The Sign

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

(Translated audio)

10 December 2020


On the eve of the feast of the Conception of Mary, Our Lady has spoken to us.[1] Her words are very clear; they truly open a new dimension for the next year and touch fundamental points. She speaks of a messianic time, a time of glorification. She speaks of the living presence of Jesus among His people, which Our Lady describes as His Intermediate Coming. We will now touch all these points together in this preparation for the consecration of the next year to Jesus, the High Priest and King of the Universe. It is the consecration of each one of us, of His Church and His people as well as the consecration of all events and every moment of our day; a consecration that will also be the recapitulation of all things in Christ and a time of glorification. That is exactly what will be part of that battle that each one of us, each child of God, will have to fight.

Today I would like to speak about the final part of the message, where Our Lady speaks of the Sign; it is the Sign that many of us are already wearing. She wants everyone to wear it: everyone who said ‘Yes’ at the time of conception, all the little ones, all those who are called to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. Our Lady spoke of the graces that are impressed on this Sign and She spoke of the help that She would like to give to all those who wear it and to those who spread it, thus ensuring that this Sign reaches as many souls as possible.

Mary Most Holy explicitly asks the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe to carry out the distribution of the Sign. This means that it is up to those who belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe to take care of it, so that the spreading does not take place outside of this communion, outside of the guidance of this Church and of those who serve her through this website, the Sanctuaries and the points of light with devotion and the offering of their lives. In short, all those who speak of us and put themselves at the service of this Church.

The Blessed Virgin Mary makes promises to those who receive the Sign and who say the consecration prayers with faith.[2] She also promises great rewards and graces to those who spread it. Thus, I invite all of you to not only read the explanations of the Sign, which you will find on this website[3], but also to pray in order to understand what the Sign means and why Mary wanted it. Try to understand why Our Lady intervenes in this time with these practical, concrete instruments as She did in other times throughout history; I am thinking, for example, of the Miraculous Medal.

Therefore, let us stand before God so that He can explain to us inwardly what it means to wear the Sign and what it means to spread it. Let Him explain to us that by wearing the Sign, we  proclaim, “I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ,” to the whole Universe”; that by wearing it, we say to everyone, “I give my life to Jesus through the Mary Most Holy for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe,” which means for each member of this Church.[4]  

Consequently, we understand that wearing the Sign is a mission. It is Jesus, it is grace, it is the Blessed Virgin Mary, who works through this Sign; it is grace that works and sets the prisoners free. However, wearing it reminds us of our responsibility to behave as children of the Mary Most Holy. We have a responsibility to remember that through this Sign we say that we belong to and represent the Church of Jesus Christ. We therefore have the responsibility, always and in any situation of our life, to allow Jesus and Mary to use us and to act through us, that is, through our body, through what we experience, through our responses, through our prayers. Therefore, we have a responsibility to be faithful to all that they have announced to us.

Once we have done that, if we see it as our task, we may become those who give the Sign to others, to other souls, in order to help them. We may see that someone is going through a difficult time or an illness, that he has to take a step in his life for which he needs God’s help and our help. We can approach that soul through this Sign, invite the person to pray, bear testimony of what the Sign means to us, and give the Sign if we see that it is right to do it.

Remember that, giving the Sign also means to unite with that soul in a special way. Giving the Sign means to become a father, a mother to that soul. It means working with the Mary Most Holy for that soul to generate it. We become more than godparents for this soul. We are bound to it because we must exercise our royal priestly service before God by offering this soul to God and feeling responsible for it.

It is indeed a priestly and a prophetic action, because when we hand over the Sign, we speak of God and proclaim Him; we speak of the things of God. It is also a royal action of a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe; the work of every child of God. This work must be accompanied by the whole Church. It must take place in communion and create communion, because this work can make us deepen our communion with others who do the same. It is especially important to live in communion with the sanctuaries and with those who give their lives for God’s programmes, so that the process of recapitulation of all things in Christ may carry on.

We are in a special time. These are the last times. We are now in a time of pandemic and Our Lady has called it “a Messianic time”. At the beginning of Her message, She says, “A time of grace and mercy; it is a year of grace and mercy,” and this Sign is an extraordinary grace for this time.

We have always said that in all His works, God always seeks to cooperate with man. Nothing happens magically but always through the cooperation between God and man. Man’s willingness to participate in the work of grace creates miracles. Man’s willingness to participate in God’s thoughts and plans, allowing Him to transform his thoughts, turns into concrete action in the form of miracles, primary energy, prayers and blessings. It becomes an act of grace and holiness, which embraces and transforms humanity and the Earth. It begins to create the New Creation.

Mary gives us this Sign precisely for this reason, as an extraordinary tool to hasten these times and to hasten the preparation for the glorious return of Christ. I believe that many of you will participate in this and put themselves at the disposal of God.

I thank God for each one of you. I entrust each one of you to the care of Mary Most Holy and St. Joseph. I entrust the whole Church to the care of St. Mary and St. Joseph, and I invoke God’s blessings upon you, so that we may become aware of your identity, your being missionaries and children of God. May we, as children of God, with God, generate other children of God; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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