I Entrust to You All the Good that is Accomplished on Earth

12 April – Holy Easter of the Resurrection

Message of Jesus –  I Entrust to You All the Good that is Accomplished on Earth


“Dearest Children, My People,

Rejoice for My victory over death and the underworld! I have triumphed on the Cross and you praise Me as the immolated Lamb. I tell you that you, too, are an immolated people. With this, I do not want to tell you something terrible or bloody. I speak about the immolation as the offering that elevates, redeems and saves humanity: immolation as sanctification and consecration. You are an immolated people for the salvation of humanity.

Children, you see the condition of the humanity of the Earth: it is wounded. Its wounds, however, are not glorious; on the contrary, they are filled with bitterness, loneliness, discouragement. Yet, I have given My life for this humanity and for the whole humanity of the Universe, to heal your wounds. Nevertheless, humanity continues to reject Me, and I can do nothing for those who refuse Me because I respect your freedom.

You have been told that this is the time of the great and ultimate battle and that Earth is the planet on which this battle will be fought.[1] Here, Satan has his stronghold. Now he must be driven out of his hiding place and be thrown back into the underworld forever. I will fight this battle and you will fight it with Me. Remember that at the end of times Lucifer will have to face Me; once again, he will have to stand face to face with Me, as he was during the days of My Passion. It will be My final triumph and that of the whole of My people.

Children, in this time of struggle, I would like to request a few things from you:

  • First of all, I want you to be aware of your responsibility; know that, from now on, you have to go beyond yourselves. I have told you many times not to worry about your problems and difficulties, for I will solve them. Give your life to Me so that I may make use of you.
  • Be aware that you have the responsibility to nourish, elevate and support all those who do good and work for peace and charity. Today I want to entrust to you all the good that is accomplished on Earth. The good that is done by everyone, even by those who are not fully aware of doing it. There are many good men and women who work according to the divine laws, but they do not know Me. They are righteous because they said “yes” at the moment of conception, but, afterwards, they incarnated into different realities. Nevertheless, they do good, seek peace and help others.
  • Today, there is much talk about solidarity. Instead, I speak to you about charity, which is the pure love that I brought to Earth. I entrust to you all the good that is accomplished on Earth, so that general solidarity gives way to true charity, which flourishes only in My pure love. I entrust to My people all the good that is present in the world. Offer it and elevate it in every celebration, in all your prayers, individually or in community. Pray for those who work for peace and for charity. Give strength to those who work on the ground and do not have the same opportunities as you. Add the part that is missing so that the good may increase more and more on Earth.
  • Remember that those who follow Satan always stay united with each other; they feed each other with evilness and hatred. You, on the other hand, are called to give life to all those who do good as I did for you. That is very important. Otherwise, you will not be able to win the battle, since you are numerically few, but many people will be able to join you in spirit. It is of no importance if you do not know them. I will connect all the good that is accomplished on Earth with the good that is done in the Universe. In this way, you will do something great together with Me.
  • I ask you not to judge anything, children, not even what looks evil to you. Leave all judgment to Me and concentrate on the good. Do not look at evil anymore, for you are called to see the beauty that exists on your planet. Many people think that there is nothing beautiful on Earth anymore, but that is not so. You shall recognise all the beauty of God on this planet, because I continue to give you the sun, the flowers, the fruit, etc. Even though the humanity of the Earth does not deserve anything anymore, I continue to give you all that you need.
  • I also continue to give you children of God. In this time, in fact, many chosen children are being born. Their spirit, their souls are great and capable of recognising the good and put it into practice. These children grow with your love and your help. They are the children of the new people and I entrust them to you. They are your children and I send them for you. It does not matter how long it will take for them to grow, for their very presence will make the Earth flourish.

Children, these are serious times. The humanity of the Earth is suffering and struggling and it needs solid support. The Christians are sad because their churches are closed and empty, but the churches are full of My power.[2] This Easter, I have sent you to all the churches in spirit. I have sent My people of the whole Universe to fill the empty churches of the Earth, and the churches were filled with My Power and My Love.

Children, even if you feel little, weak and small in number, in reality, you are a power in Me, and I send you where I want; I use you for My glory and for the good of the whole of humanity. Have courage, children of Mine, Redemption must be brought to completion; everything must reach the fullness. My Church will complete what I have begun on Earth together with Me.

As always, I entrust you to My Mother, to St. Joseph and to St. Raphael, who is your priest. Remain united with the seven Archangels, especially St. Michael, the Leader to whom I entrust you. To him I have given the power to gather from the whole Universe My people that My Mother generates and that I will introduce into the new creation.

I bless you, I send you to exorcise the Earth and to sow My Love. Love all the good people on Earth so that there will finally be only one flock and one Shepherd.

I bless you and I protect you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Message of St. Michael the Archangel of 2 April 2020 “ Appeal to the Humanity of the Earth”

[2] It refers to the closure of all churches and public places due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which is afflicting the Earth since the beginning of 2020, to limit the spread of the infection.

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