The Trinitarian Action in the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” – The New People Become Church

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Chapter 2

The New People Become Church


  1. The fundamental stages

In the previous chapter we have boradly retraced the events that have marked a turning point in the history of the salvation of the Universe. We have also seen how the great plan of God to recapitulate the whole creation in Christ entered the final phase.

To date, the evangelisation of the Universe has been completed by the brothers and sisters of the humanities faithful to God. The announcement of the salvation worked by Jesus Christ has thus reached all inhabited planets, which still had no knowledge about it. The evangelisation of the Earth has also begun and is continuing.

On Earth, a part of the Christians has welcomed these programmes and has joined the brothers and sisters of the Universe. In this way, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe has also formed on our planet, and we have officially proclaimed its existence on 20 May 2018. We remind the readers that by using the term Church in our reflections we exclusivley refer to the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”.

The Church is the work of God and extends over the whole Universe, as we have been told:

“The Church is the work of God and was founded by God; all the children of God who love and serve Him are part of it. Wherever there are people faithful to God in the universe, they are Church of God because everyone has been created, redeemed and sanctified by God, the Father, through the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit. It is not the people but God who decides whether or not someone belongs to the Church of God; He looks into the hearts, knows the thoughts and paths of each person, and His judgement is just and merciful. Being accepted or excluded from the Church depends on whether or not one decides to welcome the life of God and whether or not one feels part of the universal communion of the whole people of God in the entire universe. Someone steps out of the Church at the moment when he refuses to belong to God, to give himself to Him and to accept the brothers and sisters in the name of God, choosing to live according to the laws of egoism, corruption and death.

Be careful, Christians of the Earth, who think to be part of the Church and yet behave like pagans!”[1]

This representation of the Church is contained in the powerful action of God in these times and in the programmes that have been shown to us and that will be realised both now and in the future.

We have not reached the moment of the proclamation of the Church on Earth from one day to another, but after many years of spiritual path in which we have witnessed the response and spiritual growth of the people to whom we belong. A new people as God and His instruments have defined it many times. The new people are new in spirit, devoted to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, watchful of the divine guidance they have never been short of. Their spirituality is founded on three pillars:

1) the offering of one’s life to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary;

2) immaculateness or integrity of life;

3) the universal communion, that is, the union with the whole Church present in the Universe.

From the proclamation of 2018 to now, the awareness of being Church continuously increased in our people, and they have taken concrete steps to strengthen their identity more and more. Also, the revelations we have received from the Lord and His instruments in the last years, first of all from Mary Most Holy, were increasingly focused on our people’s belonging to the Church of the Universe.

The first fundamental step towards the formation of the Church on Earth goes back to Pentecost 2016. At that feast, the Holy Spirit addressed our assembled people with unequivocal words, which sanctioned our belonging to the people of the whole Universe:

Today I want to make a new people out of you. … It is a solemn day because today I descend on you with the same power I descended on the first Church. I also descend on the whole universe and on every child of God to make a living temple out of each child of God. All the children of God in the universe will form together the new people.

From now on there will be only one people of God in the whole universe. From now on, you will no longer be a little remnant of the humanity of the Earth, but the people of the universe that lives on Earth. Within the people of God there may be differences regarding experience, culture and planet, but there will be only one spirit. I am The One who holds the people together, who brings all the children of God together to make a new people out of them.”[2]

This important step was followed by other equally important steps in 2016, of which we want to briefly remind you.

First of all, the Lord entrusted to the people of the Earth four Houses that He has defined House-Sanctuaries. They are located in Medjugorje (Bosnia Herzegovina); in Ghedi (Italy); in Finale Ligure (Italy); in the Czech Republic. They are places of worship, fraternal meetings and instruction; places where the people can learn about the programmes of the Church and be accompanied in their spiritual path.

Afterwards, we have received the sign that all those who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe carry: a Cross with the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the centre. You will find a detailed description on this website. The Mother of God explains it like this:

“It is the sign of all My children in whose heart the triumph of My Heart occurs because My Heart triumphs in your heart. And when all of you have received this sign, time will be fulfilled and the return of My Son will be near. All those, on Earth and in the universe, who convert and become part of this people will receive this sign; they will be signed with My Heart, the Heart of the Mother of the Saviour. It will be the triumph of Christ’s love in each one of you.”[3]

The Holy Spirit adds:

“You will receive the sign by which I will imprint on you the Trinitarian seal. It is a powerful sign in the whole universe because, in fact, it holds within the power of the Most Holy Trinity; a power that no force can defeat.”[4]

We want to make clear that even those who have not materially received this sign, because they are unable to attend our meetings, but have sincerely offered themselves to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, have received the same sign in their hearts, which spiritually acts in them. In this way, all Christians of the Universe have received this sign as the seal of the Most Holy Trinity.

