Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

This year is about to end; for us it has been rich in content, graces and experiences. In the coming new year we will continue to be guided in the newness of these times.

God expects us to go through an inner change which will transform our live so that it manifests itself to the world. Then, God will influence the people and the events also through us in the way Jesus affirms in His message of 8 December of this year which we are sharing with you below.

We wish you a Blessed Christmas, filled with the grace that may awaken you, raise you and make you participate fully in the things God will do in His goodness.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2019

Message of Jesus of 8 December, 2018

Your “Yes” Must Be a True “Yes”

 “My dear Children,

I great and bless you. Today I want to tell you that your preparation is finished. That does not mean that nothing will be told to you anymore; you will always receive all you need. I mean that now it is time for you to live inwardly all that you have received in order to transmit it to others. I expect this people to bear, fruit, for this vineyard has been worked intensively and now I am waiting for its fruit. The fruit is always the life within you. Communicating life is the only evangelisation I desire.

I did not send My Apostles to make great speeches; I never asked them to write documents, organise councils, nominate bishops etc. I have always asked My Apostles of all times to carry the life of God, the life of the Most Holy Trinity, who became visible in Me and in Me became flesh, died on the Cross for you and rose again.

Children, the world needs no further words; there are too many words and many are false. The world needs people who live, transform themselves and generate. You are children of the resurrection and the resurrection of a life is the greatest testimony. I took you from your abysses; I lifted you out of your misery. Now I expect you to proclaim that you are children of the resurrection which concretely means to manifest a risen life.

If you become like the others, adapting to the way the world thinks, you will not achieve anything special and risk becoming preachers.  The world thinks that evangelisers are preachers. Not at all! He who truly lives, speaks little, and he who speaks too much does not live. He who really knows the truth manifests it with his life. This is the experience of the saints. They silently passed by and transformed the places where they lived. I do not mean that you must not speak at all but that you must not speak empty words. Empty are the words of the one who does not live.

The coming year will be very intensive, for all that has been sown, on Earth and in the universe, will begin to bear fruit. My people will be increasingly visible in the universe and here on Earth. My people must emerge. I do not speak only about you because, despite all, the people of the Earth is quite numerous. My people must emerge as the only reality of God.

Do not be afraid if they persecute you, if they tell you that you do not belong to Me or that you are a sect. The world hates what does not belong to it; it hates the truth. There is also a lot of hatred in the part of the Church that belongs to the world and not to Me. The Church that belongs to the world is not the Church. The Church that thinks according to the world will hate you as it hated Me. You, though, do not respond to the accusations, do not attack anyone, do not argue with anyone. Show to everyone the way of the truth, living in simplicity, loving, forgiving, serving your neighbour and giving testimony only with good, simple and honest words. Your faces must be pure, your words full of spirit. I will give you the Spirit so that your words are full of grace.

Leave all the rest to the others. Leave the world and its talks, its ambitions and its power. Be a simple people, humble and pure. Be in the image of My Mother who so lived in the world: silent and powerful, for She was filled with the life of the Most Holy Trinity.

I thank you for the whole path you have done with Me; we will still have a long path together. Remain united with Me and all the instruments that I will send you. Remain united with each other, for the communion will be your strength and your protection. If you betray one another, you will not take part in My life. If you separate, you will end up being divided like the rest of the world.

Children, times are getting serious for this humanity, very serious. There is nothing more to joke about. Your “yes” must be “yes”, and “no” must be “no” on all levels of your lives. Throw evil out! Even the slightest shadow may become darkness. Be careful! The “yes” you have said, must be a true “yes”. Then, I will make use of you and send you out.

My blessing and forgiveness of all your sins may come down upon you today. My Spirit shall descend upon you so that you bear fruit as I have commanded and as I want you to do.[1]

I bless you in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Tomislav Vlašić and Stefania Caterina

[1] See John 15,16