Christmas Wishes

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

21 December 2020

In my name and in the name of all those who accompany the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe – from this website or by living in our sanctuaries – I would like to wish all of you a blissful encounter with the living Jesus who is coming.

We are in the days preceding one of the dogmas of faith: the incarnation. We have walked our path with Mary, the Co-redemptrix, to allow Her to generate the Son of God in us and to generate us as children of God; we have done it in these days before Christmas. The mystery of the incarnation is the all-powerful  God who becomes visible and comes to show the face of the Father; He does it by becoming like us in all things except sin. He incarnates to take upon Himself all the sins of our humanity, all our limits, to nail them on the Cross; He does it to give us all graces, graces upon graces, for us to return children of God. This is the mystery of the incarnation; a mystery that we must meditate, be grateful for and live.

In these days, the Gospel[1] presents us once again Mary Most Holy, Her “Yes”; we have the expression of the “Magnificat”[2]. Once again, Mary is the example; She is the Mother who participated in the incarnation by giving Jesus a body and always saying “Yes” to God up to the Cross and beyond the Cross. She continues to participate now in the incarnation as She generates each of us and the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe.

Mary fully participated in this dogma, offering Herself to God: “I am the Lord’s servant” (Luke 1,38). She gave God the possibility to carry out His plan and develop it up to now. This participation is required of all of us, every child of God generated by God through Mary and brought forth by Mary, each in his own identity.

W can say that, this year, Jesus comes in a special way; it is a unique and special Christmas. This year, He comes in His royalty, as King, and He asks us to consecrate every moment, every day, everything, the whole of 2021 to His royalty as High Priest and King of the Universe.[3] What He asks us to do is to participate in His action in our way, to participate in the incarnation in our way. We, too, like Mary Most Holy, can help the incarnation to take place in us, in His Church, where He wants to reign again. This continuous consecration is a way to help the plans of God to relise, to become life, to make God’s thoughts, wishes and projects visible. By consecrating everything to Him, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, He will act and transform this humanity and His Church.

A few days ago, we have been asked by Father Tomislav[4] to offer our lives for the whole year 2021, according to the intentions of Mary Most Holy. As I said before, She fully participated in in God’s plan and continues to do so, as She is in the Most Holy Trinity. Offering ourselves according to Her intentions involves many aspects and functions. Above all, it requires that we love Mary, that we believe that She only wants our good as She once said in Medjugorje: “If you knew how much I love you, you would weep of joy.”

To relinquish all our plans and offer ourselves for Her plans, we have to understand a little bit how much She loves us and know that Her intentions are sublime. They are certainly the Highest Good for us and for anyone we want to pray for. Thus, this increases our confidence in Mary Most Holy; it increases our love for Her and helps us give up our ideas, intentions and views. It is a path, which is a bit difficult in the beginning; we have to make an effort to renounce our intentions and place those of Mary on the altar; to place only those of Mary before Him and pray only for them. It is a path, which will transform us, besides giving us the certainty that the prayers will be fulfilled since all of Mary’s prayers fulfil, whereas ours often fail. Thus, we will have the certainly that all prayers will be fulfilled and that She will help us transform our thoughts; it is a liberation; it leads us to be free.

There is a further stage: to offer our distress, our diseases, our fears, our worries and our moods according to the intentions of Mary. That is not to pray for Mary to eliminate them but to offer ourselves according to Her intentions, that is, to offer them to Mary that She may use and treasure them. By doing so, the deep healing process begins. But I want to go even further: by doing so, resurrection begins, because in God’s hands, through Mary Most Holy, everything is transformed; the worries, the fears, the illnesses, distress and difficulties are all transformed.

Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary who places everything into Jesus’ Heart, who brings everything to the Father, even death is transformed. All turns into life and resurrection. Participating in the incarnation and welcoming the Son of God truly means to live like that. Mary Most Holy lived like that. She is not only the Mother because Her Son incarnated in Her, but we know that She became Mother under the Cross; She is the Holy Mother because She participated in the incarnation of Her Son and in the work of God the Father.

Therefore, as I said, I wish you to encounter the living God, to encounter Jesus, who comes and is born in each of us and among us. We have been told that the presence of Jesus Christ in His Church will be alive and strong.[5]

I entrust this Church and everyone of you to the Immaculate Heart of Mary so that each of you, like Elisabeth, may  feel Mary’s presence and Her voice, and thus recognise the Mother of God, the Mother of our Lord among us. The Holy Mother will show us Her Son, and we will be able to contemplate Jesus’ face and through His face the face of the Father and God’s work in these times. We will be able to contemplate every event and recognise His action and His plans; we will recognise the right order of things; we will recognise the ordinary and the extraordinary instruments at work; we will recognise our identity and our place within the action of God. All this will make us understand the will of God for us, the will of God in us, and in His will we will find peace, and we will find life. In His will, as we offer everything according to Mary’s intentions and though Her, we will be able to see the new creation and live it from now on; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


[1] See Luke 1,39-56

[2] See Mary’s song: Luke 1:46-55

[3]  See Message of Jesus of 21 November 2020, “Be Ready for the Battle”, published on our website

[4] See Letter of Stefania Caterina and Father Tomislav Vlašić of 17 December 2020, “We Welcome the King of the Universe with the Queen”, published on our website.

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