Since the beginning of 2017 and for the whole year 2018, through the messages of the 13th of every month, Our Lady spoke extensively about the life of God and His people in the whole Universe, presenting Herself as the Mother of Humanity. All messages are collected in the book with the title, “Life Without God Is Not Life”.

On 13 October 2017, the centenary of the last apparition of Our Lady in Fatima, She addresses this people again, calling it “the little big Church of God”:

You are the little big Church of God on Earth. I want you to feel just like that. Do not be afraid of feeling Church; the Church of Christ, My Son, which exists and pulsates in the whole Universe. … God needs the Church, this little big Church, which will have the strength to oppose the enemy. … This Church will have the strength to live its indedpendent life, far away from the intrigues of men and the arrogance of the powerful.”[5]

From then on, the new people have been asked to become aware of being Church. The people are continuously invited by God and His instruments to welcome and witness the programmes that have been revealed to us. The Lord asks this little Church to strip itself of all ideas, logics and ambitions. Above all, He asks that the celebration of the Eucharist be brought to an ever higher level, one that is ever closer to the Heavenly Liturgy. He asks for a sublime prayer that conforms to the intentions of Mary Most Holy rather than to human intentions, however noble they may be.

In 2018, with the beginning of the evanglisation of the Earth, this Church was asked to consecrate itself fully to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, marking the beginning of the evangelisation. The triumph of Her Heart is, in fact, the essential prelude to the glorious coming of Christ.

Thus, we reached 20 May 2018. The new people were ready to announce the existence and work of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe to the world. It is not a new Church but the only Church founded by Christ: one, apostolic and indivisible, present in the whole Universe, as Mary Most Holy explained in Her Message of 9 December 2019:

“Children, you do not speak of another Church; you have not founded an alternative Church. The Church is one. Unfortunately, through the centuries certain people infiltrated in the true Church of Christ, pushing the people of God in a corner, leaving them in the shade. Through the proclamation of the existence of this Church, God has placed His people back in the centre. Now the people of God will expel those who are not God’s people, that is, those who have occupied the Church of God for their own interests and ambitions, which have nothing to do with Jesus Christ.

The Church has always been one; it was established on Earth by My Son and was founded on the Apostles, the prophets, the martyrs and the saints, not only those proclaimed by the Church, but also the hosts of unknown, little, oppressed saints, and His faithful people. Now the true Church is re-emerging powerfully through the people who want to live and put into practice the Gospel, the word of the Scriptures and the teachings of the true Church and the saints.”[6]

In the message of 13 December 2018 the Blessed Mother speaks again about the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe and explains the concrete steps to be part of it:

I have spoken to you about God and His life which expands in the whole universe. Today I tell you that the Church, founded by My Son on Earth, has not remained limited to the Earth but is present in the whole universe. You have brothers and sisters spread in the universe who, like you, invoke the name of My Son and call themselves Christians. Jesus also gave His life for them and esteemed them worthy of belonging to His people. The fact that you cannot see them with your eyes does not mean that they do not exist. Do not behave like the arrogant who deny everything they do not understand. The great mysteries of God are understood in humility and prayer as happened to Me.

The day will come when all the children of God will live united in the new creation which My Son will establish at the end of times. Those who serve Lucifer, refuse the true God and do not love their brothers and sisters will not be able to enter it, nor will those who have used the name of My Son for their own sake and their selfishness. Today, the humanity of the whole universe is still on its way to converge towards a single target: to be reunited in Jesus Christ and become one people. However, you may already experience the living presence of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe by opening your heart to the newness of the coming times. Pray to the Holy Spirit to receive His light, and do not reject everything like capricious children.

Do you want to join the Church of Jesus Christ of the Whole Universe? If you do, you are required to do three things:

1) to give your life totally to the One and Triune God through My Immaculate Heart;

2) to live a righteous life, respecting the divine laws which have been revealed to you in the Gospel by My Son; they are impressed in you, and the Holy Spirit keeps them alive in your spirit;

3) to believe in the existence of other children of God in the universe who, with you, form His one and indivisible Church, and to live with them in spiritual communion united in prayer.

The Church of the Earth, as you have known it so far, is divided, burdened by the spirit of the world, infested by many parasites. She will have to give way to the true Church of Jesus Christ, which is alive and pulsating in the whole universe. Do not be concerned or even shocked about it, for God must purify His people. It is an act of justice and mercy.[7]

Our Blessed Mother has never concealed from us the responsibility and the difficulties of our path, but She has always filled us with hope, reminding us of the great mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe:

“The mission of the Church is to continuously generate the children of God to the life of the Most Holy Trinity. Thus, they become righteous, free, able to choose good and reject evil, to go towards every child of God to give him life.

