Your Mission Is the Work of the Most Holy Trinity

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Let us praise with all our heart the One and Triune God for the graces we have received in these years. Our path has been full of His love that has guided and enveloped us. We have known the true face of the Son of God, our Saviour, and of the Holy Spirit, promised by the Father and given to us in the name of Jesus. The communion between the Son and the Holy Spirit has led us to know the face of God the Father (John 17,3). Now, the Trinitarian power descends on us and among us, uniting all of us with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. In it all the power of the Most Holy Trinity manifests itself to prepare us for the glorious coming of the Lord Jesus who will make us perfect and introduce us with Him into the new creation. (Eph 4,13).

Let us remain in this communion. Let us be guided and transformed to manifest the glory of God to all creatures (Rm 8,19). God Himself, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, will manifest His greatness to all those who seek Him.

We wish you to live this year in the Holy Spirit who will “guide us into all the truth” (John 16,12-13). Below we add our prayer of consecration to the Most Holy Trinity, to live submitted to the Most High God in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe and manifest the life He has given to us.

We will entrust all of you and those who join these programmes to the One and Triune God in the solemn Eucharistic Celebration in honour of the Most Holy Trinity on 19 January 2020, at 8,30am.

We wish you all the best with love and we bless you,

Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Consecration to the Most Holy Trinity

To you, Most Holy Trinity,

in communion with the whole Church of

Jesus Christ of the Universe

and all creatures (Rev 5)

in the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

I offer my life for the salvation

of the Earth and the whole Universe.

Your immaculate love, oh Mary,

may purify, protect and offer me

so that my offering to Jesus

may always and everywhere be spiritual worship

“as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing God” (Rm 12,1-2).

Holy Spirit, Your burning Fire

may light my heart and my bones (Jer 20,7-9)

so that I may overcome all trials with Your help,

fully responding to each of Your impulses.

May my whole being, oh Father, know

and testify forever to Your infinite love.

Always recognise in me Your child,

who wishes to return to Your house

to live eternally in communion with You.

I consecrate my life to You, Most Holy Trinity,

to live the holy Gospel with simplicity,

with my offering and with integrity

in communion with the whole

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.


Message of the Holy Spirit – Baptism of the Lord

Your Mission Is the Work of the Most Holy Trinity

12 January 2020

“Dearest Children,

This is a very important day because today your personal mission and that of the people for this year begins, as we remember Jesus’ mission on Earth, which began with His Baptism.

The mission I am speaking of is not your work but that of the Most Holy Trinity that carries it out through its people. The Father calls you from the moment of conception. If you respond to His call, Jesus comes to you to accomplish the work of the Father in each of you and through you. Then, He fully confirms His work through Baptism. I also descend on you in the sacrament of confirmation to confirm Jesus’ work, which He accomplishes in the name of the Father in each of you.

My mission and that of Jesus are inseparable. All that Jesus accomplishes is done together with Me, and vice versa. Jesus acts with all the power because He acts with Me. Both of us bring to completion the work entrusted to us by the Father, in His Name and for His Glory. Jesus and I work in each one of you and in the whole people.

Every mission needs a baptism. However, the Christian baptism is not an initiation ritual to a religion, but the full confirmation of the Trinitarian work in you. You have welcomed the work of God and now you have to carry it out in the Trinitarian power. In fact, they are Three Divine Persons who act through you. However, you have to give your consent to their action fully and freely. God does not ask you to act without knowledge but with total awareness.

This is the time in which the people must act more and more powerfully. Today, the day in which you remember Jesus’ Baptism, God confirms and starts the mission of His people so that, in the year 2020, they may fully manifest the Trinitarian power. In this way, all justice is done as it was for Jesus. My confirmation of Jesus’ work in you is the testimony of the work of the Father, which Jesus has accomplished in the people on the pathway of all these years. Thus, all justice is done, because in the face of the world it must be clear that you are not acting yourselves but in the Trinitarian power.

What is your mission this year? It is the powerful action in spirit as has already been explained to you. Today you are able to understand it better in the light of the words of the prophet Isaiah that you have read: to open the eyes of the blind, to liberate the prisoners, to lift up those who suffer pain and darkness; to act without clamour or dispute, without breaking what is fragile. Just as you have heard in the reading, God has no preferences about people, but He welcomes those who practice justice, regardless of the people they belong to. This must apply to you, too: do not have preferences about people. Wherever the Lord sends you, act with the Trinitarian love to open the eyes of the blind and help the prisoners out of the darkness. This is your mission, which has to be carried out by each one of you, particularly by the priests. They have the great task to gather the flock and lead it to the target: to follow Jesus completely, to follow Him in Me.

On the one hand, the year that has begun will be easier for you because the Trinitarian power will act in you; on the other hand, it will be more difficult because of the opposition of the spirit of evil who will strike with more hatred, noticing that its power decreases and that it is overcome. Nevertheless, do not be afraid, because the One in you is greater than the one in the world; as it is written and as it truly is; for no force can oppose the Trinitarian power.

If you discover that you have limits and weaknesses, do not be hard on yourselves. No one can completely take away the limits that creatures have. Not even God does it because your limits are also your protection as they prevent you from going where you would hurt yourselves. The important thing is that you submit your limits and weaknesses to God so that He may use them for the good: often your limits are like a net with which you catch many souls that are like you. Therefore, God leaves the limits to you. He also allows them to make you humble, and for many other reasons that you do not fully understand. However, the moment you hand over your limits to God, the limits turn into strengths. The world does not understand that, but you must understand that God can do anything and that even what is useless to the world may be a strength in God.

Therefore, I invite you to look at yourselves and others in a positive way, because your limit and that of the others cannot stop God’s action if you do not allow it. Thus, do not be surprised if your limits do not disappear. Do not mistakenly think that the Trinitarian power will manifest itself through human strength; that is not so. It is written that God’s power manifests itself in the weakness of man in order to keep him from saying that he accomplished something himself.[1] None of you can say that, despite all your skills, charismas or intelligence, because everything you do is the work of the Trinity. You are instruments of the Trinity.

Therefore, remain simple and humble like Mary, who never tried to surpass the limits of this Earth, despite having all the possibilities to do so. Not even the Archangels surpass their limits because they know that this is the will of God for their protection. Be happy in your smallness because that is where God manifests Himself.

Children, I bless you and descend on you to confirm in you the Trinitarian action. In your heart, hear the words of the Father that He also turns to each one of you: “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased” (Matt 3,17). The Father is pleased with you if Christ lives in you. The Father glorifies Himself in the Son who lives in you, and the Son who is in you glorifies the Father. I come down and confirm this powerful work of the Most Holy Trinity.

Now, receive My blessing; may it be your guide, your help, your comfort; may it be your strength for the year awaiting you. The Lord is pleased with you, and He will not fail to give you His grace. I protect you and I send you, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, to liberate the prisoners of the Earth and the Universe.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Trinity.”

[1] See 2 Cor 12,8-10