Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

12 December 2020

(Translated audio)

This year, which we had consecrated to the Holy Spirit, is about to end. During this year, we have been guided in a fast, decisive and strong way towards the events that have been announced to us for the coming year, which will be consecrated to Jesus, King of the Universe. This year, we have been accompanied and prepared for the events that we are already experiencing, from the pandemic to the excommunication[1]; everything was planned, and everything was prepared and conducted.

The last messages of St. Mary[2] and Jesus[3] have announced that we are about to enter a Messianic time, a year of grace and mercy; as I said, next year will be consecrated to Jesus, King of the Universe, and the living presence of Jesus in His Church will be powerful and royal. Mary Most Holy defined it as an intermediate coming that prepares Jesus’ glorious return.[4]

We are in the last times, in which special graces and special strength are given. Once again, more has been announced to us than to the Apostles, because in addition to all the graces of that time, we have those of all the Saints of the last millennia. Next year, which is coming with great power, will destabilise all the systems of Lucifer and force him to reveal himself: this will be the great battle. I think we all know how Lucifer will reveal himself. It will not be like Jesus Christ’s revelation, which began with His birth and which we are now approaching with humbleness and silence. Lucifer’s revelation will come with anger, violence, wickedness, destruction. He will try to destroy everything possible, even the Earth, but he will not be allowed to go that far. His wickedness is so terrible that God would have preferred to avoid it, but it is necessary. God allows it, and that will also be an instrument to make all evil come to the surface, and thus send Lucifer where he must go forever: to the cosmic nothingness. Wickedness is necessary to divide good from evil; it is necessary for us to enter the time of God’s justice. Whoever has not accepted His Mercy and still refuses it, despite all that God is doing through His extraordinary instruments, will be forced to receive God’s Justice because otherwise even mercy would be meaningless.

These are the days of preparation for Christmas. This Christmas, more than ever before, will be the beginning of the new creation because a new world is born while the old one is dying. Christmas was the beginning of God’s Mercy; it was the beginning of the fulfilment of all the promises that God had announced through the great prophets; it began with Christmas, with the birth of His Son. The new creation began with Christmas; the time of fulfilment began.

All the promises of God, which began with Jesus’ birth, already contained the extraordinary instruments and the ordinary instruments: everything God has given throughout history, even the Sign of which Mary Most Holy has spoken to us lately.[5] The Sign that we have been given and that holds so much power and grace had been planned by God for the path of the fulfilment of His promises.

God’s greatest gift to us is Jesus Christ; it is the gift of Life. In this time of fulfilment, we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit who keeps us alive and who sanctifies us. Every gift is for us, for everyone; it is the beginning of a path that lifts us out of ourselves; it is the beginning of a path of liberation because the fulfilment of His promises truly leads us to the new creation. His promises will be fully realised with the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary given by the Sign, and through our transformation into new creatures, which will have to take place. Each gift has been planned for us in the perspective of leaving this world, letting go of our ideas, our knowledge and our certainties. Look, Jesus’ birth, His coming, His redemption, everything occurred to enable us to renounce the spirit of the world because He came to overcome the world.

Jesus is Mercy. Welcoming His Mercy means welcoming Him, who is Mercy. Welcoming Him is the beginning of our exodus, of our conversion, of our transformation. By accepting Mercy that gives us a new chance by forgiving our sins we receive the possibility to start again from what we are, from conception, when we were created in the image and likeness of God. Thus, we begin a path that takes us away from the spirit of the world, away from the way the world thinks, until becoming new creatures, until all promises are fulfilled.

