Appeal to the Humanity of the Earth

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to share with you the message of St. Michael the Archangel of 2 April with the title, “Appeal to the Humanity of the Earth”. It addresses the humanity of our planet, particularly the Christians who are preparing for Holy Easter in these days.

We have to awaken and change the way we live and think in order to place God and His Kingdom on the first place in our lives, before all other things. If we sincerely take this attitude, we will lift ourselves up above the serious problems that afflict the Earth. We will allow God to transform us and to let His life flow on Earth.

St. Michael appeals to us with strong words. Now it is up to us to give a clear and concrete response. Thus, we will give God and His instruments the full authority to lead us towards the new creation.

In this time of great sacrifices, we accompany you with our prayer and we offer ourselves to God for you so that, all together, we may reach salvation and help those who want to be saved.

We wish you and your families Happy Easter. We love you in the Lord and we bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

3 April 2020

                                                                                              Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Appeal to the Humanity of the Earth – Message of St. Michael the Archangel of 2 April 2020


“Dearest Brothers and Sisters of Earth,

The Most High God, Lord of the Universe, of whom I am the servant, sends me to you in this difficult time for Earth. Your planet is enveloped in a dense network of lies, pierced by unprecedented pain, infested by this horrible pandemic that frightens you[1], wetted by the blood of too many victims, dominated by unscrupulous people without conscience.

The authors of all this are Lucifer, His demons and the men who serve them in exchange for money, power and privileges. No evil can ever come from God who is the Supreme Good. Evil comes from the prince of evil; corruption comes from the great seducer. His name is Lucifer. Many of you refuse to recognise his existence, but Lucifer and his followers have worked on Earth since the beginning of creation and your history. Lucifer rebelled against God who had created him an angel of light. All evils of the Universe derive from his betrayal. Unhappy about having ruined himself, Lucifer corrupted men and creatures and continues to do so. He wants to dominate the Universe and become like God, and for this reason, he uses all means. Lucifer is the origin of evil; he is Evil.

Good and Evil have always faced each other. Together with myriads of faithful angels, I have opposed Lucifer and his demons from the beginning and I continue to do so. The One and Triune God chose me as the head of his heavenly hosts, and I have always watched over the people of God.[2]

In order to defeat Lucifer, God the Father sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to Earth in the power of the Holy Spirit. With His death and resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ defeated the devil, annulling the power of death, of which Lucifer makes use to enslave men.[3] Jesus Christ saved the entire Universe from the hatred of the Evil One.

However, salvation must be welcomed by man, and this occurs by welcoming Jesus Christ, the Saviour, and by respecting His teachings.[4] Many men, past and present, have not welcomed him, and thus turned their back to their salvation. This is the root of the evils of the Earth: a large part of your humanity ignores, despises and combats Jesus Christ. They serve and worship all kinds of idols behind which the infernal forces act, seducing men and diverting their thoughts.

Jesus Christ founded the Church on Earth, but it is present and working in the whole Universe. You are not the only inhabitants of the cosmos, but you have many brothers and sisters, some of whom never rebelled against God; therefore, they are much more powerful than you in spirit and action.[5] Many of you do not know this because of the silence of the rulers and the religions leaders of your planet. They have always hidden this truth from you because they fear confrontation with humanities that are more powerful; they are afraid of losing their political and religious power.   

The Church gathers the believers of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe and guards His teachings. It is the people of God to whom the Lord has promised the new, pure and uncorrupted creation, which will be inaugurated at the end of times when Jesus Christ gloriously returns to Earth.

The whole Universe will see Him when He comes back. Jesus Christ will gather all men of all times and planets; He will judge them on the basis of their works. He will definitively separate the children of God from the children of Lucifer and introduce the righteous into the new creation. Lucifer and his followers will not enter it; they will be abandoned to their fate in the old creation, which will be destroyed by then.[6] Those who corrupted will live forever immersed in corruption, the bloodthirsty in the blood, those who caused hunger in insatiable hunger, the violent in violence, etc.

Lucifer has always corrupted everything and everyone on Earth and on other planets. He promises riches and honours, and perverse men worship him. He has even infiltrated in the Church and part of it is ruined. However, God has always protected the good part of the Church and has united it with His other people present in the Universe.

That is the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”[7], a true and unquestionable reality, which will manifest itself in all its power; it is the only Church that will remain. It is destined to enter the new creation. Those who welcome Jesus Christ and offer themselves to Him are part of it, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and those who live in integrity and in communion with the brothers and sisters of the Universe.

The times in which you live are the last times. Jesus Christ is at the door and time is running out. Only God the Father knows the exact time of His coming, but it will not be late. The humanity of the Earth is at the limit and the children of God suffer from persecutions by the devil. In these last times, God has called me to be at the head of His people in the whole Universe. I pave the way for my Saviour; I am the Precursor of the glorious coming of Christ. It is my responsibility to gather the children of God from every corner of the Universe so that they may join His Church. It is my task to protect the people of God from Lucifer’s hatred. I will do it together with my angelic hosts and the Church of the whole Universe. No one will stop me.

The sentence for Lucifer and those who belong to him was written with the blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross and with His resurrection.[8] Now it must be enforced; only then, the Lord will return. Jesus Christ left Earth in His ascension to Heaven, after having accomplished everything the Father had entrusted to Him. He will return to Earth when His Church of the whole Universe will have accomplished what He has entrusted to it: the announcement of the salvation to all men and the baptism of all believers in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.[9]

The words I address to you today are the words of the Precursor, and as such you must welcome them. They are a strong appeal to you in this phase of your history. I come to tell you that these times are grave. Your humanity is undergoing a strict exam by the Lord, and it is time for you to return to the true Triune God. Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity, will lead you to the true God because He is God. There is no salvation without Him.