Now it is time for this Church, united with the one in the Universe, to bring her announcement through her life; through her doctrine, her liturgy and her sacraments, that is, through all that she has received in the past years. All this forms a truly great deposit of faith, hope and love.

I do not say that you will have no conflicts, for Lucifer’s hatred against the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is strong, but God’s love for you is stronger. My love for you is also stronger, and I am grateful to you for what you have done in the last years.

Your houses will be true sanctuaries. They will attract the humanity of good will, who will be able to see another Church; it will be able to see what it has not seen yet on Earth. I want this Church to be poor, that is,  not rich in money and means, but rich and powerful in faith, hope, love, doctrine and miracles; in all that God will allow you to accomplish because time is running out, children. God must act to save the Earth from the part of humanity who wants to destroy everything and everyone.

Therefore, take courage. I am with you and I accompany you on all the paths you choose. Know that the Lord will always help you to choose the right path because you are His Church; you are His beloved children and God will never abandon you, neither will I.

Remember well, though, that you are the ones on whom God is founding this Church, perfectly united with St. Peter, the apostles and the instruments of God. Today, on this very Earth, you are the ones on whom God is founding His Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. Be aware of the greatness of the event and the responsibility you have, but be also joyful because God has chosen you. Every time God chooses someone, He does it out of love and to fill you with His love.”[8]

  1. Consecrated to bring the life of God

The awareness of being Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, present and working on Earth, has led us to carry out concrete actions that have marked equally concrete stages on our path.

On 4 August 2019 our Church solemnly consecrated the Earth to God the Father, putting the great sufferings of our planet in His hands. In that occasion, the Father turned to us with very meaningful words. We will report a part of them:

Today, in you, among you and through you My promises are fulfilled: the promises I made to your Fathers of a new, redeemed humanity; the promises of the prophets. Finally, the hope of many saints who have lived among you has received a voice. The tears of the righteous who lived throughout history are dried.[9] My promises are fulfilling because now there is a people on Earth that belongs to Me. Finally, the Church of the whole Universe established by My Son is there: it is alive, pulsating, holy, righteous, only seeking to do My will.

Children, you see how things are going on Earth. Man does not seek Me, does not want Me, does not know Me and rejects Me. Therefore, I wanted another people and I have created a new humanity. Over the centuries I have raised saints, prophets, righteous people, but now in you the promise of a new people is fulfilled: you are My new people and I am your God.”[10]

On 8 December 2019, the Church was solemnly consecrated to the Holy Spirit and on 31 December 2019 to Mary Most Holy. On 19 January 2020, the Church consecrated herself solemnly to the Most Holy Trinity. That was a point of arrival and of deprature as God the Father underlined:

“Today is a point of arrival and of departure. It is a point of arrival because today your preparation is completed, and it is a point of departure because today your real mission begins. …

My Glory must be manifested through you, for the Church is called to manifest the Glory of the Most Holy Trinity, especially My Glory as Father. I am the Father who loves all and wants to save all.

From now on, the true Church will be separated from the false one, and it will grow. It will manifest My power and My glory. Know that there is only one Church, founded on My Son Jesus Christ on Earth and present in the whole Universe. It recognises the Most Holy Trinity and Mary as Queen, Mother and Co-Redemptrix of humanity. She welcomes and lives the communion with all brothers and sisters of the Universe; she carries out Her mission everywhere to bring salvation to the living and the deceased. There is no other Church and there will be no other.”[11]

  1. The evangelisation of the Earth

 The Lord showed us the guidelines of the evangelisation of the Earth for the year 2020:

The time begins in which My action will reveal more and more the royalty of My Church. From now on, My Church will be with Me wherever I am; she will follow Me wherever I go, as it is written in the Revelations.[12] From now on, in all tabernacles, in all sanctuaries, in all portals, in every place where My Glory shines the glory of My Church will shine, too.[13] I speak of My Church, that is, of the one that suffered with Me My death and resurrection and carries the seal of My Kingship: the King’s Seal.

My Blood is My Seal on you. I gave it for you, but I did even more: I marked you with My Blood. My Blood is the incontrovertible proof that you belong to Me and that you have been incorporated in My Life. You are part of Me; you are part of My Mystical Body which is My Church. The Mystical Body is not an abstract image but a reality: it is a body that moves in the universe and lives, thinks, loves, suffers and acts. That is My Mystical Body. All of you can take part in it as long as you let yourselves be marked by My royal Seal, the Seal of My Death and Resurrection.

