Contemplating the Life of the Father

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to share with you the message that we have received from Our Lady on the day that is dedicated to Her. The Holy Mother spoke to the people who were present, but Her words are addressed to all those who follow these programmes and wish to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. In this time of confusion, bewilderment and fear, which imprison our humanity we need Her closeness more than ever.

We follow you with our prayer and we accompany you on your path. We bless you all and we wish you all the best in God.

                                             Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Finale Ligure, 22 July 2020


16 July 2020 – Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Message of Our Lady – Contemplating the Life of the Father 

“Dear Children,

Jesus came to reveal to you the Face of the Father, and now you, too, have to reveal it. Your task is to live united with the Father and to reveal His Face to humanity, which is not a frightening face but the face of a loving Father that emanates the light that cures and heals all peoples.

Please, dear children, especially you priests, let the light of the Face of the Father shine on your face. I invite you today to be the true contemplatives of this time. Today you celebrate Me as the Virgin of Mount Carmel, where some saint hermits profoundly sought contemplation, inspired by the events on Mount Carmel where prophet Elijah fought against all heresy.[1]  

True contemplation, children, is the contemplation of the divine life in you, of what God is doing every day within each one of you and within the whole of His people. It is not contemplation to isolate oneself in a place to remain in emptiness, which many call contemplation. That is not contemplation. If you are unable to see the traces of the passage of God in your life, you are not contemplative. What do you contemplate? Emptiness is not something to contemplate. Life must be contemplated. If you cannot contemplate the life that is in you and in others, you cannot be a priestly people. The priest is the one who seeks the life of God in the people and promotes it. For this reason, the priest should be truly contemplative; someone who is able to recognise life in himself and in others, where he sees life gush out in the daily celebrations and makes it flow towards the people.

I call you to this service because now it is very important for the world to understand that the Father is present.  You see how the humanity of Earth is confused, tossed from one powerful to the other and enslaved. The demons are raging on this planet, keeping the people crushed under their claws. It is time to liberate all the power that God has placed in His people, in His Church of the whole Universe.

The Face of the Father must dissolve the darkness. The light of His Face must reject the darkness that the face of Satan emanates. You are asked to contemplate and embrace the life that God gives you. Wherever you are, make the Face of the Father shine; contemplate His life even in creation, which is entrusted to you, because also in creation His Face must shine, as it is the Face of life; it is the source of life. If you cannot see the light of His Face, you continue to live in the darkness, and I do not want this for anyone of you.

I am sure that, together with Me, you will be the true contemplatives of this time, who collect and offer to God the tears, the prayers and the moans of many, even of those who sought God through history but could not accomplish what you can accomplish now, and of those who cried, as the prophet said, but did not generate; who suffered but did not give birth to anything but wind.[2] You are not to give birth to wind but to life because you are a fruitful people, because the Lord made you like this. There are many men and women of good will who are waiting to see the Face of the Father so that they may awaken to life.

I am with you and I accompany you in your houses and in your daily life. I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] “Some Christian hermits lived on Mount Carmel in the twelfth century. On this mountain of Galilee, the prophet Elijah proclaimed with his ardent faith, before the prophets of pagan cults, that the God of Israel is the only true God” (from Messalino quotidiano dell’Assemblea”EDB). See for Elijah 1King 18,16-39

[2] See Isaiah 26,17-19