May this Solemnity be the Beginning of Your Liturgical Year

7 August 2020 – Solemnity of God the Father

Message of God the Father – May this Solemnity be the Beginning of Your Liturgical Year


“Dearest Children,

I thank you for being here today for the celebration of this solemnity, which I have strongly wanted. I want this day, 7 August of every year, to be the beginning and the culmination of your liturgical year and all your celebrations.[1]

Every year, on this day, I will renew My alliance with you and yours with Me. You will consecrate the Earth and all sufferings to Me, especially those of My children who invoke Me. I will let My Spirit descend powerfully on you and the whole of My Church present on Earth [the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe].[2] The power of this memorial will affect the Earth and all My people present in the Universe.

Immediately afterwards, on 15 August of every year, you will celebrate the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary, Mother and Queen of the new creation. You will celebrate her with this title because Mary has opened the path for you towards the new creation. She is the only creature, after My Son, who crossed the Great Barrier of Heaven with body and soul, as all of you will do when you enter the new creation.

With the celebrations of the Father and the Mother you will begin your liturgical year and your mission for the months to come. This is very important because this Church[3] has to have her own liturgical year with her feasts and solemnities as well as her own doctrine. I know that I can count on you and I thank you for this.

Children, you see that the Earth is going through a difficult time; it experiences deep suffering and it is immersed in darkness. However, I want to shake the Earth, make it tremble with My Love. I do not strike Earth with evil, as many think, because evil does not belong to Me; it is not part of Me, nor will it ever be. I touch the creation with My Love. My Love is light, and light is life.[4] In the face of My Love, Evil rebels and manifests itself. It will use all means to counteract My Love and obscure My Light.

Therefore, do not be surprised: the more your path will move forward in the light, the more darkness will reveal and manifest its hatred towards you and towards the true children of God. Nevertheless, you must not be afraid because My Love will protect you. My Light will repel the darkness from each one of you; from the whole of My people and from the whole planet. This takes place if there is a people that immolates itself, prays and offers itself through My Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

You have been asked to walk towards forgiveness [5], which is always immersion in My Light. Without My Light, darkness rules on Earth, and you may see that very well. Unfortunately, a large part of humanity runs away from My Love because it is afraid of it.[6] It fears being judged and showing itself for what it is. Thus, it turns to Lucifer or other idols, which it creates itself, in the hope to be saved without much commitment, but that cannot be. Only My Love can save you; there is no other way of salvation for you. My Love incarnated in My Son Jesus, who works incessantly through the Holy Spirit who is present in a special way in the Heart of Mary.

Your battle will get harder, children. The forces of darkness cannot bear you; Lucifer hates you with violent hatred. They will try to bury you under the mud, but I will give you wings of freedom to fly above the mud of the world. You will look at it from above and overcome it.

You cannot expect gentleness and kindness from the world because it hates you; however, as you have heard, My Son defeated the world.[7] His Blood covers and protects you. You carry the seal of His Blood, which has the power to repel evil. Satan sees the seal, he sees the Blood and passes over.[8] No one will be able to touch you; however, you will experience trials so that your faith is strengthened. All I ask of you is to remain faithful to My Love, to My Life, to the word of My Son and to all that you have received in these years. Do not be afraid and do not draw back in the face of any threat. Nothing can strike you because I am in your midst, as an eternal rock, to protect you and to defend you.

You are My little flock that I have snatched from death and from evil. Therefore, do not be afraid of the wolf, even when you hear him howl. Concentrate only on seeking Me through My Son, in the Holy Spirit, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Seek only My Love. I will deal with the wolf.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] The encounter with God the Father is the source and the culmination of our life in God.  

[2] We have been reminded many times that the Church Jesus founded is one in the whole Universe and that she is manifesting herself with her own dynamics in order to prepare the glorious coming of Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe has the power to overcome the divisions between the Christians of the Earth and to lead the humanity of all planets to become part of the Mystical Body of Christ.

[3] Here and in all our publications, with the term “Church” we only refer to the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe” to which we belong.

[4] See John 1,4

[5] See Message of Mary Most Holy of 2 August 2020, “Walk towards Forgiveness”.

[6] See Stefania Caterina, “Beyond the Great Barrier”, 2008, Luci dell’Esodo, pp. 26-31. An extract of those pages:“So many closed doors! So many closed hearts! What can I do for you if you do not welcome my love? What can I do for you apart from sending you my Son and the Holy Spirit? But men constantly push them away. They fear my love, they are afraid of me as a Father and as a God, they are afraid of God’s love. This is the truth!’” (Message of the Father p.27).

[7] See John 16,33

[8] See Exodus 12,21-24