“Fatherhood and Motherhood in God”

17 October 2020

By Stefania Caterina and Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated Audio)

Tomislav Vlašić: Dearest Brothers and Sisters; today we will deepen the subject “Fatherhood and Motherhood in God”. As you know, we talked about it in 2013; however, we have all grown and can understand this topic better and go deeper into it.

The terms “father” and “mother” make us think of our parents; however, all those who generate life are parents. This is the first truth we have to accept to understand the Father, whom we call Creator, even though He created everything through the Son, in the Holy Spirit. Encountering God the Father, knowing God the Father means to know life. “And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent,” Jesus says in the Gospel of John.[1]

In the history of salvation, in the Church, there are many titles containing the terms of “father” and “mother”; actually, father is used more often than mother. In the Old Testament, Abraham’s faith is closest to us as he is the father of faith, for he believed against all hope. The creativity of God the Father reached the peak in the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Holy Mother, who generated the God-Man; St. Joseph who participated in the work of his Spouse, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit, also participated in the creativity of God. In the Church we know the Fathers and the Mothers of the Church [Doctor’s of the Church]; we know St. Francis, our father, and St. Clare, our mother. The common characteristic of all of them is that they generated the life of God, through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, by lifting themselves up to God the Father.

Encountering God the Father, knowing God the Father, means knowing the fullness. We will begin from this point and use the message of the Father of last Tuesday[2] in which he calls us to consecrate ourselves to Him. Let us look at the history of this path in order to understand better the time we are living in. We have spoken about this in the chapter about the Trinitarian vortex in the book “Beyond the Great Barrier”, p. 36.[3]

“The Father lives in the Son, but the Father is also above me. I have said that the father is the greatest of all[4] , and I too am and will be fully subjected to the Father forever. I too was to be united with the Father. Without his strength, I would have been unable to fulfil the work of Redemption, although I myself am God. Not even the Holy Spirit can act fully in you if you fail to experience your relationship with the Father, because the Spirit is a gift from the Father above all, a gift that passes through me.”

In His message, Jesus also says these word: “If you do not abandon yourselves with an act of total faith in the Father, through me, you cannot either understand or do anything. Everything is in the Father, the essence of life is in Him and you cannot do anything without relating to Him.” These are strong words of Jesus.

It is easy to cling to the figure of Jesus who did great miracles, to create an image of Jesus through theological studies, to ask the Holy Spirit to awaken us, to give us charismas or visions, and then stay there. It is as Jesus said, “You have not reached anything because the Father is greater than Me.”

There is a resistance to knowing the Father. Resistance comes because He is absolutely greater than us; He is a mystery and we can reach Him only through pure faith, pure hope, pure love, not to possess Him but to love, serve and worship Him, to be united with Him and to live according to the Laws of the pure Spirit. So, there is resistance in the people, and you may also notice how much resistance there is in the Church against having a feast of God the Father; it has still not been allowed, but the saints and the prophets have been able to understand it.

We have revealed this truth. We have published the beautiful chapter about the Trinitarian vortex[5], but that is not enough. News can be learned and deposited in the rational memory. We easily cling to a beautiful revelation or inspiration, but this is also a delusion.

In the first reading of the 29th Sunday of cycle A[6], tomorrow, God inspired Cyros, the king of Persia. It is misleading for a person who has an inspiration or a revelation to say, “I know”. The inspiration is only a sign, a grace given to carry on, to widen one’s knowledge; the knowledge that opens up to the infinite. Life awakens and is oriented towards the Source from where the fullness of life flows. All the rest falls away.  The image of St. Francis who was disinherited by the father helps us. St. Francis took off even the last piece of garment and said, “Now I can preach freely ‘Our Father’.” To know the Father and be elevated, it is necessary to know and accept the Son in the Holy Spirit.

The people who have welcomed this journey from the beginning, experienced a gradual opening through the many revelations of the Father. However, it is very important to emphasize that there is a point, an indispensable element in our journey: we had to be the remnant that belongs to the Church of the whole Universe because the Father called us to consecrate ourselves to Him and to consecrate the Earth. You know the consecration to Mary Most Holy, the consecration to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, but we do not know yet the consecration to the Father.

