I Generate You as I Am Your Mother

Solemnity of Mary Most Holy, Mother of God – 1 January, 2019

Message of Our Lady

“Dearest Children,

I wish you Happy New Year; a year filled with God and His peace. Children, the beginning of a new year is like a big, white page on which God will, once again, write your history and the history of the humanity of Earth. It is My wish that My children enter more and more into the depth of the Christian path in this year.

I am your Mother and I continuously generate you, and I still have to generate many children. This is My task: to carry many children in My Heart to generate them for God. I have always done this, and I will always do it until the end of times.

St. Michael will guide all the peoples that I have gathered in My womb. St. Michael will take all the peoples that I have generated with My love to My Son; however, it is Me who generates you as I am your Mother. I ask you to allow Me to generate you.

Children, there is more and more uproar, internal and external noise and great confusion in the world. In the midst of all this, the people of God must shine and enter more and more into divine silence. It is in the silence that God creates your life. I am not saying that you must not speak, on the contrary, you have to continue to announce salvation but not with the noise of the world, great works or great proclamations, but with the words that come out of the fullness of your heart, from a spirit that is always pure and always new.

If you give Me your life, I regenerate you continuously. Then your words will be words of life, gushing fresh like an everlasting spring. Therefore, I invite you to deepen your path in silence, cherishing the teachings that have been given to you, as I have already explained to you.

The people of God will increase in the whole universe, for no one can stop them anymore, and the same will happen on Earth. There are many children on Earth waiting for a signal to wake up. Therefore, I need all instruments like each of you, the Foundation and the whole of this people so that they may awaken My children and bring them to Me and I may take them to God. I ask you, therefore, to support Me in My work. For this reason, children, I repeat: do not rush into external activities; do not act like the Pharisees who travelled thousands of kilometres to proselytise, and yet failed to recognise My Son.[1]

I ask you to be ever more united to Me; to move forward with confidence, in silence, in the truth, in the love and peace of God. I ask you to do those few things that are really needed; you do not need many things; you need the power of the Holy Spirit, and I invite you to seek this power with Me. I will prepare you so that the evangelisation of the Earth may proceed according to God’s will. I will shape you like a mother prepares her daughter for the wedding; she adorns her and dresses her in shining garments. This is what I do with My people: I prepare them for the wedding with the King of kings.

The Lord will not come before I have given birth to all the children that I have to give birth to. I will do it with your help. Stay close to Me and I will stay close to you. I will send you the angels, for the Lord has bestowed Me with the grace and the power to send them where I want.

Remain united with Me, St. Michael and all the extraordinary instruments. Move forward with simplicity but with all the power of the Spirit. I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Matt 23,15

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