Let us look at Jesus from the very beginning, from His birth; what did he bring us? A novelty. Jesus’ whole life, all events of His life as well as all the lives of all true, holy Christians – we should all be holy because we are children of God, who is Holy – are new for each person, for the time, for the place: all of them always bring a novelty. That always requires an openness that takes us beyond normality. The Son of God was born and He was announced to some shepherds; at that time, no one was considered lower than the shepherds on Earth. Nevertheless, the angels appeared to the shepherds; they were the first to welcome Him. They believed with simplicity when they saw a woman and a child; they were shepherds. They totally believed at the time that lasted a few days or perhaps a few months, until the Holy Family had to flee to Egypt. They gave their life for the moment they saw Him.

Some of those shepherds were persecuted, some were killed, but they remained faithful to what they had seen. Those who called themselves “normal people” of the time did not welcome Mary and Joseph, and consequently Jesus said, “There was no guest room available for them.[6] They had to go to a cave. Let’s not look at it only as a sign of poverty; that is not the essence. The essence is that there was no room for Jesus; that this world is not made for the children of God. Look, if He were to return today – He will return in power and glory – they would not welcome Him. They do not want Him to come back; this world is trying everything to stop Him, but they will not be able to.

The novelty He brought is what He professed throughout His preaching, His announcement, His life. If you look at what he said: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it.“[7] I do not want to tell you the whole Gospel, but remember the words He said in His prayer at the last Supper: “I will remain in the world no longer, but they are still in the world.”[8] Jesus prayed to the Father for us. God’s children are not of this world and that is why they must step out of it.

Who adored Jesus as a child? The Magi. The shepherds welcomed Him; the Magi adored Him. Who were these Magi? The Magi were faithful brothers who came from the High Universe. Immediately another great novelty: as soon as he was born, he began to talk about life in the Universe. Look, everyone at the time was wondering who those Magi were. “They came from the East. They followed a star.”[9] They followed the new event that Jesus brought; if we look at Mary and Joseph, their life was a continuous flight from the world to defend themselves from the world, from being rejected by the world. Starting from having to go to a cave, then they had to flee to Egypt, and then they had to return from Egypt; they were persecuted in Nazareth, even by relatives, throughout their life. Therefore, leave the world, the logic of the world, and let yourselves be guided; think of the path, which Mary made while meditating everything in Her heart, towards that novelty, which is the new creation.

We are now in the time where we must forcefully announce His return and the new creation. All the prophets of the past already indicated the new creation. All of them, if it were not for the glorious return of Jesus which will give fulfilment, would be incomplete; something is missing; even the redemption is not complete until His glorious return.

If we then look at the continuation – even when Jesus began to call apostles, disciples – His call was and is always one: leave everything, leave the world, leave your family, give your life. This is Jesus’ whole life: «Seek the things above, not those of the Earth».[10] Sorry, if I insist on this, but here is the key to entering Life with a capital letter. If we do not “step out of ourselves” we will not meet Life. If the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, present on Earth, this small remnant, does not live like this, it will not fully live the promises of the ancient prophets nor those He made to us. The great battle that we must fight is this “stepping out”; there we will fight the battle[11] that Jesus will fight it with us.

This call is meant for every child of God, for everyone who defines himself as a Christian, and the basis of this call is always to step out of the world.  As Jesus said at the Last Supper: “You are not of the world.” If we want Jesus’ prayer on us to work, “O Father, I pray to you for these who are in the world, but not of the world, and I also pray for those who will believe thanks to them,” you must believe that you are not of this world, that you cannot measure yourselves with this world. It is the call to Life, to fullness, to the things that count, which is what the whole Gospel contains. We cannot have God and mammon. Mammon is not just money but also all that is of this world. Behind every idol, there are demons. Idols are not only those of the pagans, but everything you attach yourselves to, and behind every idol there is a devil.

The answer to God’s call, such as that of the shepherds, the apostles, the disciples and the Magi, who came down from the High Universe, gives life to a path, and it gives life to a process; that process is a process of liberation; it is a process of resurrection, which must have a beginning so that it can reach fulfilment. It is done in stages, not magically. Therefore, you must participate in it, but with the redemption of Jesus, accepting His Life, accepting His birth now. You truly have all the graces to live your whole process, to say all your “Yeses” because you cannot just say it once, you must renew them.

