The Church of the Universe Will Descend on Earth

28 September 2020 – Vigil of the solemnity of the seven great Archangels

Message of St. Michael the Archangel – The Church of the Universe will descend on Earth

“Dearest Brothers and Sister of the Earth, peace to you! I bring you the blessing of God and the whole Church spread in the Universe. Today you celebrate us great Archangels as well as their angelic hosts. On this solemn day, the Church remembers the action of the angels, which is very powerful in these times.

You have been told that we angels are sent to separate the wheat from the weeds in these times, but not only that: we are sent to prepare the way for the Church of the Universe that will descend on Earth where the last battle will take place. It will be the last and final clash between Good and Evil, between Jesus Christ and Lucifer, between the angels and the demons. It will be a great clash between light and darkness. Therefore, we angels are sent by God to prepare the way for the heavenly Jerusalem that will descend from Heaven.[1] If we did not do that, you would not be able to move forward; even the faithful brothers and sisters would not be able to act without us.

When the angels prepare the way, they separate light from darkness before the children of God. It is as if the Red Sea opened up once again so that the children of God may pass. Now the Earth is about to become the scenario that you have always been told: the last scenario of the old creation; the last scenario of history as you know it now.

I tell you, brothers and sisters, that this clash between light and darkness is already taking place in the Universe, but it must reach the peak right on Earth; it will not be just any clash but a real battle of the spirits both in Heaven and on Earth.

The faithful humanities are preparing for the battle on Earth: they will help the children of God who are the weakest of the Universe and, above all, support the angels in the clash with the “Confederation of the Light” and all satanic forces.[2] It will be a spiritual and physical combat.

Therefore, the faithful brothers and sisters are arranging everything necessary for their final and decisive mission. They have been preparing for this since eternity, since their pathway began.

To date, the faithful brothers and sisters are continuing to travel the Middle Universe[3] in order to strengthen ties with those humanities. Again and again, they cross the Low Universe to encourage those children of God who have decided to take part in the “Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe”, and who are suffering due to the strong satanic presence. Many inhabitants of rebellious planets have not converted at all despite the signs and the power of the faithful brothers and sisters.

As you can see, the evangelisation of the Universe is not finished yet. The whole Universe has been visited, but the evangelisation is still in progress. Above all, the Earth is missing which has not yet been evangelised. This will be your task with the help of the Church of the whole Universe. For now, your action happens in spirit because your weakness does not allow you to do more, but you will receive help from above.

I ask you to stay ready for the coming events, which will be great and decisive. The next year, 2021, will be a crucial year in which many things will end and others will begin. We angels prepare the coming of the new year on Earth, in which the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe will have to manifest itself more and more and begin to descend from Heaven.

We angels do not know the thoughts of God or His projects, which will be communicated to us when the time comes; we are not curious and we do not ask for anything more, but we prepare ourselves. You have to do the same. You are the soldiers of Christ, and you must be ready at all times for what He will ask you. This is true vigilance, which allows you not to fall into temptation or passiveness. I invite you, therefore, to stay ready in order not to delay God’s plans. In fact, the Church that will descend from Heaven, the faithful brothers and sisters and we angels need to find a ready people on Earth, because we cannot turn to anyone but the people of God.

Children – I call you like this because those who do the will of God are also our children;even we angels have feelings of divine paternity towards you; therefore, I call you children, but also brothers and sisters and friends – you have been told that you must rescue this humanity and rebuild it. In this way, you can also evangelise it. The humanity of the Earth is in utter despair, mostly separated from the Holy Spirit, incapable of goodness and mercy. Nevertheless, there are many good people, but they are blocked by the action of Evil. Now is the time for you to make God’s life flow towards that part of humanity.

To do this, you will have to rise more and more spiritually but, at the same time, be willing to descend into the dark depths of this humanity. It is necessary that this Church go down until it touches the deep roots of the humanity of the Earth and the hell that is in many souls.  I do not ask you to do great things but to be willing to cure the lepers and to lift up many disabled in spirit. Therefore, be prepared for the events and ready to search until you find the last lost sheep.

We Archangels accompany you; we precede you to prepare the way before you. It is a way that broadens before the people of God in these times, because the novelty of God must be manifested and become more and more visible. We ask each one of you and the whole people to be ready, available, docile and able to rise high and to go down to the least of your brothers. I know that I am asking a lot of you, but I know that I can rely on your response. For our part, I assure you our constant protection and support.

I advise you to remain strongly united with your guardian angel; he is powerful and he accompanies and protects you. Now is the time for you to enter into deep communion with your guardian angel: speak to him, ask him for help, remain close to him in everything and he will help you.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

[1] See Rev 21

[2] See S. Caterina, T. Vlašić, “Rewriting History – Vol. II – The Universe and Its Inhabitants”, 2019, Luci dell’Esodo, pp. 222-242. Excerpt from p. 223: Thus, in the middle of the last century the Earth and other rebellious planets began to collaborate more closely which led to the establishment of the “Confederation of the Light” joined by Earth, Sirius, Orion and Andromeda and, after some time, other humanities. Lucifer finally had a super power under his command, which took on the name of “Confederation of the Light”. The word light refers to Lucifer who is considered to be the source of light by himself and his followers.”

[3] See S. Caterina, T. Vlašić, “Rewriting History – Vol. II – The Universe and Its Inhabitants”, 2019, Luci dell’Esodo, p.27-28: Excerpt: “The entire universe is composed of three very distinct parts: the HIGH UNIVERSE, the MIDDLE UNIVERSE and the LOW UNIVERSE. They were formed as a result of the situation that had arisen after original sin, as we shall see later more clearly. In each universe there are many planets that are inhabited by humanities with different physical and spiritual characteristics. […]

The planets of the High Universe are populated by the humanities who are faithful to God, that is, who have not committed original sin. […] TheMiddle Universe is located below the high universe. The men who live on the many planets it contains do not have feelings of hatred or contempt for God, but are basically indifferent to both good and evil. […] The Low Universe is located below the previous two universes. The planets of the low universe are populated by the humanities who have rebelled against God by committing original sin. Here is Earth.