The Irreversible Turn of Humanity – Feast of the Assumption of Mary Most Holy to Heaven

15 August 2019

By Stefania Caterina and Fr. Tomislav Vlašić

Father Tomislav: Dearest Brothers and Sisters, the subject of today’s reflection is “The irreversible turn of humanity”. The title is taken from the message of God the Father in which He explains that He has made an irreversible alliance with us. So, we will try to deepen these words and begin our path.

Our celebration of the consecration of the Earth to God the Father together with the Church of the whole Universe was wonderful. I want to thank all those who were present and could participate in it with us. I also thank you who follow the messages through the website and walk in the same direction. Continue to consecrate yourselves and the whole creation on Earth. I want to praise God because the grace of this message has even reached people who have never heard of Jesus Christ or these programmes, and because the today’s Trinitarian action awakens all those who are children of God on Earth and in the universe.

Today we celebrate another wonderful feast which is the Assumption of our Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, into Heaven. As it happens every time, the whole universe is also with us in today’s celebration because the whole universe recognises Mary as Mother and Queen of the universe and believes that our Mother has been taken into Heaven with spirit, soul and body.

We are called to reach Her. We are meant to elevate ourselves and reach our Mother with all our existence. This is our faith. The consecration to God the Father opens an irreversible path for those who want to reach this goal; however, the path is equally irreversible for those who have chosen to live according to the spirit of Satan and the world and to ignore God’s love.

How are we to walk the path of the elevation of the spirit, which God the Father has planned for these times, to reach our Mother in the new creation? The Church calls Mary Most Holy the “new Eve” and Jesus Christ the new Adam. Mary Most Holy participated fully in the Trinitarian action. Redemption was perfectly fulfilled in Her, from Her immaculate conception to Her assumption to Heaven. She was totally open for the Holy Spirit in the moment She conceived Jesus. She gave Her life and the whole humanity to Her Son, who took it upon Himself; She participated in the action of the Holy Spirit through Her Son, the Redeemer, in every phase of the redemption, perfectly united with Her Son in the Holy Spirit, and thus reached Her Son in glory. This is our pathway. It goes through the Immaculate Mother, that is, through the consecration to Her Heart, which enables us to perceive the impulses of the Holy Spirit. Thus, guided by the Holy Spirit and through Jesus Christ we become new, righteous men in Christ to be submitted to the Laws of the pure Spirit in God.

We have told you that in the apparitions of Medjugorje the Mother of God plans to accompany the Church towards the recapitulation of the whole universe in Christ. Our Mother has remained with us in spirit and accompanies us on this path so that through Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit, we may appear irreprehensible before the Father. The Holy Mother prays incessantly before the throne of God for each one of us and for the whole Church; this is the most powerful support we may receive on our path towards Jesus Christ.

Let us talk about Jesus Christ. Those who believe in Him know that redemption occurs through Him. But how must we participate in Jesus’ life? I suggest that you read the books we have written, particularly the book, ”2012 – La scelta decisive dell’umanità”. There you find the message of St. Raphael with the title “The Humanity of the Earth Must Make a Decision”.[1] This is also valid for this time, the steps are the same, but the grace is more intensive, and whether the grace is accepted or rejected, the consequences are equally irreversible.

In his message St. Raphael shows us the pathway: it is the mystical union with Christ in the way Mary Most Holy was fully and mystically united with Christ. Therefore, our participation in the life of Christ must occur in the Holy Spirit. Let us listen to St. Raphael.

 “One needs to know Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, who moves all things in the soul as in the entire creation, since this brings about a true transformation of your being in the image of Christ. The Earth’s humanity, unfortunately, is still far away from all this.

The extraordinary instruments of this time, that is, the Angels, the Central Nucleus and the brothers of the universe faithful to God, are called even now to live the mystical union with Christ, to stand face to face with God, to possess an immediate knowledge.[2] All others must follow the same path. One cannot come to understand and live the newness of this time, without the sincere adherence to the Spirit of Christ. This should happen in each nucleus: if each member and all members of a nucleus, live united to the Spirit of Christ, and offer themselves to God through Mary Most Holy, they begin a journey that surely brings to a new dimension of the spirit. On the contrary, if there is no real union with Christ, the path becomes very difficult.”

Let us stop here briefly. We are all called to the immediate knowledge, the intellectual vision of God and the submission to the Laws of the pure Spirit. Unfortunately, on Earth people mostly belong to religious organisations which do not ensure the participation in the life of the living God. Now, after our consecration to the Father, is the time in which our decisions must be irreversible so that we receive the knowledge that comes from the Holy Spirit and the Laws of the Holy Spirit may fill our existence and transform and prepare us to enter the new creation.

‪”The nuclei of the Earth experience greater difficulties than those of other planets. In fact, they must divest themselves of many superstructures of which the Earth is full. In particular, a Christian on Earth, takes upon himself the weight of the ecclesiastical organization that includes many human precepts. Instead, the brothers from other planets who have accepted Jesus Christ, are free of such superstructures and walk quickly because they are not heavy burdened. To divest oneself of superstructures is very difficult, and often it causes a tremendous sense of guilt, because people are not able to discern properly and identify man made precepts with the divine precepts. This is the tragedy of the Earth!”

We can see that all religions have kept their habits and traditions for millennia, such as their way to dress, celebrate and adore God. The organisation is necessary but it must accompany the spirit and protect it in its elevation.

We have spoken to you before about the path to newness. If you remember, even God the Father spoke of the newness. He said that His Son had not established a new religion, but that He invited people to the newness. The gospel reads: “Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks” (John 4,23). This is the core of the inner journey where the creativity and the potential of God unfold, which are inactive in the man of the Earth.  

The messages we have shared with you also highlight that the Earth is in a very dangerous situation. This situation has required an intervention of God the Father, which has been invoked by the children of God. This intervention has taken place and will lead us irreversibly towards the new creation.

It is very important that the believers, especially those who want to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole universe that is already present on Earth, are helped by the priests, especially the new priests, through the nuclei, to walk the path of the liberation from the inner chains of habits and traditions that are identified with the will of God. These are very delicate processes, and we all pray for the new generations to awaken and avoid being burdened by certain formalities. Let us all pray to the Lord to send new priests to guide His people.

We wish you the courage to walk your path simply and humbly, like our Most Holy Mother, being attentive to the impulses of the Holy Spirit that we incessantly receive, especially in this time. May you have the courage to throw away the ideas that condition you; may you have the courage to avoid all the impositions of the spirit of the world through several types of empty and formal religiosity. We invite you to think about these messages, to think and decide once and for all to live this path, letting God the Father guide you. We will pray for you and try to help you from this pulpit by explaining to you, as far as possible due to the distance, the path you must walk; however, you will certainly be more supported if you can participate in the celebrations there where the action of the Church of the Whole Universe is palpable.

I bless you all; may you continue to elevate yourselves as this will lead to the transformation of your existence, of your relationships on Earth and with the whole universe; may you renew every day your consecration to the will of the Father through every prayer, every sacrament and every trial; in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.


[1] Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić, 2012, ”2012 – La scelta decisive dell’umanità” (2012 – The Decisive Choice of Humanity). This book is not yet available in English, but the message of St. Raphael has been published on our website,, in the post of 14 August, 2012, with the title “Stay awake…stand ready! (Mt 24, 42-44)”.

[2] Stefania Caterina, 2010, “Riscrivere la storia – Vol. 1 – Nel pensiero di Dio” (Rewriting History – Vol. 1 – In the Thought of God) chap.5. This book is not yet available in English.