Even Mary did not say “Yes” just once! She said “Yes” at the time of Her conception; She said “Yes” to become the Mother of God and then to every event that happened in Her life, as we know from the Gospel; finally, She said “Yes” under the Cross. That “Yes” had already been said at Her conception, but She had to renew it. She was conceived without sin, and she had all the graces by the grace of Her Son’s sacrifice, but She was not exempted from having to go through them; on the contrary, as the Co-Redemptrix, She had to go through them like Her Son to generate each one of the children of God, to generate the Church. The Sign that Mary Most Holy has given us holds more support for us within itself for 2021, for the battle of our personal liberation and that of all those who will receive this Sign; they will receive further graces to fight this battle of liberation.

By allowing Jesus to use us for His battle, all those passages will be liberation passages for us; as Church, as priests, prophets and kings from baptism, they will be passages of liberation for humanity. To the extent that we believe, we will participate, and we will announce His glorious return; the Sign will spread, and the graces will increase. This too is a vortex. If it is increased by our “Yes” and by our participation, the graces increase, the strength increases, the blessings increase, and liberation increases.

Our Lady, Mary Most Holy, spoke of the healing that this Sign brings. The first healing it brings is that from sin as we look at ourselves and see what we have to remove from ourselves. The first healing is the light that gives us the strength to look at ourselves. The first healing frees our spirit, because without the work of the spirit the body cannot heal either. The first healing helps us free our thinking, because we see that man is a prisoner of many systems; he is a slave. This passage is also found in the Gospel: “To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” They answered him, “We are Abraham’s descendants and have never been slaves of anyone. How can you say that we shall be set free?” Thus, He got to the point to say: “You belong to your father, the devil.”[15]

Jesus came to bring something new; He brings continuously new things, and all is constantly evolving. We must remain open to the changes He brings, because the moment we think that we have understood, that we know everything, we have lost it. God is almighty and eternal. God creates continuously; His work is in continuous evolution, and thus we cannot force Him into a scheme.

I am saying these things now, before Christmas, because Christmas brings us an immense gift if we welcome Jesus, and as I asked you to do on the path with Mary Most Holy[16], I ask you to let Jesus be generated in each one of you. When Jesus is generated in you, He takes you to the innovation. Let us not just look at the Child. In 2021, this Child is consecrated as Jesus, King of the Universe, High Priest. Let us not stay at the level of emotions.

Also, in the messages of St. Mary and Jesus, even in those of all the instruments of this year, 2020, it has been said that we will see how a world will die and another world will be born; a creation will die and a creation will be born. You will see graces that no one has ever seen. However, we must remain open, because many people throughout history did not want to encounter Christ and the new things He brought! Starting from His birth, starting from the Jews, starting from Bethlehem. And He said: “Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.”[17] Look, this is also true for us, for all times of history.

He invites us to a banquet, and we prefer to die of hunger; He is preparing the new creation and, again according to the Gospel, He has to send the angels and His instruments to push us inside, because we all have our excuses: “I have just bought five yoke of oxen … I just got married ….”[18]; you know it.

We are the first to lose out if we renounce Life. God’s call, beginning from Christmas, is the call to step out of ourselves. Reflect on Christmas in this way!

Holy Mary and Saint Joseph, who are father and mother of the new humanity, father and mother of the Church of Jesus Christ, may accompany each one of us as they accompanied Jesus and protect each one of us as they protected Jesus. May they protect us from the spirit of the world, which is around us, crushes us from all sides and sometimes manages to enter us. May the living presence of Mary and Joseph, Mary’s gaze and Her tenderness and the care of St. Joseph, remove all evil and all its disintegrating energy from us, from this Church. May they expel all false prophets, the mentality of the world and its spirit; may they cast away all those who want to draw us to themselves and do not lead us to God. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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