Walk towards Forgiveness

1 August 2020 – Vigil of the Solemnity of the Queen of Angels

Message of Mary Most Holy – Walk towards Forgiveness

“Dearest Children,

I welcome you to the vigil of the day that is particularly dear to Me, in which you celebrate Me as the Queen of Angels and remember the Great Pardon that my beloved child, St. Francis, obtained.[1] I am thankful for celebrating together with you. I am thankful to God and to you for all the progress you have made on your path.

Children, forgiveness is not a magic or one-sided act that comes from  God, but the peak of a process in which the soul turns to God because it recognises its sins, becomes aware of being distant from the laws of God and asks the Lord for help to overcome its flaws. Forgiveness is the fruit of the path of an individual and of a people, because there are also the sins of a people; the people of God on Earth has witnessed many sins.

Today, I ask you to perform with Me a path of purification from all sins, not only personally but also of the whole people of God. Remember that the new people, that is, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, has the ability to atone for sins and to make up for all shortcomings of the remaining people of God. On Earth, there are many children of God of good will, who are soiled by the world as they are inserted in a difficult, thorny reality. Very often, they fall superficially into sin, without reflecting. Thus, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe fulfils the path towards forgiveness in the name of many children of God.

I invite you to this path, each one of you as well as the whole people, to obtain forgiveness for many brothers and sisters, just as St. Francis obtained it. Now, it is a people that has to obtain forgiveness for the part of humanity that can still be snatched from the evil one. Unfortunately, a large part of humanity on Earth and in the Low Universe does not want to do this path and does not seek to repair for the sins; on the contrary, it is satisfied with the evil it commits as you may see every day.

Therefore, God must intervene one more time in order to separate definitively the humanity that belongs to Him from the one that belongs to Satan. Today, as you particularly remember the Angels that surround and serve Me faithfully, I tell you that the Father is sending the Angels to collect what is His and to separate forever the wheat from the weed.[2] You will see the powerful action of God through His Angels. You will see how many powerful men, many systems and fortresses of the enemy will fall, because the Angels will travel the entire Universe. I ask you to be spiritually united to them, to their prayer and to their action.

Prepare for the solemnity of the Father, which is extremely important for you.[3] It is a great crossroads between what you have done so far and what you will do from now on. Every time that you honour, bless, give thanks to the Father and make Him known to the world, you make a great step forward on your path. Therefore, this solemnity, which you celebrate every year, makes each of you grow  a lot. The Father will speak to you and manifest His Word to you. You are asked to prepare yourselves and those who are entrusted to you through your life, your prayer and the offering of yourselves.

The time in which you are living is a very serious time. The humanity of the Earth is not only afflicted by the pandemic that affects the body, but also by a spiritual pandemic, which is the sin against the Holy Spirit; that is the greatest sin that is raging on Earth.

Children, what I told you is important: walk towards true forgiveness; ask for it for the children of God in order to snatch them from death. Help Me in this work because without conversion it will be difficult to save them from death. Without a sincere desire for the life of God, humanity remains in death.

I bless you and I am close to you; in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] The Franciscan Order celebrates the feast of Holy Mary of the Angels on 2 August. “Due to his particular love for the Most Blessed Virgin, St. Francis always took special care of the church dedicated to Holy Mary of the Angels, also known as “Portiuncula”. […] According to tradition, the same chapel obtained the historic plenary indulgence [The Great Pardon of Assisi] which was subsequently confirmed by the supreme pontiffs and extended to numerous other churches” (Franciscan Missal, Publisher Messaggero Padova).

[2] See Mt 13,36-42

[3] Every year, on 7 August, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe present on Earth celebrates the solemnity of God the Father to consecrate the whole Earth to Him.