I Renew My Alliance with You

Message of God the Father of 19 January 2020 – Solemn consecration of the people to the Most Holy Trinity

“Dearest Children,

You have reached the day in which you have decided to solemnly consecrate yourselves to the Most Holy Trinity.[1] This is an important day for you who are present, for the whole people united with you and for all those on Earth who feel part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe.

Today is a point of arrival and of departure. It is a point of arrival because today your preparation is completed, and it is a point of departure because today your real mission begins. This does not mean that you will not receive further explanations because the light will always be given to you. I mean that your mission begins today because from now on you must put into practice and testify to all that you have received. My Glory must be manifested through you, for the Church is called to manifest the Glory of the Most Holy Trinity, especially My Glory as Father. I am the Father who loves all and wants to save all. Unfortunately, I cannot save all, not because I do not want to save all but because men do not want and the spirits do not want it either.

I sent My Son, Jesus Christ to Earth to liberate you from the devil and the idols behind which always the demons manifest themselves. Know that behind every idol is a demon; therefore, when you serve the idols you submit yourselves to the demons. I sent My Son to establish the Church on Earth, which is My people, called to manifest salvation. Through the centuries I watched everything that the Church did and did not do. I watched the Christians of the Earth and I saw things I never wanted to see. Despite the coming of My Son in the flesh, I must note that the Earth is still pagan; it is infested with demons and idols of all kinds.

Children, these are very serious times. Your planet is partially destroyed as you can see in nature. The elements of earth, water, fire and air are deeply disturbed, contaminated and profaned. This is also true for the heart of man. Unfortunately, the Church is divided within itself; it was fragmented from the beginning. The Christians have fought a meaningless battle against each other; confession against confession, doctrines against doctrines. Instead of the sword, they have used the word of God. In the name of My Son, Jesus, they have judged, killed, stolen, and committed terrible actions in My eyes.

However, I want to tell you that the real Church exists and has always existed. It has never left the catacombs because another structure, which defines itself as Church, gradually imposed itself through history. There have always been two Churches: that of Christ, which belongs to Me, and that of Lucifer, which belongs to him. Two different entities, two opposing realities, forced to coexist in the name of a hierarchical system.

Children, the time has come for me to divide the true Church from the false one. That is because the point was reached where the Pope, the representative of the Catholics, that is, of a large part of the Christians of the Earth, introduced an idol into the Church.[2] He placed it in front of the altar that stands on the remains of the glorious apostle Peter. He placed an idol in front of My Son, who is present on the altar, with an attitude of open challenge. The measure is full. This is the limit in My eyes and there is no return. Until today I have waited for the false Church to convert, but it did not occur., I tell you, therefore, that this is not My Church: it never was and never will be.

Today I divide the true Church from the false one, and I renew with you My eternal alliance that no one will ever be able to break. The alliance with Me has only one name: My Son, Jesus Christ. He is the living alliance; He is the guaranty that you are Mine.

In all these millennia, the action of the false Church aimed at diminishing the figure of My Son, making it appear harmless and evanescent. Jesus has been presented as the head of a religion, a prophet among many others, a virtuous spiritual teacher and nothing more; but Jesus Christ, My Son, is the Only Saviour of humanity. He is the Lord of the Universe who governs the entire creation in My Name. Whoever wants to reach Me, must pass through Him and recognise Him as the Son of God, Lord and only Master. Without this there cannot be, and never will be, any alliance with Me. I have used mercy, but now I will apply justice. Each one will inexorably have what he or she has chosen.

The false Church has also worked to profane and lessen the value of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, denying the presence of My Son in it. The false Church has acted in such a way that the Christians became indifferent towards the Eucharist, creating many doubts in them about this Sacrament. A large part of the Christians now does not believe in Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist.

The false Church also sought to annul of the figure of Mary Most Holy and make her look unnecessary; She, who is My beloved daughter, the Mother of God, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and Co-Redemptrix of humanity. Mary was given to you as Mother, but the false Church has eliminated Her, welcoming instead an idol that represents mother earth.[3] This is too much and the measure is full.

From now on, the true Church will be separated from the false one, and it will grow. It will manifest My power and My glory. Know that there is only one Church, founded on My Son Jesus Christ on Earth and present in the whole Universe. It recognises the Most Holy Trinity and Mary as Queen, Mother and Co-Redemptrix of humanity. She welcomes and lives the communion with all brothers and sisters of the Universe; she carries out Her mission everywhere to bring salvation to the living and the deceased. There is no other Church and there will be no other.

On this day in which you consecrate yourselves to the Most Holy Trinity I promise a new heaven and a new Earth[4] to you and all men and women of good will of this planet, who want to live in the true Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe.

