The Presence of Jesus

Message of Mary Most Holy of 24 March 2020 – Vigil of the Annunciation of the Lord

“Dearest Children,

Celebrate with Me the great day of the announcement that changed the destiny of humanity forever. The Lord descended among you through His Servant, who I am. He continues to be present on Earth and in the whole Universe through His servants, His children who love Him, welcome Him and invoke Him.

The presence of Jesus fills the Universe. Unfortunately, you are so oppressed by the action of Evil on Earth that you are cannot fully perceive Jesus’ presence. He is among you; He walks the streets of the world as he did when He was on Earth. Jesus lives in glory, but the announcement of the incarnation incessantly continues to renew itself on the altars and in the hearts of His children.

When you welcome this announcement with docility and love, as I welcomed it, you unite with Jesus and He comes to dwell in you. The Holy Spirit pours out on you and generates the life of God in each of you and in the people. In this way, you carry within you the salvation of the world and the Universe. This is why the devil hates you so much: because the Saviour lives in you, before whom he has to bend his head.

I wish you understood, children, that the mystery of the Incarnation is not inaccessible for those who welcome and love Jesus, nor is it for His people. In fact, the Lord repeats to each of you even today: “Do not be afraid  … you have found favour with God. … The Holy Spirit will come on you” (Lk 1,26-38).  And you answer with Me: “I am the Lord’s servant” (Lk 1,38).

This is the meaning of life: to be children of God and servants of the Lord, who bring the living presence of Jesus to humanity.

Without My Son, Jesus, the only Redeemer, there is no salvation for humanity. Look at what is happening on Earth: it is enough that God looks away from you for a moment, for humanity to be ruined.[1] Who can save you from hatred, from disease, from your tragedies if not the Saviour?

Dearest children, this is the time in which the battle becomes stronger. However, you are not fighting alone but with Jesus, who is in you. He said: “I am with you always, to the very end of the age” (Mt 28, 19-20). Jesus is always with you and His presence fills your life. Do not forget that. You often tire yourselves when you accomplish the work of God, but the true work of God is to welcome Jesus in you and allow Him to live, love and serve through you. Yes, children, Jesus continues to serve humanity, sacrificing Himself on the altars to be close to you all.

In these days, because of the terrible disease that affects the Earth – which does not come from God but is the result of the wickedness and the corruption of man – you often hear that many people in the hospitals die alone.[2] Everyone is worried because of this. Why? God is present! He sends His Angels and His instruments; He Himself is beside the sick. Jesus, who went around doing good and healing all[3], why should He let His children die alone? Only the one who wants to be alone because he refuses God’s love will remain alone; he is like a flower that escapes from the sunrays and dies. This shall not be so for you, children, who believe in God!

Welcome the presence of God and keep it alive in you. This is the greatest help you can give to this suffering Earth and to the Universe. A large part of the Universe is still suffering despite the great effort of your faithful brothers and sisters.[4] This is caused by those who refuse God and continue to sow evil and corruption.

Dearest children, I want you to be always present before God, with Me, and God to be present in you. This is my invitation and My wish: to have always God in you and at your side. Jesus is with you, as it is written: He surrounds you in behind and before, and He lays His hand upon you.[5]

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1]  She refers to the trial that humanity is experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic that is afflicting the Earth. When God allows a trial of this magnitude to happen, He does it to draw to Him the part of humanity that is far from Him. If humanity continues to reject Him, God lets humanity go alone for justice. In this sense, it is as if He turned His eyes away from those who do not want to be looked at. It is an image that often occurs in the Bible (e.g. Gen 3,8-10). In reality, God never abandons even the sinners.

[2]  It again refers to the coronavirus pandemic, which is claiming many victims worldwide. To prevent the spread of the infection, relatives are not allowed to access hospitals, and therefore cannot accompany their loved ones at the time of death.

[3] See Acts 10,38-39      

[4] She refers to the Low Universe which has been evangelised by the faithful brothers with great power, and yet many still rebel against God.

[5] See Psalm 139,5 NIVUK    

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