, for salvation only comes from the Most Holy Trinity through My Son, Jesus Christ.

Only Jesus is the Saviour; by refusing Him, you refuse salvation. Children, I want to remind you of the essence of Christian life, that is, of the faith in Jesus Christ, Son of God, who was born, died, resurrected and ascended to Heaven where He sits at the right hand of the Father. Jesus is High Priest and King of the Universe. Before Him all will have to bow their heads, whether they like it or not.1

Nowadays many Christians have forgotten the truths of faith and let themselves be influenced by the pleasures and fashions of the world. In this way their minds and their lives are corrupted. Most of the men of the Earth seek various gods and put them on the same level as the true God. They believe that worshipping any god is enough to be in the truth. One religion is as good as the other; one god is as good as the other. For them Jesus is no different from other masters and gurus. So people speak of the Catholic, the Muslim God, etc. What a great deception!

Children, there is only one God who governs the whole universe: the Most Holy Trinity. He is your only God; He has created you and He loves you. He made Himself visible by incarnating in Jesus, My Son, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity. He manifested the divine life to you and lets you take part in the divine life. He healed you from sin; He cured your illnesses; He showed you the value of suffering and opened the path towards resurrection. What else do you need?

Children, do not allow the false prophets to deceive you with their empty words. Do not follow those who are wolves disguised as lambs. Only one is the Lamb of God: Jesus Christ. Only Him you shall follow. If you remain in Him, you will know what to do and how to face the tragedies of the world which will increase more and more. You will have God’s life in you to defeat death and disperse the forces of evil, the destroyers of life.

I have spoken to you about God and His life which expands in the whole universe. Today I tell you that the Church, founded by My Son on Earth, has not remained limited to the Earth but is present in the whole universe. You have brothers and sisters spread in the universe who, like you, invoke the name of My Son and call themselves Christians. Jesus also gave His life for them and esteemed them worthy of belonging to His people. The fact that you cannot see them with your eyes does not mean that they do not exist. Do not be like the arrogant who deny everything they do not understand. The great mysteries of God are understood in humility and prayer as happened to Me.

The day will come when all the children of God will live united in the new creation which My Son will establish at the end of times. Those who serve Lucifer, refuse the true God and do not love their brothers and sisters will not be able to enter it, nor will those who have used the name of My Son for their own sake and their selfishness. Today, the humanity of the whole universe is still on its way to converge towards a single target: to be reunited in Jesus Christ and become one people. However, you may already experience the living presence of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe by opening your heart to the newness of the coming times. Pray to the Holy Spirit to receive His light, and do not reject everything like capricious children.

Do you want to join the Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe? If you do, you are required to do three things: 1) to give your life totally to the One and Triune God through My Immaculate Heart; 2) to live a righteous life, respecting the divine laws which have been revealed to you in the Gospel by My Son; they are impressed in you, and the Holy Spirit keeps them alive in your spirit; 3) to believe in the existence of other children of God in the universe who, with you, form His one and indivisible Church, and to live with them in spiritual communion united in prayer.

Times run fast and both great and terrible events are awaiting you. You need the communion with God through Jesus Christ. You also need the communion with all your brothers and sisters who, on Earth and in the universe, are walking the same path as you. Therefore, decide quickly on which side you want to be. The Church of the Earth, as you have known it so far, is divided, burdened by the spirit of the world, infested by many parasites. She will have to give way to the true Church of Jesus Christ which is alive and pulsating in the whole universe. Do not be concerned or even shocked about it, for God must purify His people. It is an act of justice and mercy.

I will always be with you every step you take. I thank all of you who have welcomed My words. I pray for those whose hearts are hard and whose minds are closed in their thoughts and fears. The peace of God and the love of Jesus, whom I carried in My womb for all of you, may descend on you and your families.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

1 See Phil 2,9-11

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