This planet will not be destroyed although Lucifer’s envy and wickedness wants it. He knows that I will give the Earth to My people, and he does not want to leave you even a crumb, but I will not allow it. You will have a new Heaven and a new Earth.  You will see the planet rise again, and this will take place through the transformation of the people’s hearts through My work and that of the Church. Finally, a new people will live the teachings of My Son, the commandments and the divine laws that I have imprinted in the hearts, as it should have been from the beginning. This will transform the Earth.

This transformation will not be the result of magic or something outside of you; it will take place in you and through you. You will see how the consciences of the good will slowly awaken, for the Holy Spirit will work everywhere on Earth and in the Universe to reawaken the memory of Me in the children of God and to remind them of the holiness of My Laws.

When all is accomplished, My Son will return to Earth. He will not present Himself as a meek Lamb, to be slaughtered by the children of Lucifer, but as King and Victor to collect His people and expel Lucifer and his people once and for all. There will no longer be any place for Satan or his children on Earth. Whoever has chosen, adored and wanted him will be with him forever. My people, however, will triumph. The Immaculate Heart of Mary Most Holy, your Mother and Queen, the Mother of God, will triumph. The triumph of Her Heart will be the triumph of My Son’s Hearth, and My Son’s Heart will triumph for Me, for My Glory.

Therefore, dear children, always remember this day as a day of rebirth for the whole Universe, which has waited far too long for the steps of your humanity.[5] It is time for Me to liberate the prisoners and open the eyes of the blind[6] so that they may recognise the true Church in which Jesus lives and which is also the chair from which he teaches you. Jesus’ chair is His people; there is no other.[7] Thus, I ask you to have courage and absolute trust in Me and not to be afraid of anything.

My alliance with you will be unchallengeable, and no one will be able to break it. If you express your “yes” to Me today, I will act among you. Through you I will bring forth a people that will grow more and more and unite with you in spirit.[8] You do not have to do great works. I only ask you to live with absolute faithfulness what you have learnt and proclaimed until now. I will work, through you, on all altars, in all churches and temples, wherever there is a child of God to be snatched from evil to lead it to the true Church. The Church of Lucifer, on the contrary, will dry up and become a desiccated tree.

What the Pope did was an act of idolatry similar to that of the golden calf.[9]  It is therefore necessary that I renew My alliance with a new people, and I will do so. Let this alliance live in you and among you. Live, testify, serve, love, forgive. Welcome all children of good will who will knock on your doors both of your houses and of your souls. Immerse them in your celebrations; reach them with your prayers. Make sure that when you pray, individually or all together, your prayers resound everywhere in the Universe where the Church is needed, and so it will happen. If you are faithful, not even one of your prayers will remain fruitless. Your words will resound everywhere, even in hell, and proclaim My Greatness. Therefore, My children, keep going and do not be afraid of anything.

I tell Lucifer and his people to watch out. Woe to you if you dare to touch this Church. You have challenged the eternal God, the Father of glory, and now, in return, you receive what you have sown. Woe to you if you touch again My people and if you try to infiltrate among them. Woe to you if you continue to destroy My creation. Now a new, strong people will oppose you and you will not be able to do anything. All the good you have tried to prevent on Earth, stopping the Church, will oppose you. All evil you have done and all curses with which you have covered the Earth, will return to you. This is justice. For you the time of mercy is finished and the time of justice begins, for I must protect My children, and I will do it. This is my decision and it will be so.

And you, My people, live with faith, courage and love, and you will not lack anything you need. I thank you for each step you will do with Me. Remember well that from now you are absolute property of the Most Holy Trinity, from whom you depend in everything. You will no longer rely on human science, doctrines and human technology, but you will live at the service of the Most Holy Trinity who will make of you a new humanity. I promise this to you and I bless you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] Today, the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate” and all the people who join it have solemnly consecrated themselves to the Most Holy Trinity. This act is the culmination of a long journey of recapitulation in Christ of the life of every individual and the whole people.

[2] On 7 October, 2019, during the Synod for the Amazon the Pope allowed the idol of the Pachamama, which he had previously blessed, to be introduced into St. Peter’s Basilica and placed in front of the main altar.

[3] He refers again to the statue of the Pachamama

[4] See Rev 21,1; 2 Pet 3,13

[5] The Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate” is committed to renew every year, on 19 January, the solemn consecration to the Most Holy Trinity  

[6] Isaiah 42,6-7

[7] The Christian people are united to their Lord in the Holy Spirit and in the universal communion without groupings and inner divisions (Editor’s note).

[8] This people is not a new structure in the Church. It is the fruit of the action of Jesus Christ aimed at renewing the Church, as has been announced in the message, “The Future of My People”, of 8 September 2011, published on 7 October 2011, on our website: https://towardsthenewcreation.com/2011/10/

[9] Exodus 32