Then, after receiving the grace that made us become the Church of the whole Universe, the Father spoke to us and revealed His face more and more so that the Church of the whole Universe could march quickly towards the fullness that is reached in the Father. Remember how our path began to unfold last year; we offered ourselves to Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be reconciled with Him; afterwards, we celebrated and consecrated ourselves and the Earth to the Father. From this consecration on, the rest of the year 2019 unfolded until the solemn consecration to Mary Most Holy at the beginning of the year 2020, and the consecration to the Holy Trinity, on 19 January 2020. Then the Trinitarian action began.

Knowing the Father means, at the same time, knowing the Son and the Holy Spirit, because the Father is the Source, and we enter this vital circuit through the Son in the Holy Spirit; we enter His Spirit with whom the Son is one with the Father. Thus, the Father sends us through the Son to reveal His Face, to give us the Holy Spirit. So, at this point, we bring only our experience which is the inner individual and collective path. The Father will be known in fullness at the end of times, when all His blameless children will enter together, through the Son in the Holy Spirit, into the new creation.

However, the indications that the Father gave us in His last message are essential for our path.[7] “Each of you, who consecrate yourselves, is a gift for humanity, a drop in the immense sea of God’s charity on the Earth.” And how do we consecrate ourselves? By living in the truth of faith: in the belief that the truth is in the only Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

As I said, it is easy to learn these notions, but our participation lies in entering the omnipotence of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. When we consecrate ourselves to the Father, naturally we have to walk the path through the Son, in the Holy Spirit, through a continuous growth, a continuous process of elevation. As we live in this truth, we are able to live in the justice of God, in the righteousness of God, which the humanity without God does not know. To solve problems on Earth, one must be strong and cunning, one must fight, have powerful weapons, etc. Because of little arguments, people fight and even kill. Without the Father, humanity cannot change, even if the Father acts through His Son in the Holy Spirit, through His Church of the Universe. Yet, our sincerity and readiness will make it easy for us to begin.

“Children, I ask you to be true and sincere in your relationship with Me, with yourselves and the others.” It is easy. We, the whole Church of the Universe, all those who want to belong to it, must accept our mission in this time.

The Father says: “The offering of your life to Me becomes an enormous gift that transforms everything in you and around you.” Because the Trinitarian power is in you.

“When a person and a people consecrate themselves to Me, through My Son, in the Holy Spirit, I place a shield around each of them and around the whole people, which will protect them from all attacks of Evil. From this comes an ever new life that will protect and nourish you. Thus, you become the reflection of the presence of God wherever you go, whatever you say. My face will shine on you and people will know the truth.”[8] Out of this comes our responsibility and our mission.

We can sum up the readings of the 29th Sunday of cycle A, in one sentence: being called to be elected means to accept and become aware of the call and follow it with that awareness. In this way, we will reach an inner certainty, just as St. Francis when he experienced God’s forgiveness and was filled with joy. The certainty of a life in God is tangible, not with our hands but with our spirit and our soul. With the awareness of being called to be members of the Church of the Universe, we must commit ourselves to gradually live the fullness with simplicity and with Mary Most Holy so that the Trinitarian power will spread out through us. This is the Church; the Church, which is the space where the Trinitarian action takes place: the existential space on Earth and in the Universe.

I invite you to join this path and discover God the Father. When you know Him, all the knots of life dissolve. Without Him nothing dissolves. It is a path that becomes increasingly delightful, beautiful, pleasant, if you choose to take it with responsibility. At the same time, it will lead you to a responsibility in God; you will be sent by God the Father, through the Son in the Holy Spirit, to reveal the face of the Father.

What is important? It is important that we keep our eyes fixed on Him, giving up everything, walking the path through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. Then, each of us and all together will have the divine creativity in us, which will change the world. God the Father generates through the Son in the Holy Spirit, through all His children.

When we feel as children of God, who are loved by the Father, despite all our limits, and we manifest this love to the others, then we become mothers and fathers of the spiritual life and bring God’s life to humanity.

This is very important to understand in this time. We do not need any titles such as “mother” or “father”. What we need is to be mothers and fathers, to have paternity and the maternity in God and to manifest it. We will further deepen the subject as we carry on developing the points St. Michael[9] gave us, to conclude this year and be ready for the year 2021.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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