Jesus Is Here Even Though Your Eyes Do Not See Him

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

24 February 2021

(Translated audio)

Today’s readings lead us directly to what we are experiencing in this time of pandemic and to the situation of the Earth. The first reading is about the prophet Jonah[1] who had to go to Nineveh to announce that the city would be destroyed; then, in the Gospel[2], Jesus speaks of those who ask for a sign. I said that the readings bring us back to the time we are living, for example, what happened in Nineveh: its people decided to change, and thus put on a sackcloth. It reminds us of the need to change direction, of the need for this Earth to change spirit, because only by changing spirit, by completely changing the inner attitude towards our life can we get out of this tunnel. The coronavirus we are experiencing is just an example; it is just the tip of the iceberg of this humanity that has ended up having no identity, no values and is increasingly immersed in the spirit of the world.

A few days ago, we remembered the Holy Mother, Queen of humanity and Co-redemptrix, as She proclaimed Herself last year; the Church of Jesus Christ welcomed Her and also proclaimed Mary as the Co-redemptrix. It is interesting to see how Mary’s message, in which She proclaimed Herself Co-redemptrix, and the increasing coming out of the Church of Jesus Christ in the Universe precisely coincided with the beginning of the pandemic and the situation of the Earth, which seems to be increasingly going towards the abyss.

Throughout the year 2020, we have already seen in various reflections that She gave us indications on how to go through this year and how to deal with this situation. In the final part of Her last message, She tells us again that Jesus is among us.[3] The presence of Jesus among us is a much greater sign than the sign of Jonah, as Jesus says in the Gospel. Jesus’ presence among us is that transition; He is that grace; He is that strength if we welcome Him. This will enables us to change course, to experience fully our personal transformation and that of humanity. Jesus’ presence among us is the greatest gift that the Father could give us: to send the Son again. He will definitely come in His glorious return, but He has now sent Him once again. However, as He asked in today’s Gospel, how many are looking for the main point? How many are looking for Jesus? How many seek Him? How many want to take the path of their own resurrection, that of humanity and that of creation?

We know that the way to encounter Jesus, the path to experience our transformation fully always goes through Mary Most Holy: Mary Most Holy who has been among us for more than a century now to prepare us precisely for these events. Yet, She, too, has been rejected by many Christians. Think of how many Christian confessions do not give Her the right importance. It must be said that She has often been rejected and also used by Catholics; I’m thinking of Medjugorje as well as many other apparitions, which some have  always had the courage to judge as true or not true – I’m also thinking of Ghiaie di Bonate and many others.[4]

Still, She tells us in Her last message[5] that it is Her love for us that leads Her to come among us and to stand before God to pray for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe. She tells us that She prayed for us, and She asks us to pray for those who do not love Her, because She is a mother.

In Her message She clearly explains the path to encounter Jesus through Her:

“I would like to say to all My children of the Earth: come to Me without fear; open your heart and entrust to Me your sins, your fears and the doubts that torment you. Share with Me your joys, your projects, every desire for good. I will welcome and comfort you; I will purify you with My Immaculateness. I will intercede for you according to God’s wishes; I will show you the path, which leads you directly to the Heart of My Son Jesus where you will find relief for your souls.”[6]  

Therefore, once again, we are shown the way; we are shown how to live in this time; how to go through every trial and every transition. She explains us with simplicity how to meet Jesus; Jesus who is among us. We cannot say: that applies only to some people; that is only true for the mystics; that is only for the saints. This path is meant for everyone! It leads us to meet the living Jesus; Jesus who is the Sign that God gives to this humanity at this time, so that, as Mary says, we will be able to fully develop our personal priesthood, our baptism, our faith and fully commit to our mission, the mission of every Christian, which is the mission of the whole Church.

“I also prayed for all the people of the Earth who suffer and weep. Their cry breaks My Heart because I am the Mother of humanity and I cannot be indifferent before the pain of My children, even those who do not love Me. I cannot not love because I am full of the pure Love of God that embraces every creature.

In every suffering person, I relive the suffering of Jesus who gave His Life for all, the good and the bad. Therefore, I am not afraid of approaching the sinners, just as Jesus was not afraid of touching and healing the lepers. Suffering and sin do not upset Me because I am the Co-redemptrix of humanity. I can descend into your abyss to show you the path that goes up towards God’s Light.”

This is what the Mother of the Church does; this is what the Church must do. In other occasions, we have already touched these aspects, which are: praying for the good and the bad, offering ourselves for all, and lifting up through our priesthood every creature, every man, every suffering person. I repeat: this is the sign for this humanity: a people, a Church that lives like this, and we can live like this only by encountering Jesus. Look, no other sign will be given; there is nothing, no one but Jesus Christ to get us out of this tunnel. So, being Church means this, and this is life; it should be the life of every child of God, of every Christian.

I will conclude with Mary’s words:

Today I ask you to become more and more aware of your mission in these extraordinary times of the INTERMEDIARY COMING OF JESUS among His people. Now more than ever, Jesus’ face must shine on each of you and on this entire Church. May your faces be the reflection of His glory so that the blinded humanity may see the Light again. May your souls be a water source in the desert for humanity so that it may quench its thirst of love and life.

Jesus is here among you. His living presence must revive your lives. Jesus is here to transform your thoughts, to indicate new paths for you to walk and to bring the world the saving Word. You are the missionaries of these times; you are the spring of the Earth; the bud of the new humanity, destined to grow and bear fruit. Let the Lord transform you. Endeavour not to disappoint the One who has created you and trusts in you. Do not disappoint My Son’s Heart or Mine. I know that I can count on you.”

I ask Mary Most Holy and the whole Church to bestow their blessing upon us and upon every sick person. I ask for the blessing of all difficult situations; I ask for the blessing of all those situations where it seems that God does not exist. I ask for the blessing of all people of good will who seek God; I invoke their blessing on this pandemic, on the martyrs of this pandemic and on the martyrs of the spirit of this world; in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

[1] See Jonah 3,1-11

[2] See Luke 11,29-32

[3] See Message of Mary Most Holy of 21 February 2021, “Jesus Is Here Among You”, published on this website

[4] On 13 May 1944, when Italy was suffering the tragedy of World War II, in the village of Ghiaie di Bonate, Italy, a seven-year-old girl named Adelaide Roncalli had apparitions of the Holy Family for nine consecutive days. After a short break, on 28 May the apparitions continued until the end of the month and then stopped. Over 350,000 people witnessed the apparitions and, like in Fatima, many reported extraordinary solar phenomena. The apparitions, phenomena, and messages are still considered “non constat”, that is, unproven.

[5] See footnote 3

[6] See Mt 11,28