The Souls, Spouses of Christ

24 December 2020 – Vigil of the Nativity of Our Lord

Message of Jesus – The Soul-Spouses


Dearest Children,

Today, with these words of Mine, I would like to introduce you into the new year, 2021. It will be an intensive year for all of you and for the entire humanity of the Universe. As I have already explained, I will come with power among My people to guide and protect it.[1]

You are living in very serious times; times of struggle between light and darkness, between the spirits of Good and Evil, which are facing each other in an unprecedented challenge. This is taking place now in the whole Universe and can only be compared with what happened before My Incarnation on Earth. At that time, the hatred of Lucifer and his people opposed My imminent coming. Now, his hatred is even stronger than in those days because it is not only directed against God but also against His Church of the Universe.

The number and the power of the people of God has grown in number and power thanks to the universal communion which unites all the members of the Church that are present on every planet. The people of Lucifer has also grown in the whole Low Universe. The situation on Earth is particularly serious; there, the coldness of many Christians has opened the doors to an increasingly invasive action of the devil and his followers. Lucifer has filled with occult and esoteric powers the false Prophet and the Antichrist, present and working on Earth, the Confederation of the Light[2] and those who serve them.

Nevertheless, the event that most sparked Lucifer’s hatred and his frenetic action was the proclamation of the existence and the work of the Church of the whole Universe on Earth, which was made by this remnant in 2018.

This Church

  • has announced to the Earth the existence of life in the Universe; she has welcomed the Christian brothers and sisters of other planets and has decided to live in communion with them;
  • has drawn your humanity’s attention to My Father’s plan to reunite the whole creation in Me;
  • has completed the announcement of the Apostles, which had remained incomplete in the part concerning the Universe due to the many acts of infidelity by the Christians of the Earth;
  • has prepared the way for My glorious coming, thus marking the beginning of a new and final time for the entire humanity of the Universe that has long awaited the manifestation of My true Church on Earth.

My Church of the whole Universe has finally come into the open with all her power and cosmic action. Lucifer, who thought to have limited Christianity to the sole Earth and to have neutralised it, making it a religion among others, found himself before an immense and compact people, spread over the whole Universe. Therefore, he called the Confederation of the Light to the rescue of his followers of the Earth and began to act secretly on your planet. Now the Earth is imbued with the presence and the action of the satanic people; the events of this year, 2020, have clearly proved it.

Facing this scenario, My people must be well positioned and able to counteract the power of the enemy to the point of annulling it. For this reason, MY INTERMEDIARY COMING next year has been announced to you, which will precede My glorious Coming at the end of times.[3] What will it exactly be? I tell you that it will not be a striking and visible event. On the contrary, My coming will manifest itself in a profound and silent way in the spirit of My children; yet, not in the spirit of all without distinction, but in those who sincerely want to belong to Me through the Immaculate Heart of My Mother.

That will be My coming in the power of the Holy Spirit by which I will bring My Church to perfection in order to finally make her My Bride. I will come to marry My people. Do not think of a wedding as it is meant on Earth. It is not an emotional bond, but rather a profound and indissoluble MYSTICAL UNION[4], between My Church and Me.  

This union will not be generated by human action but by the combined action of the Holy Spirit and Mary Most Holy, the sublime Spouse. They will act together to unite with Me, High Priest and Head of the Church, every soul that wants to belong to Me in every corner of the Universe. At the end of times, I will present My irreprehensible and immaculate Spouse, the Church, to My Father.[5]                                                                                                         

In order to reach this aim, in the coming year 2021, I will

  • enhance and manifest more and more the action of the three extraordinary instruments headed by St. Michael the Archangel.[6] They will gather the children of God from one end of the Universe to the other and accompany them with their prayer and action;
  • weaken the forces of Lucifer and create disorder among the ranks of his army. Thus, do not be surprised if you notice increasing confusion on Earth. Since most of your humanity refuses Me, it will no longer be able to discern between truth and falsehood. It will fall into disorder and be trapped in the web of illusion and lies of Lucifer and his followers.

A large part of the humanity of the Earth will experience hard, dark times, but it will not convert. It will invoke its idols, but they will not be able to save it. Many will fall into ruin but they will not convert. They will blaspheme God, but they will not change their lives.[7] They will live in falsehood and follow the fate of the great impostor, Lucifer.

On the other hand, the sun of life will shine on you and on the whole of My Church of the Universe. You will feel My presence that will make you blossom like new creatures. Even though, apparently, your existence will continue as usual, in your innermost place you will feel the light of the Father, the vibration of My Heart and the warmth of the Holy Spirit. The laws of life will act in you to lead you to fullness.

What do I want from you? A simple life worthy of your call; a holy life, offered to the One who is three times Holy. The Church will not be able to be My Spouse unless all the souls of which she is composed are My spouses.

Therefore, I ask you to be SOUL-SPOUSES. These souls have belonged to Me since eternity. They have decided to give themselves to Me fully; they have given everything to Me, and I have given everything to them. They are not afraid of death because they have chosen life, and they follow Me meekly wherever I go.[9] They are souls who are particularly united with My Mother and resemble Her in their docility and obedience. They are the joy of the Father and fertile ground in which the Holy Spirit sows the seed of life. United with Me like true spouses, they awaken life in other souls and lead them to God. My Church will be composed of these souls, who will fill the Universe with the aroma of God[10] and be the ruin of Lucifer.

All of you, who have decided to belong to My Church of the whole Universe, are called to be soul- spouses. For this reason you have been enriched by many graces; you are under the special protection of Mary Most Holy; you have received many revelations that have instructed and prepared you for the coming times.

All is ready in your hearts but I need your “yes”. Only then, can I transform you day by day to make you soul-spouses in My Church Spouse. I do not need your great works or your refined words but your humility. I need your firm and clear decision to totally belong to Me through the Immaculate Heart of Mary; the sincerity and purity of your intentions and the righteousness of your conscience.

If you give all this to Me, I will make you My soul-spouses on whom I can count to prepare the new times. United with your brothers and sisters of the Universe, the Saints of Paradise and the souls of Purgatory who are walking towards fullness, you will be the living stones of My true Church[11], and she will shine as My Spouse in the whole Universe.

Do not be afraid of your fragility. The power of God will be stronger than your weakness; My grace will accompany you and be enough for you in everything.[12]

Take courage, children, My Heart will always follow you.

I bless you all, your families and the ill among you. I bless your thoughts and the words with which you will announce salvation to every man of good will.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

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