“Participating in the Eucharist”

12 September 2020

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Tomislav Vlašić: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; on our liturgical path with the whole Church of the Universe, in which we participate in the Heavenly Liturgy, we are asked to reach a quality that the Church was meant to have from the beginning. In these times, which prepare the second glorious coming of Christ, all has to be realised in the Church.

The events, which all of us are experiencing, force us to ask ourselves how we will solve the problems. Reading the news we notice that there is concern about education and confusion in politics and in society; the view of the future is not clear; no one knows what is going to happen, neither the powerful nor the little ones. We are asked to participate in the Liturgy with the awareness of these events.

There are two aspects of our Liturgy that we want to develop as we move forward in this period: the participation in the Eucharist and our participation in the universal communion. We can experience both aspects when we celebrate the Eucharist because the whole Universe is concentrated on Earth; it is concentrated on our Eucharistic celebration.[1]

We are not presenting new or strange things. As we have said many times, we share with you what the Church should have lived and must live at all times. Now it has become imperative: whoever wants to enter the new creation must participate in this Liturgy and receive the graces that pass through this Liturgy. [2]

The theme of the 24th Sunday, Year A, is forgiveness[3]: forgiving seventy-seven times. Who can forgive seventy-seven times? No one. Only Jesus Christ gives us the grace to forgive. However, we have to participate in this grace and, first of all, we have to understand that it is not something that we give to others but something that is born within us, in our heart; it is the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

In the message of 11 June, 2020, St. John the Apostle said [4]: “In every Holy Mass, you offer yourselves to God and anticipate the events, because in Jesus’ Sacrifice all that was, that is and that will be, will be consumed. All evil is consumed and the devil’s force is removed. That is why, Lucifer hates the Eucharist and has always tried, by all means, to profane it.”

Christianity knows the origin of evil both theoretically and ritually: original sin. Unfortunately, most Christians have become superficial. They think that by baptising their child all is cancelled. Through the living participation in Christ, we have been given the grace that fills our heart and touches everything that is sick in order to heal it. It raises everything that is buried, not alive. Jesus Christ liberates us from death, and He consumes the historical events within us.

Here on Earth, we know a lot of about successful civilizations. All of them ended after reaching their peak. What does this pandemic teach us? A few days ago, a doctor said. “What can we, doctors, say? We have to say that we do not have enough knowledge about it; we have to be careful and do our best.” Whether we know the cause of this epidemic or not, we know the cure: taking part in the work of the One who defeated death, the cause of corruption. He defeated Lucifer, condemned the demons and separated those who belong to the people of God. By liberating those who participate actively, He opens the future for humanity.

If the whole Church, all Christian confessions on Earth, participated in the Eucharist, just as Jesus Christ participated in the flesh in the work of the Father, the Earth would change very quickly.

The Apostle John also said in his message:

“He [Satan] knows the power of this Sacrament and the power of the participation of the people in the Eucharistic Sacrifice. Your participation is the only possibility you have to defeat Evil. Without the help of Jesus, who physically enters into you through the Eucharist, you would not have the possibility to cross that horrible, arid desert, full of snakes and scorpions, which is life on Earth. What help would you receive without the Eucharist?”

And he added: “Without the true participation of the priest and the people in the Sacrifice of Christ, the Eucharist cannot fully unfold its effects.” This is true for all sacraments.

Thus, the question that everyone should ask is this: does the participation in the Sunday Eucharist (we mean of Christians who do participate in the Eucharist) make them feel changed when they return home? Do they notice that the parishioners return home changed? Are they able to forgive seventy-seven times and to defeat evil by doing good? Are they faithful to Christ up to death to be always in the Spirit that unites them with Christ and through Him with the Father, in the vivifying Holy Spirit?

I ask this question to all of you who are listening.  You desire to understand, but that is not enough; only listening is not enough; you have to act. Each one of you can do little steps to be transformed; otherwise you will not change, and you cannot change anything, as you do not take part in the omnipotence of God.

The next question is: have you understood that the path, which we have explained to you, involves that the Church descends from Heaven down to Hell to recuperate all those who must be healed in Christ? The Church that does not participate in this action remains without grace.

We have told you what St. Michael announced 10-11 years ago, and we have testified to it: the Central Nucleus.[5] Afterwards he explained the extraordinary instruments. The extraordinary instruments are involved in an action that goes from the throne of God down to Hell in order to recuperate, lift and take all to God: all those who are ready, living or deceased. Are you aware of the fact that all of you are asked to participate in this work of the Church of the Universe, headed by St. Michael the Archangel, through our Holy Mother Mary?

This is the new thing in this Liturgy: the participation in the work of Christ, which liberates the prisoners and takes them to the Father, with the aim to recapitulate all in Him and to submit them to the Laws of the pure Spirit, which are in God the Father. This is the only hope for the healing of the Earth and the victory over Satan. I ask you to participate in the work of Christ.

This morning, in the Saturday Liturgy, in the Gospel of Luke, we heard Jesus speak about two men: one man builds his house digging down deep to the rock, and his house remains stable. In the Bible the rock is Christ, the Son of God, through whom all was created and all will be healed. There is another imprudent man who builds his house on the surface of the ground, and then a storm destroys everything. Jesus has dug within us. He has passed through us, but we must dig into us together with Him and throw out all that is not redeemed. Let us liberate ourselves from within; or rather, Christ liberates through us the humanity that wants to enter the new creation.

We will develop several aspect as we go ahead, but I beg you to immerse yourselves; find the way to participate in the Eucharist; even when you cannot participate in it, participate as a living Eucharist, united with the whole Church of the Universe, which is united in the celebration on Earth. Then we will be able to develop other themes, and you will discover other graces and your life will slowly be transformed.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See Message of Mary of 14 August 2020,“The Living Liturgy”: “Always remember that this does not take place on other planets. Only on Earth is the memorial of the death and the resurrection of My Son celebrated.”

[2] See the same Message of Mary: “Your Liturgy on Earth is the participation in the Eternal Liturgy, which has unfolded in Heaven since the beginning of creation. … United with the Eternal Liturgy, you participate in what takes place in Heaven, and you receive the light and the power of the Heavenly Liturgy.

[3] Liturgy of the 24th Sunday, Year A: First Reading: Sirach 27,33-28,9; Ps 102(103); Second Reading: Rom 14.7-9; Gospel: Mt 18,21-35

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