Participating in the Living Liturgy

14 August 2020

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

Translated Audio

Tomislav Vlašić: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I wish you a happy Solemnity of our Mother, assumed to Heaven, Mary Most Holy, Mother and Queen of the new creation. With this solemnity, we have begun the liturgical year as God the Father told us.[1] In the previous messages there are many key points that you should read in order to welcome this powerful beginning. As we said the last time [previous audio recording][2], the Father is both the source and the culmination, and the beginning of the life of Jesus Christ on Earth is in Mary who opened the path towards our transformation, towards the new creation.

In His message of 7 August, He told us: “Every year, on this day, I will renew My alliance with you and yours with Me. You will consecrate the Earth and all sufferings to Me, especially those of My children who invoke Me. I will let My Spirit descend powerfully on you and the whole of My Church present on Earth [the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe].[3] The power of this memorial will affect the Earth and all My people present in the Universe.”

It is very important that you understand the meaning of the beginning of the liturgical year. It does not mean that with it the solemnities that the Church of the Earth has celebrated so far are cancelled. All solemnities will be celebrated, but also the other ones. The Liturgy of life, the Living Liturgy that the Father wants, is the most important Event: the living God is in the midst of His people; the Trinity works in the midst of the people; it is the response of the people that live and rise; this Event transforms the people individually and collectively.

No one can avoid to participate in this Event. The whole Church, which belongs to God and will enter the new creation, has to pass through this event of the Living Liturgy. It is useless to think rationally about this event. Where will this Event lead us? What will it develop within us? It develops what has already been announced: that we will enter the time of the immediate knowledge of God, the immediate perception of the life of God, just as the Apostles who participated in the death and resurrection of Christ. Our celebrations on Earth often focus on the past. The past in which God passed with His grace is the memorial. Unfortunately, it turns into a recital, a historical memory, which is almost dead, whereas it should be the event of the Living Liturgy; its realisation in this time.

Participating actively in this Event now, opens up the future. Every time we skip this Event in our life, we have skipped a page of our journey. Our commitment is important because it leads us to encounter God face to face. It leads us towards the true preparation for the great Event of the glorious manifestation of the Lord Jesus, and this will open the door to all the children of God so that they may enter the new creation.

It easily happens that people, who reflect on these things, give their own interpretations. As you may remember, Our Lady continuously underlines poverty in spirit, simplicity, modesty. Thus, allow me to tell you that this year, actually last year in particular, when we consecrated ourselves and the Earth to the Father, it was a new liturgy. We were not even aware of it. If you take a look back to the time when we fully adhered to the will of the Father and we consecrated ourselves to the Most Holy Trinity, all began to flow; Holy Mary, the Coredemptrix emerged in full light. The path towards our festivities opened up. I want to repeat only some recent things that we easily miss, but are important for each one and the whole people and must be put into practice.

The message of Our Lady of 16 July of this year, “Contemplating the Life of the Father”[4], is a fundamental message: “Jesus came to reveal the face of the Father and now you also have to reveal it.” This is overwhelming because most Christians think that God the Father sits on His throne, far away from us, and no one can see or know Him. However, Our Lady reminds us that He is here, in us, alive, and He wants to reveal His face to humanity. This time He will drive away the darkness. He will give the desperate the chance to see the face of the Father; the confused who believe in idols will see the shining face of the Father; He will attract them to the true light. Our Lady speaks of true contemplation, of the divine life, which is in you day after day, in each one of you and among you. Therefore, let us participate in the liturgy of life; life is a liturgy with God, which flows 24 hours a day under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

In the message of 1 August, the vigil of forgiveness, Holy Mary highlighted this: “Forgiveness is not a magic or one-sided act that comes from God but the peak of a process in which the soul turns to God because it recognises its sins”.[5] God cannot be deceived by a rite that is performed without participation in the fruit of the encounter with God. Each sacrament gives the grace to participate in the life of the living God. It draws us towards the new creation; it transforms us into the image of God. Ask yourselves if the prayers of us Christians, the sacraments, the rites have this effect. If they produced this effect through the participation in the Living Liturgy, there would be no pandemic. There would not be corruption on this scale.

When we say these things, the opponents get angry and say that these are bold statements; yet, that is the truth and we can see it with our own eyes. Mary Most Holy underlined in the mentioned message that forgiveness is a continuous path of renouncing oneself to reach the transformation of the whole person, but it has to be both an individual and a collective path. Therefore, it becomes evident that it was the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe on Earth, which had to celebrate this liturgical event in order to open the path. Think about all the things that we have explained to you.

Mary Most Holy emphasized in particular that the worst pandemic on Earth is the sin against the Holy Spirit: the inner death of life in the souls, of God’s life in the souls, because the people have removed and forgotten Him. They have become numb to the impulsea of the Holy Spirit. Holy Mary also underlines that the vocation of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe on Earth is to repair and to awaken those who can be awakened.

The mission of the Christians, that is, the testimony of the Christians, is not something that concerns only certain classes of Christian confessions, but it is obligatory for everyone, just as every plant has the impulse to generate life, to scatter the seed and give its fruit. Therefore, think about it: do you want to participate in this? It is a must for those who want to walk towards the new creation. It particularly means the commitment of those who have been prepared in the past years, and all those who are ready must be united in order to enter this event of the Living Liturgy, which continuously generates events of grace, overcomes evil and transforms humanity.

Mary Most Holy reminded us to prepare ourselves: “Prepare for the solemnity of the Father, which is extremely important for you. It is a great crossroads between what you have done so far and what you will do from now on”[6]. It is a great step forward on your path, but today I want to tell you this: participate in the great event of our Mother, who was taken up to Heaven. If the Christians understood this event; if they participated actively in this event, there would be silence in the world now, and the shock wave of the pandemic, which everyone is afraid of, would return to Lucifer. Heaven would open up for Earth.

Thus, when we speak of the beginning of the liturgical year, I tell you that a cosmic event begins for the transformation of each of us on Earth, of the whole Universe, and Mary, our Immaculate Mother, Coredemptrix and Queen, will march before the people as an example. She is the sublime figure who will lead us to the glorious Christ. Welcome this grace, and we will follow you with our prayers.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


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[3]  We have been reminded many times that the Church Jesus founded is one in the whole Universe and that she is manifesting herself with her own dynamics in order to prepare the glorious coming of Christ. The Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe has the power to overcome the divisions between the Christians of the Earth and to lead the humanity of all planets to become part of the Mystical Body of Christ.

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[6]  Every year on 7 August, the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe present on Earth celebrates the solemnity of God the Father and consecrates the Earth to Him.