Look at what is happening on the Earth. Who will pull you out of the turbid, deep waters in which you reel? Your false idols; the god of money; the rulers or the religious leaders? Human affections or the love you talk about so much and yet do not know? Who will snatch you from death? If you are honest, you will recognise that you have little to rely on.

You are rightly afflicted for the many victims of this pandemic. Yet, are you able to cry for the thousands of victims of war and hunger, for the persecuted, for the millions of abortions, for the raped and oppressed children, for the women killed in the name of love? No, you are cold and insensitive, and not only that, but you blame God for all this; you accuse Him of not caring about you. And you, do you care about Him?

No, dear children, the cause of your ills is the devil and those who serve him, but also of those who are indifferent both to God and to Lucifer. Many of you live for themselves, and their selfishness is their god. They turn away not to see their faults. Thus, evil thrives unhindered.

I call you to conversion. Implore the Most Holy Trinity to forgive the sins of the Earth and to awaken the consciences of those who still have a little bit of good will. It is not too late to change your destiny. God is ready to support you and to send you His instruments to help you. Remember Mary Most Holy, your Mother and Coredemptrix, the powerful Queen of the Universe, who loves you and is always ready to give you her hand. Remember St. Joseph who protects you. Remember your Guardian Angels who defend you and the Saints who love you and pray for you. Decide to become part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe and you will be saved.

All viruses, such as the one that affects you now, all diseases, natural disasters and all that torments you are the result of the incessant work of corruption of the devil and his followers. Know that evil generates the “disintegrating energy”, which alters the perfect laws of nature, generating monsters. God does not create monsters; it is Evil that deforms man and nature. It draws its power from the rebellion against God and from the refusal of His love, which are the greatest sins, the origin of all negativity. Just as Lucifer and his demons rebelled against, refused and betrayed God, many men have also done at all times; they blaspheme God and worship the devil for their interests. Their evil actions corrupt the Earth and sow evil and destruction. Therefore, the disintegrating energy continues to spread on Earth, generating disease and death. On the contrary, from God and from His true children an extremely pure energy emanates: the “primary energy” which generates, feeds and saves the lives of men and the creatures.[10]

Now the Earth is saturated with disintegrating energy because there are not many true children of God. Therefore, it is necessary to return to the One and Triune God, through Jesus Christ, and unite with His Church of the whole Universe. The more children of God there are, the more the primary energy will oppose the disintegrating energy. You need the communion with the brothers and sisters of the Universe, many of whom are very powerful in spirit and can help you with their prayer and their love. You will not be able to save yourselves without their help.

I repeat to you that these are the last times. God has ordered me to be at the head of His hosts of light. I ANNOUNCE TO YOU THAT TODAY THE GREAT AND FINAL BATTLE AGAINST THE INFERNAL FORCES BEGINS. The Earth will be the scenario of the final and inevitable confrontation. God wants me to guide His Church of the whole Universe resolutely towards the victory over Lucifer and his hosts. I will do it. Now it is up to you to decide what to do and on which side to stand. If you decide to serve the true God, you will be loved and protected by Him, and you will not lack anything. If you refuse Him, you will go towards a miserable destiny.

Do not delude yourselves into thinking that you can remain neutral. Everyone, no one excluded, will have to choose between the One and Triune God and Lucifer. Nothing will be left in the middle. Think, pray and decide. I promise you my protection and that of my angels so that you may decide for life and not for death. Remember that the time available to you is not infinite. God is the Lord of time and can end it at any time. Therefore, hurry up before it is too late.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] He refers to the coronavirus pandemic that is afflicting the Earth since the first months of this year.

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[10] For the “primary and the disintegrating energy” see, “Rewriting History – Vol. II – The Universe and Its Inhabitants, pp. 30-33. Here a short extract:

“The primary energy of the universe: The entire universe in all its dimensions is pervaded by a kind of energy that fills the life of all creatures with strength and continuity. It is the primary or fundamental energy which springs from the Trinitarian vortex; it is physical and, at the same time, spiritual; it is the result of the three laws of light, sound and heat. Primary energy descends from the creative, redeeming and sanctifying power of the three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity. It is impressed by the Holy Spirit into the vital centre of every being. … Primary energy feeds continuously the breath of life and governs the biological processes of all creatures. […]

The disintegrating energy: Even the action of evil produces a vortex which is the satanic vortex. Negative energy flows out of the satanic vortex as it does not contain life but death; it is the result of the evil deeds of the demons, the damned and the men who serve Lucifer. Every thought and action, both of spirits and men, produces specific effects that pour into the universe in the form of physical and spiritual energy. When a thought or action is good and in accordance with the laws of God, it spreads out into the universe in the form of beneficial energy. This energy does not wander in the universe but flows into the Trinitarian vortex where it is enhanced and redistributed to the universe through the perpetual motion of the vortex itself. In this way, the good done by one and by all returns to the creatures and produces more good. Vice versa, a thought or action that is evil and contrary to the laws of life produces evil energy which gathers in the satanic vortex and flows back to creation through the action of the vortex itself.

In the same way as primary energy pours out of the Trinitarian vortex filling the entire creation and giving it life, the energy pouring out of the satanic vortex brings suffering and death. This energy is disintegrating since its effects are in total contrast to those of the primary energy that comes out of the Trinitarian vortex. The disintegrating energy causes division, the creatures’ detachment from God and alteration of the physical and spiritual laws.”