22 November 2020

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

(Translated audio)

Dearest Brothers and Sisters; I wish you a good Solemnity of Christ the King. I have not spoken about it because I think what Jesus Christ said in His message is clear enough.[1} He announced the coming year, which is dedicated to Him, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, so that His royalty may express itself in the whole people of God and reach all those who want to belong to His Kingdom.

I want to speak about tomorrow’s solemnity. As you know, Jesus wanted the “Solemnity of the Queen of the Universe” to be celebrated immediately after the day of His royalty[2], and we will celebrate it tomorrow because He wants His royalty to be closely connected with that of Mary Most Holy. In this year, dedicated to the Holy Spirit, the Most Holy Trinity gives to all those who are of good will the grace of strong impulses and the ability to unite with the life of the Trinity through Jesus Christ. With the consecration to the Most Holy Trinity, on 19 January of this year, the powerful action of the Trinity has begun.[3] This marks a point of arrival for those who have prepared themselves, but it is also a point of departure[4], because in God everything is constantly moving and developing towards improvement within the Trinitarian vortex.[5] Therefore, the grace of this time takes us to the fullness of life. We have been called to recognise the Most Holy Trinity, to welcome It, participate in Its work and, at the same time, distinctly know the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity. We are called to unite with the creativity of the Father, the redemption of the Son and the sanctification of the Holy Spirit. Throughout this year, the Holy Spirit has touched and awakened the humanity of the Earth with His power so that it may welcome the grace.

At the same time, this year, the Church, the only Church of the whole Universe, has revealed more and more her belonging to the Most Holy Trinity. It is right to say that God reveals Himself in the Church and that He manifests Himself more and more in His Church, but He also reveals Himself in every person and in all of us together in the fullness of life through the Most Holy Trinity. This year, the figure of Mary Most Holy, Mother and Co-Redemptrix of humanity has particularly emerged[6], and I want to underline the importance of tomorrow’s solemnity of the Mother and Queen of the Universe.

It is important that, by God’s grace, the figure of Mary Most Holy emerges in fullness in us because She is essential for our life, for the life of the Church, because She is the Mother of the Church. When She shines and triumphs in us, She generates many children.

First, She generates each one of us who truly consecrates himself to Her Immaculate Heart. I have said that we are called to know the Three Divine Persons in their individual action; now I say that we are getting to know deeply and fully the Mother of God, Co-Redemptrix and Queen of the new creation: Mary Most Holy. Those, who said “yes” to the Father at the moment of conception, are entrusted by Him to His Son, the Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit confirms it. Then, the Son entrusts them to the Mother, the new Eve.

Listen carefully: at the moment of conception we are embraced by the Immaculate Mother who, as Co-Redemptrix, is ready to support each one of us in our weakness, just as every mother nourishes, shapes, generates and follows the life in her and wants it to shine with full splendour. This is what happened at the moment of our conception. We have been entrusted to Mary, the Immaculate Mother, Co-Redemptrix and Queen of the new creation. She, the Mother, generates new children.

Therefore, it is very important that in this period, until the end of the year, in which the solemnity of Immaculate Mary occurs – during the time of Advent the figure of the Mother is central – we enter into the true devotion to Mary. First, we must become aware that, by grace, we are conceived by the Immaculate Mother; that we are guarded, promoted and watched over by Her and led by Christ, to Christ and for Christ towards fullness.

Mary is the Mother of the Church. What is true for each one of us is also true for the whole Church, that is, for our communion of children of God. The whole Church must return to true devotion and thoroughly understand the figure of the Mother of God, Mother of humanity, Mother of the Church and sublime member of the Church. It is time to awaken the true devotion to Mary and recognise and develop within us everything She wanted to give us through Her apparitions, especially during Her last apparitions to humanity in Medjugorje.

I want to remind you of a passage of the message of Our Lady, which we received through Stefania on 1 January 2019.[7] If you give Me your life, I regenerate you continuously. Then your words will be words of life, gushing fresh like an everlasting spring. Therefore, I invite you to deepen your path in silence, cherishing the teachings that have been given to you, as I have already explained to you.”

I invite you to deepen these words in silence; in the silence where the Holy Spirit speaks to you. She adds: “Therefore, I need all instruments like each one of you, the Foundation and the whole of this people so that they may awaken My children and bring them to Me and I may take them to God. I ask you, therefore, to support Me in My work.”

Finally, She adds a very important sentence: “The Lord will not come before I have given birth to all the children that I have to give birth to. I will do it with your help. Stay close to Me, and I will stay close to you.” I want these words to be engraved in the hearts of all of you.

I bless you so that you can get to know the Most Holy Trinity, unite with the work of the Father, who continuously generates, with the work of the Son, who continuously saves you, and with the Holy Spirit, who continuously sanctifies and vivifies you together with Mary Most Holy. In Her, Jesus Christ and the Mystical Body of Christ are conceived and entrusted to Her, the Mother and Queen of the new creation. The powerful grace of the Queen of the Angels may descend on you and the angels, the saints, the whole Church, may accompany you so that you experience the power of the grace of these times.  I bless you so that you may not be distressed in this time of pandemic in which many of you are forced to stay at home. Thankfully open your hearts and help your families to open up and participate in this great work of God, which heals the entire humanity of the Earth and the Universe; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.




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