“The Light Point”

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

6 August 2020

(Translated Audio)

Tomislav Vlašić: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; it is the vigil of the Solemnity dedicated to God the Father, and I am happy that we can approach this Solemnity through the Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

As we heard in the Gospel of Matthew[1], Peter, James and John were on Mount Tabor, alone with Jesus, and, as they were praying, Jesus was transfigured. In His Transfiguration everything around Him was enlightened, even the history of salvation. Moses and Elijah were in the glory with Him. Even the Apostles were enlightened and could see the destiny of every human being. Everyone is destined to be like the Son of God in the glory of the Father.

This wonderful episode and all the signs Jesus Christ accomplished and the words He said on Earth were not enough to take the people to the glory of the Father. They are like graces that have to be welcomed to continue the path. There is only one path for every Christian, just as it was for Christ and His Apostles: to renounce oneself and live for God and rise again in God through the Son of God in the power of the Holy Spirit. Going through this process is the condition to receive the Holy Spirit, be resurrected with the power of the Holy Spirit and recognize one’s mission as the Church of the Apostles started the mission of the salvation of all people of good will to lead them to Christ in His glory. The history of salvation has moved forward a lot. God accomplished many works through His Saints and through the righteous, but now we are in the last times, as we have been told, which are preparing the glorious coming of Christ, which will mark the transformation of the humanity that belongs to Him and will lead back to Him all the children of God of good will.

Last year, at the Solemnity of Christ the King, Jesus said these words to us[2]: From now on, My Church will be with Me wherever I am; she will follow Me wherever I go as it is written in the Revelations.”[3]

The power and the glory of Christ’s royalty will shine more and more on this Church. “From now on, in all tabernacles, in all sanctuaries, in all portals, in every place where My Glory shines, the glory of My Church will shine, too.[4] I speak of My Church, that is, of the one that suffered with Me My death and resurrection and carries the seal of My Kingship: the King’s Seal.”

This leads us to be with Christ wherever He goes. He also passes through our tribulations, and He communicates to us the strength to overcome evil, death, Satan; He gives us the strength of His Spirit to reach the fullness of life.

Jesus says that He marked us with His Blood, which means that He paid for each one of us, for all our sins, and we must believe that we are washed and that we are washed every time we make a mistake, but we have to repent sincerely and continue our path. He has covered us with His Blood to protect us from evil, but He defines His Church of the whole Universe as His living Body.

 “The Mystical Body is not an abstract image but a reality: it is a body that moves in the universe and that lives, thinks, loves, suffers and acts. That is My Mystical Body. All of you can take part in it as long as you let yourselves be marked by My Royal Seal, the seal of My Death and Resurrection in favour of all of you.”[5]

Jesus emphasized that Christians who are superficial, attached to their habits and distracted by the spirit of the world cannot be part of His Mystical Body. Thus, He urges us to participate with complete awareness. He has entrusted us to His Mother; as you know, on 7 December[6], He called us to be united with Her and to follow Jesus because we will not be able to deal with the situations alone.

This is my experience: I have offered all the intentions of my life to Mary Most Holy, and I want all my prayers to be purified by passing through Her Heart. I have deprived myself of asking for things that do not take me, through Mary’s Heart, to Jesus’ Heart, and I have felt the protection and the security of being united with Christ.

We are living in these times, and I appeal to all Christians – no matter if they are consecrated, priests, faithful people or if they belong to various religious confessions or even to divided Christian communities – to join this programme because there is no other way.

It is time for those who feel like the three Apostles, Peter, James and John, to decide to follow Jesus wherever He goes and be with Him. Thus, we can be the light of the world. Individuals or small groups become light points, because our Immaculate Virgin Mary, Co-Redemptrix and Queen, is with us, and Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, is with us, too. I want all of us to be united in the Spirit of Christ, no matter where we are. In this time, the action of the Holy Spirit makes it easier for us as He unites us with Christ, if we participate.

You understand that these are serious times for the Earth; the darkness is coming down, and it will be thick. The Christians who fully adhere to the life of Christ through the Immaculate Mother and become His living Body will remain the only light in the Universe. Regardless of the fact that the Christians belong to different religious institutions, this is the time to wake up and belong to Christ, with all our limits and difficulties.

I will give you the example of the life of St. Paschal Baylón. He had to look after his sheep near a Franciscan monastery, and he wanted to become a friar; however, he was temporarily not accepted there. As he was looking after the sheep, the friars were celebrating the Holy Mass. When the Host and Christ’s Blood were offered, the bell rang and he kneeled down, and then the wall disappeared so that He could participate in the Holy Mass. Let us all look at this imagine in this moment.

We know that in every tabernacle, in every Holy Mass, Jesus is there, offering Himself to the Father for us. That is the source from which we draw. We can no longer go past a church, go past a tabernacle, without knowing that there is our King who governs our life, who affects the life of all of us. We must be aware that He is present in all tabernacles of the Earth. Therefore, in this time, the whole Universe bows before these tabernacles and the Christians of the Earth must honour Him, but not with a superficial devotion, but with the knowledge that He governs our life and leads all those who are of good will towards the new creation.

Have the courage to decide. Have the courage to form small cells, small groups of two or three people, individuals of all Christian confessions, to experience this and reach even those who do not know Jesus Christ but have said “yes” at the moment of conception[7] so that all the children of God may be elevated to the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit.[8] There is no other way for the Christians; there is no other way for the Church.

It is my wish that at this vigil of the Solemnity of our Heavenly Father, who is the source of Light, we may take this decision, and thus enlighten the Earth and the whole Universe.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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[4] With this act, the Lord gathers His Church, His Mystical Body, and invites her to offer herself continuously to Him, through Mary’s Immaculate Heart, to give a righteous response and participate in the universal communion. The Church attracts all and all are called to join “The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” in order to accelerate the glorious coming of the Lord and to enter the new creation.

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