“Participating in the Novelty of God”

19 September 2020

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Tomislav Vlašić: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; today’s subject will be “Participating in the Novelty of God”.

We will start from the readings of the Sunday Liturgy[1], which can be summed up like this: God is close to us and to those who seek Him; yet, God is immense and distant from us, and only those who seek Him beyond their personal possibilities, imaginations and interpretations can reach Him. We may add that God accompanies us like a father accompanies his children until we want to walk our path and reach maturity in God: the fullness that is foreseen for us. 

In this time, the pandemic has driven humanity more and more into a corner, and this shows us God’s action. We are experiencing and testifying that God is lifting up humanity to new dimensions; we notice that people on Earth are struggling: people do not want new things; they want what they know, what they are used to and perceive as pleasant. Thus, people have reactions: some trust in God, some are indifferent towards Him; some are angry at Him and move away from Him completely. This is the actual dramatic situation that we have to understand.

God shakes humanity, but He does it with love, not with violence. However, He may put pressure on a part of humanity; it is the part that loves God but is weak and fragile. What will God do? He will close all the doors that lead them to perdition, to their ruin, and opens those, which lead them to other dimensions, according to His plans for this humanity. This is the drama that this humanity is experiencing now. Humanity must decide whether it wants to abandon God forever, to follow the graces God gives or to remain indifferent. However, the times are so serious that they will not be able to remain indifferent because those who follow God will continue to rise and escape. The others, who follow Satan, will fall; there will be no help for those who want neither God nor Satan. Times are short and humanity is driven into a corner.

This is why I wanted to speak to you about the participation in the novelty of God. I would like to remind you, who believe and want to move forward, of a few important points so that they remain clear in your mind.

The first thing I would like to underline is that the Church of the whole Universe is also present on Earth as an instrument that God uses to elevate humanity to the new creation. Ten years ago, St. Michael the Archangel began to reveal the plan of the Church when he spoke about the Central Nucleus [2]; we want to connect what he summed up in six points with our reality and our path so that we may understand God’s novelty.

We have spoken to you about the Church, the little remnant of the Church of the Earth, which is connected to the Church of the whole Universe. Why am I highlighting this now? Because it is the only instrument that has the task of uniting all humanity in the name of God and leading the whole Universe to the recapitulation in Christ. We have said many times that this is the only, indivisible Church, which leads the people to God’s project, which has existed in God’s mind from the beginning. Therefore, it is necessary to decide to follow this Church so that the whole Universe can continue to help the Earth.

The Church of the Universe is not a new structure that is opposed to another structure. As Mary Most Holy explained in Her message of 14 August 2020[3], it is about a continuous novelty, about elevating life so that it reaches a new quality. God does not give orders like officials do. God invites, gives a possibility and grace; however, whoever wants to follow God’s traces must understand that this is the path by which the humanity of God will become new and be the new creation. Thus, all those who want to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe have to be aware of this truth, understand it and begin to take part in it in order to be helped by the Church of the Universe.

When we speak about the Church of the Universe, we have to remember what St. Michael said ten years ago. This Church, which descends from Heaven, is not a mass of people. It is made of individuals who live in close communion according to the Laws of the pure Spirit. St. Michael began to introduce this instrument (we will speak about it in the following meetings) because the Church that descends from Heaven, from Jesus’ Heart, is in perfect communion and will take humanity to the dimension of the Laws of Christ, and it will govern the Universe.

In the situation we find ourselves, justice will prevail more and more over mercy. We mean justice as the perfect order of God, which always leads us towards the perfect submission to the Laws of the pure Spirit. Since a large part of the humanity of the Earth, as well as a part of the Low Universe, has chosen Lucifer, the Father said that they are free to continue alone[4]. However, God, the good Father, wants to recuperate all His children; all the graces that have been given through the millennia are given to His children. He will speed up the elevation of His children so that they may enter the new creation. He will not allow them to stop because no one can prevent this project from unfolding.

As I said, those who belong to Satan lose all spiritual values and graces, and thus their anger against God and they children of God makes them explode. However, what the Israelite people experienced on their passage through the Red Sea will also take place in this time: the enemy will not be able to reach the children of God. He may threaten them and be angry at them, but the children of God will calmly continue their path, singing a new song, if they participate in God’s project and in the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe.

Let’s return to the undecided and indifferent people who are cold towards God – coldness is a kind of hatred. When you distance yourselves from someone because you can’t bear that person, that is hatred. Thus, you cannot remain indifferent. Man will be forced to make a choice: either for the God of Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity, or for Lucifer; Lucifer is also present in our egoism, which is coldness towards God. In this time, we have to understand that we have to take the decision to join the plan of God, following the path He indicates, just as the Jewish people had to cross the Red Sea to begin their journey to the Promised Land.

How can we relate to the instruments of God? In the message about the Central Nucleus that St. Michael gave ten years ago, he presented an image of the Church of the whole Universe. I do not want to speak about that, but rather point out our responsibility to participate in the Church of Jesus Christ in a new way, giving up what prevents us from taking part in this essential instrument.

How can we relate to the angels? You know what St. Michael said in his message of 2 April: “Today the last battle begins.”[5] Which battle? The Archangels have the task of separating the evil spirits from the good spirits; evil men from those who want the good. What is new? The new aspect is that the angels have the task of helping those who want to be elevated, stopping all those who hinder them and driving Satan away from them. Thus, we can no longer remain neutral. A battle is taking place within us and around us. The angels pass quickly, following the graces they have received from the Lord so that the wheat is increasingly separated from the weeds.

The saints also take part in this project. Yet, what can the saints do, if the people do not decide to belong to the Spirit of God? The angels never use violence, nor do the saints. They rescue those who are fragile, in trouble, abandoned by all; yet, they leave those who refuse to move forward.

Thus, our relationship with the angels and the saints will change. We must not consider this relationship in a superficial way. Even our prayers must no longer be said without inner involvement. We must no longer be satisfied with empty prayers or empty preaching, because the more the people progress the more they will be enlightened and able to discern between good and evil. Thus, everything will be accelerated. We have already said that even time in Purgatory is accelerated. The souls who are there see the reality as it is, which is difficult for them, and therefore, they are supported by the whole Mystical Body. The men and women of the Earth will also be rescued as well as all the weak in the whole Universe. However, in order to protect these children, God has to separate the wheat from the weeds; the battle must end so that the people may be taken to the new creation. 

It is very important for all of you who believe to join small nuclei [cells], as we have said: individually in small nuclei. Please, do not hesitate to contact Luci dell’Esodo[6] where there are several people who can help you and give you an orientation. The people of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe that are on Earth must know each other more and more and enter into a close relationship; as has been explained and as Jesus said last year, they must be supported because, in this time, His glory will manifest itself more and more in His Church.[7]

Know that if you decide to belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, you will never be alone. The whole Church of the Universe will surround you, and God will send souls and angels to you to support and help you. The Church of the Universe that acts in the spiritual dimension will be at your side, and you will not feel abandoned. Therefore, let us prepare for the six points that St. Michael gave us to reach the awareness of active belonging to the novelty of the grace that is given in these times.

We will continue to pray for you and we bless you; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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