Whoever does not accept to be wetted by My Blood, going through My Death and Resurrection with Me, cannot be part of this Church. The distracted Christians, who think that belonging to Me is as easy as a walk or going to Sunday Church well-dressed, will not be allowed to follow Me. No, this is not the meaning of being Christian. The Christian is someone who is in Christ and lives in Christ to be a new creature.[14] There is no Christianity without this but only a religion called Christianity, one among many others. On the contrary, My Church of the Universe is not only a religious institution but My Mystical Body that carries the King’s Seal, the Seal of My Blood.”[15]

The Holy Spirit explains the nature of this Trinitarian action, which directs the evanglisation of the Earth:

“The mission I am speaking of is not your work but that of the Holy Trinity that carries it out through its people. The Father calls you from the moment of conception. If you respond to His call, Jesus comes to you to accomplish the work of the Father in each of you and through you. Then, He fully confirms His work through Baptism. I also descend on you in the sacrament of Confirmation to confirm Jesus’ work, which He accomplishes in the name of the Father in each of you”.[16]

  1. The action in spirit

The main action of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is the action in spirit, which constitutes the highest and most powerful form of evangelisation. Jesus describes it like that:

“I wish for you to understand a very important thing: there exists an action of each one of you that happens in the corporality of the body, which produces its effects especially in the material world, like the gestures you make every day. There exists also an action which is carried out in the spirit. For example, when you pray for someone, your action is on a spiritual level and touches the spirit of those for whom you pray. The same happens when you forgive someone: your action on the spiritual level produces beneficial effects in the spirit of those who have been forgiven. It is an invisible action but it exists and is very powerful, because it shakes the depths of everything it touches. God always makes use of his instruments, spiritually and physically, according to their nature, the needs and His will.”[17]

The action in spirit is guided by the Holy Spirit and demands our full adherence to Him and to His impulses. The action in spirit allows us to be in communion with the brothers and sisters of the whole Universe because only the Holy Spirit makes the communion of all members of His Church possible. In Him our prayers for the living and the deceased are lifted up, and His grace pours over the Church of the Universe, which is growing and strengthening day by day.

We have believed in the power of the action in spirit, and we have experienced how far-reaching it is. Now, more than ever, are we aware of the fact that the faith, hope and love of each one of us generates a force that is transmitted to those who are distant from us, even on other planets, because the Holy Spirit, who fills the Universe, knows no borders and can break all barriers. We have experienced that the power of the universal communion can do miracles.

This is why we have seriously accepted the invitation Mary addressed to us on the vigil of the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on 7 December 2019. Our Lady asked us to participate, along with Her, in the great action in spirit that the Lord now expects from this Church:

“The Lord sends Me today to ask each of you and the whole of this people for a great act of love: from now on, He wants you to offer yourselves together with Me on all altars of the Earth wherever the Eucharist is celebrated. It is of no importance if the priest is worthy or not. My offering, along with that of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, will heal many wounds. From all altars of the Earth a worthy sacrifice will be elevated and God will accept it together with the Sacrifice of Christ.

This is a very important step, which will produce a great wave of graces, and a great force will rise from every altar. It will be the force of God and His people. Not only will you who are present and those who belong to the Foundation offer yourselves, but also the whole Church of the Universe will offer herself along with Me on every altar. There will be no more altars where My Son offers Himself alone, but His people will always be with Him. A river of grace will pour over the Earth.

There is another very important aspect that I want to explain to you. You need to know that there are many children in other religions who have said ‘yes’ to the Most Holy Trinity at the moment of conception but have accepted to incarnate in other religions and in other peoples of the Earth that do not know My Son. They did it out of love; they have sacrificed themselves. God is pleased about their sacrifice, but now He wants to recuperate His children; He wants to take them back to Himself because they belong to Him.

Therefore, together with the Church of the Universe, we also offer ourselves in the pagan temples; there where it seems impossible that Christ could be present, but where His children are who need to be awakened, elevated, nourished and cured. In this way, you will help Me disintegrate the kingdom of Satan because even from the pagan temples the power of the One and Triune God and of the Church of the whole Universe will rise. The kingdom of Satan will be emptied from within, without clamour or spectacular actions, but drop by drop, day by day the sacrifice of My Son and His people will rise up from the Earth and destroy the kingdom of the enemy.

This is a great work of God which you cannot accomplish on your own but only with Me and with the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, which offers herself with you and for you. The Earth is the last planet to be healed. It is the most difficult, but it must be elevated. God does not want to destroy the Earth. Satan wants to destroy it, not God. God wants to recuperate it and cure it because He loves all.

