“The Common Priesthood of the Faithful”

3 October 2020

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Tomislav Vlašić: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; we will continue to develop the theme of the common priesthood in two episodes. Today we will speak about the common priesthood of the faithful.

All the people who believe in Christ are marked with the holy oil of priesthood, prophesy and royalty. However, it will remain a seed of grace if it is not developed. Now is the time in which all graces must be accomplished, and thus no one can keep himself apart. Unfortunately, many Christians that we have met are not aware of the gift of priesthood. Some would like to be prophets, and many would like to dominate instead of letting God dominate through Jesus Christ. All this must be eliminated in this time so that we may rise and reach the fullness.

I only want to speak about how to live the Christian identity, how to behave like Jesus through the Immaculate Mother to be living members of the Mystical Body of Christ. We will speak about this in this time in which St. Michael[1] determined the total division of humanity; the path will be opened for the people of God; this means that those who want to rise, in the way Jesus taught us, will be able to rise as has been explained in the Gospel.

St. Michael says in his message: “I ask you to stay ready for the coming events, which will be great and decisive. The next year, 2021, will be a crucial year in which many things will end and others will begin. We angels prepare the coming of the new year on Earth, in which the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe will have to manifest itself more and more and begin to descend from Heaven.” This is the scenario in which we find ourselves.

I will present you the example of a man who lived on Earth and is still alive in the consciences of the Christians: St. Francis of Assisi who is celebrated tomorrow, Sunday, the feast of the resurrection, by the Church of the Earth and of the whole Universe.

What do we concretely see in St. Francis? We see that he was born from the love for the Most Blessed Mother; he even wanted to die in the Church he had renewed with his own hands, the Porziuncola[2]. Our path is Franciscan and Marian; I will explain that later on. The other element of the life St. Francis is that he was not instructed by anyone but the Lord Himself. This means that we cannot justify ourselves by saying: “I don’t know how to live, how to behave”. St. Francis sought God and God revealed to him what He was planning to do. Reading a sentence in the Gospel, the word of the Lord, was enough for him to understand it in spirit and make it fruitful. Therefore, this is not the time to justify ourselves, saying that we cannot do it, criticising others or hiding. St. Francis gave testimony when they insulted him, when they mocked him. He said: “I have found the hidden treasure”. In this time, we are called to make this hidden treasure, which each person has according to grace, grow and reach the fullness.

There are several episodes in St. Francis’ life, but we can certainly not leave out his great love for the Crucified that he wanted to take down from the Cross and climb up to take His place. We have been told that each of us shall carry our cross with love; yet, that is not enough. We must take a part of the Lord’s Cross. Why? Because if we bear only what has been entrust to us, we will not rise up to take a part of the Cross that is weighing on humanity, and thus our testimony is worth nothing. I would like to put all this in context with the last message of St. Michael. There he says that we must rise spiritually and descend to the roots of humanity, to the gates of Hades, to redeem and to heal. The Church is called to heal the roots of humanity.

Let us take these two points and develop them. If we do not rise in spirit, we cannot go down to the roots, neither our roots nor those of the others; we cannot give humanity the healing grace. Regarding our elevation, St. Francis explains to us in his message of the 17 September 2012[3], that pure Love is the highest Law; this means that if we want to rise up to the peak we must reach the pure Love, which is without any personal  interests. He also says: “If one does not reach pure love, even in the spiritual life, one does not reach anything.”

What is pure Love? Pure Love is the mature love of a person who is mature in God, who has reached the fullness. This means to love with all our strength and to feel the love of God, to feel loved like St. Francis. Then, it is easy to love the others like God has loved us and as we love ourselves. We have learned that this is the essence of life. St. Francis understood it so that he entered into the essence of life.

As much as we are able to rise, we are able to descend to our deepest inner place to see what must be healed in us and in humanity. If we are afraid of seeing the foul part within us, we cannot rise. If we cannot rise, we cannot receive the light, and we cannot begin with our mission. The Holy Spirit is the pure Love that involves us as much as we are ready to participate in it.

Let us return to the Blessed Mother who says that we are asked to carry our cross, surrendering to Jesus Christ, to take upon us the part of the cross that has been entrusted to us for the brothers and sisters who are trapped in the spirit of the world.[4] Thus, no one can withdraw if he wants to reach the pure Love and the fullness of his originality in God. Our mission fails if we fail to go down to the roots where we have to forgive, cast out demons, heal wounds as Jesus did with everyone.

St. Michael also points out that the Church of Jesus Christ that descends from Heaven is waiting for the people to welcome it. This is the time, in which the Church of Jesus Christ on Earth, which is part of the Church of the Universe, is growing, and anyone who wishes to become part of this Church is called to join it.

If we look at St. Francis and St. Clare, we may be worried and wonder who would be able to follow them. Everyone is able to follow them! There are two important elements that I would like to explain: the first is our daily life in God, that is, our readiness and attention to place our lives into God’s order so that God  is among us; also, as a priestly people, we offer everything that we experience before God’s throne, submitting all things to the order in God, to the will of God, and thus liberate ourselves from our egoism. Therefore, each of us is asked to adopt a simple Christian discipline in our daily life.

The second, very important element is that each of us must refer to and be focused on the Church that descends from Heaven with all hosts of angels, the extraordinary and ordinary instruments; the Church is now connected with us in spirit, but will seek more and more the physical contact. At the end of times, our body will be transformed and we will enter into full communion, in the Holy Spirit, to be all united. Thus, the part of the Church on Earth, which is part of the Church of the Universe, must be ready to rise because the Archangels and the Heavenly Church will open the path for the spiritual elevation, just as the path opened up for the Jews through the Red Sea. In the same way, the path will be opened in this time for the humanity of the Earth; however, first we will have to go through the desert, the trials, to prove that we are moving towards the pure Love, towards a transformed life, which God promised through the prophets of the Old Testament, the New Testament and Jesus Himself.

Therefore, let us all be committed individually, trying to get closer to each other, as we cannot move forward on our own. Despite all our good will, we will remain closed in our everyday life, immersed in the spirit of the world.  We will not be able to proceed without the communion that unites us with the Trinitarian power, which descends through the Church of the whole Universe. We will return to this point later on, and we will develop other points that will complete each other. I call on you to take the words of St. Michael seriously and to continue to prepare yourselves for the events of the coming year.

Let us rejoice with St. Francis because we are loved by God from the moment of conception with His pure Love, which always accompanies us. If we respond, that pure Love will burst within us and within all those who let themselves be instructed by the Father. We may see in the terrible events, which happen on Earth, a scenario in which the hand of God is opening the path for us. No one else than Him can tell us what will happen, as St. Michael and St. Paul explained. Let us look with pure faith, pure hope, divine charity and pure Love at the One who opens the path.

Together with St. Francis I bless you all; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

[1] See Message of St. Michael the Archangel of 28 September 2020, “The Church of the Universe Will Descend on Earth,

published on the website, https://towardsthenewcreation.com/

[2]  “Porziuncola” is a very small Catholic church located within the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels in Assisi ,in the district of Umbria, central Italy. The Franciscan movement started from there.

[3] See Message of St. Francis, “The pure love of God”, published on 29 September 2012 on our website.  

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