We welcome the King of the Universe with the Queen

17 December 2020

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

We have steadily progressed towards the consecration of ourselves to Mary Most Holy and the offering of ourselves to Jesus, through Her Immaculate Heart, and with Jesus, in the Holy Spirit, to God the Father. The year 2021 will allow us to further progress on our path. In Her message of 7 December 2020, Mary Most Holy announced that the year 2021 will be the Messianic year.[1] You have probably read and pondered it. We will deepen a few fundamental points of this message to prepare ourselves for the coming year with Her, our Holy Mother.

Mary Most Holy said that we will witness the INTERMEDIARY COMING of Jesus in the coming year:

“The presence of Jesus in spirit among His people, of which I speak, is the intermediary coming of Jesus. It will precede His glorious coming in which Jesus will present Himself in flesh and blood as Son of God and Son of Man. He will come to judge humanity and forever divide light from darkness, the children of God from the children of Satan. He will finally establish the Kingdom of God and offer it to the Father in the Holy Spirit. He will introduce the children of God into the new creation that the Father will have prepared for them.”

“Thus, the GLORIFICATION OF JESUS willed by the Father will begin and culminate in the glorious coming of Jesus at the end of times. The Holy Spirit will act powerfully in the Church of the whole Universe. He will take every faithful and the whole of His people to an ever higher and similar spiritual level in the whole Universe. In this way, the differences between the various humanities will be overcome. In fact, all will have to reach the same knowledge of God and His Laws through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit.”

“I tell you all: now is the time to make a final choice.”

“As Mother, I beg you to choose God and to place yourselves under the full authority of My Son Jesus before it is too late. I want to gather you under My mantle to protect and comfort you, but I will not be able to do anything for you if you refuse Me.”

In the year 2011, Jesus spoke to us about the future of His people.[2] Particularly in the coming year, His project will begin to take shape.

Every believer and the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe will be encouraged

  • to reach the immediate knowledge of God;
  • to stand face to face with Him;
  • to remove all obstacles that separate us from others;
  • to rise to ever higher dimensions to the point of submitting to the laws which work in the dimension of the pure spirit, where spirit, soul and body reach perfect harmony in God and with all creatures. In this way, we will reach the new creation.

How can we prepare for the coming of the King of the Universe? Through Mary Most Holy, who has conceived Him and gave birth to Him. With Him and for Him, She was taken up to Heaven, and with Him She lives and reigns for eternity in the whole Universe.

On 31 December 2020, we will solemnly consecrate ourselves to Her Immaculate Heart. The whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe will offer herself together with us to Christ the King. This consecration will take us another step further on our path: we will offer our lives to Him according to the intentions of Mary Most Holy in order to give ourselves to God as a holy and God pleasing sacrifice (Rom 12,1-2). Therefore, let us consecrate ourselves all together to welcome our King in Mary and with Mary.

What does that mean?

  • The whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is called to be the irreprehensible, immaculate and untouched Bride in God (Rev 21,2.27). She has to reach this point; it is an obligation, not an optional act or private devotion.
  • Mary Most Holy is not only the highest member of the Church, She is also her Mother. In the Church, She generates the children of God in the Holy Spirit, just as She generated the Son of God, Jesus Christ.
  • Her Heart is perfectly united with Her Son’s Heart, and thus She will help all those who unite with Her Immaculate Heart to become one heart with Jesus Christ. In the message of 19 January 2020, the Father expressed Himself like this:

“The Immaculate Heart of Mary Most Holy, your Mother and Queen, the Mother of God, will triumph. The triumph of Her Heart will be the triumph of My Son’s Hearth, and My Son’s Heart will triumph for Me, for My Glory.”[3] [4]

  • The time in which we live is the time of the final decision even though everything is unfolding slowly, as the Blessed Mother underlined in Her message of 7 December 2020. Everyone is called to define himself in God. To define oneself means to reach one’s fullness in God, in community with others, and to discover one’s own originality and mission. Not making a decision, however, means delaying everything or even getting lost.

What does the total offering of oneself to God, according to the intentions of Mary Immaculate, involve?

  • She clothes us with the grace of immaculateness. As true Mother, She renders us irreprehensible so that we reach integrity before God;
  • Our Immaculate Mother, Co-redemptrix and Queen of the New Creation is the only one able to help us reach the fullness in God through Jesus Christ thanks to the grace and the mission She received from God. She always works in the Church and with the Church.
  • Together with the Sacrament of the Eucharist, our Blessed Mother is the best instrument to lead the children of God to a fulfilled life in God and to defend them from evil.

The total offering to God, according to Mary Most Holy’s intention, does not exclude our intentions, or our responsibility throughout our lives. The Holy Mother helps us to live a deep and sincere relationship with God in which our wish to seek and live His divine will is central to us.

All this involves some important points:

  • to place all problems that weigh on us and need to be solved in Mary’s hands as well as the sins and mistakes we have committed, always trusting that She will recommend us to God in the best way;
  • to elevate ourselves with our intentions and prayers and submit ourselves to the will of God;
  • to purge ourselves from low interests, selfishness, anguish, fear, insecurities and any other ills that are rooted in the hypocrisy before God;
  • to allow life to flow and let all the fruit of the Holy Spirit blossom: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” (Gal 5,22-23);
  • to always allow new space to open up in us for the action of the Most Holy Trinity;
  • to remain calm, confident and strong in dealing with the events of life and in overcoming evil (Eph 6,10-17).

The Holy Mother has given us the SIGN with which She has signed all the children who want to belong to Her and through Her to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.[5]

Why this sign? Because it is visible and tangible; also, because through it you will experience the help that comes from the Holy Mother. It is not a magic amulet, but a concrete help on the path towards reaching the life in God, which also supports us in our life on Earth.

This is what the Holy Mother says in Her message of 7 December 2020:

“This sign is already widespread in the whole Universe and must be spread on Earth … . I promise to those, who will carry the sign with faith and will say the prayers of consecration that I told you, the conversion and the healing of the spirit, the soul and the body. I will be close to them and protect them with My power as Queen, Mother and Co-redemptrix. I will reward with many graces all those who spread the sign and teach the prayers of consecration to others. In this way, you will help Me in My work and I thank you for this.

We invite all to offer themselves completely to Jesus and to submit to His royal authority through the intentions of the Immaculate Mother. Thus, the whole Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, united with Jesus’ Heart, will be a pleasing offering to God. This act will spread the greatest power of grace on Earth of which the children of God will benefit abundantly.

We are witnesses of what we have said. Therefore, we invite you to consecrate yourselves solemnly to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, according to Her intentions, on 31 December 2020, to enter the new year, 2021, ready to welcome the King of the Universe.

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We accompany you, as we always do, with our offering, our prayers and with God’s love.

 “May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it” (1Thess 5,23-24).

We greet and bless you,

Stefania Caterina and Father Tomislav Vlašić

[1] See Message of Mary Most Holy of 7 December 2020, “The Messianic Year”, published on our website, https://towardsthenewcreation.com/

[2] See Message of Jesus of 8 September 2011, “The Future of My People”, published on this website

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[4] About the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, see also the Message of Jesus of 7 January 2018, “The Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary”, published on this website.

[5] She refers to the sign that the members of the Foundation “Fortress of the Immaculate ”are carrying  and which is spreading among the believers. You will find an explanation on our homepage.