Children, do not be afraid of what I am asking of you. Do not be afraid of having to suffer in terms of health; that is not the point. The consecration to the Holy Spirit you are about to do, will give Him all the power in you.[18] Thus, the Holy Spirit will use your spirit and take it where He most needs it. This is the action in spirit: your spirit will be taken where the Spirit of God needs it. The Trinitarian vortex catches you, lifts you up, takes you and brings you back so that you travel the Earth and even the universe while you are living your everyday life. This is the miracle of God who accomplishes His wonders within you in daily life and in silence, for you and through you.”[19]

  1. Exorcising the Earth

Among the tasks of this Church, the fight against Evil, which is gripping the humanity of the Earth, cannot not be missing. Only the Lord will forever defeat Lucifer and his hosts at the end of times, but His Church has already begun her battle on His side to liberate the children of God from darkness, waiting for the glorious coming of the Lord. In the face of the dramatic scenarios that open up before the humanity of the Earth, the commitment of this Church in the fight against the Evil One appears necessary more than ever.

On Christmas Day 2019, Jesus spoke to us about our mission and our battle in the year 2020, which is consecrated to the Holy Spirit.

Not only has a new year opened before you but a new time: the time of the rebirth of the Universe in Me. It will be a year of struggle against Satan. The final battle will begin and take place on Earth, and you will fight it with Me. The armies of God and those of Satan are already deployed: the Lamb and the Dragon face each other.

It will be a very strong battle in spirit. I will send you to exorcise the Earth and fulfil what the Church should have accomplished from the beginning: to banish the Evil with the power of My Spirit. You cannot win this battle with your human strength, your knowledge, your preaching or your words, but only in the power of My Spirit. Now you understand why the coming year is totally consecrated to the Holy Spirit: indeed, it will be Him to support this battle in you. The Spirit of the Father and of the Son, the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity, will fight and win, in you and around you, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity.

Children, you do not need to be afraid of anything. You have already won the battle I am speaking of at the time when you welcomed and loved Me, accepting to share with Me the cross and death. Now your resurrection and rebirth are awaiting you.

You see what the world is like: it is oppressed by the presence of the Evil. The Earth is infested by evil. The demons flee from the rebellious planets, which have been evangelised, and take refuge on your planet. Hell is concentrated on Earth, and it is at work every day. There is no other people able to counter it but you and those who have welcomed these programmes. You know where history leads: towards the new creation, which awaits the humanity of the whole Universe. It is here, on Earth, that the final battle to conquer the new creation will be fought.

I have said that the strong will take possession of the Kingdom of God, but I do not mean humanly strong, violent or hard, but powerful in the Holy Spirit.

Take courage, children; I send you with the power of the prophets, the saints, the martyrs and all those who, in the history of salvation, have fought the battle against the Dragon. You are sent to win, and you can do it in the Holy Spirit and in the universal communion. From next year, all the power of the Universe will pour on Earth and on you. I will launch you like arrows that come out of My Heart and of My Mother’s Heart.

You must be reborn for these new times, which the Earth has never seen but will see, in which the Woman will give birth to My people and defeat the Dragon forever. Mary’s children will fight this battle, immersed in the Holy Spirit, consecrated to Me and offered to the Father.[20]

Exorcise the Earth because it needs it; because so it is written and so it will be.”[21]

In conclusion, after a long journey and many trials, today we know that in the eyes of God the new people have become His Church present on Earth and in the whole Universe.

Despite the opposition of those who judge this people as a sect; despite the limitations and frailties of being human creatures, we have the certainty of being the Church of Jesus Christ. It is a certainty that comes from faith and not from fanaticism. It is the awareness of having followed the Lord who called us to leave everything to become witnesses of His life.

We live for God, with God, for His Glory and for the salvation of all. This makes us anything but a sect that is closed in on itself.

We believe that the Church to which we belong, is far greater than the number of people that we meet or know: it comprises all those who have accepted these programmes and participate in the evangelisation of the Earth in spirit, living in communion with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.

We are neither heroes nor fanatics, nor are we mad. We have responded to a call: the Lord passed along the sea of our life and asked us to leave the nets.[22] He sent us to testify to His Salvation. This is what we have done and will continue to do, in communion with you and our brothers and sisters of the Universe for all those who are hungry and thirsty for the true God.

“In your concord and harmonious love,
Jesus Christ is sung.
And man by man, become a choir,
that being harmonious in love,
and taking up the song of God in unison,
you may with one voice
sing to the Father
through Jesus Christ,
so that He may both hear you,
and perceive by your works
that you are indeed
the members of His Son.” [23]


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