Second Sunday of Lent, Year B

Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe

By Mauro

28 February 2021

We are on the second Sunday of Lent and the main topic today is faith. We can also reflect together on the time in which we live: we are now in a time of serious pandemic for the whole Earth; we are in the time of fulfilment, which takes us ever closer to the glorious return of Christ. We are also in the time of Jesus’ intermediate coming; it is important for us not to overlook all of this.

We know that God always acts in the fullness of time, and we know that in every time, in every age, and in every situation and trial of that age, God has always sent instruments, ordinary and extraordinary, suitable for that time. They were suitable for the awakening, in every man, in every Christian, of the image and likeness of God, and the awareness that we are children of God. Through this awareness and faith, we can counteract the disintegrating energy, the action of Lucifer in every time.

A problem of humanity has been, and unfortunately still is, that  because we failed to recognise the signs of the times, to accept the gifts and graces of God, at the time when they occurred, and the help God has sent us and continues to send, we have to face the situations and the events in a disarmed, disoriented and lost way. Think of the apparitions of Mary Most Holy throughout history; think of what difference it would have made if we had welcomed the graces, the prophecies and the concrete help that Mary brought, and brings, in every apparition to face the challenges of the time. To recognise them later, realising what we have lost, is not the same. It is not the same because in doing so, we do not have the weapons to counter the enemy, and thus Lucifer with his fellows and his disintegrating energy has moved on and has become increasingly evil and violent while the Christians, the children of God, have become more and more bewildered.

We know that every Christian, from baptism, is priest, prophet and king. It is through these three characteristics that every Christian makes his journey on Earth to become a child of God. If we fully carry out our royal priesthood, prophecy will develop in us; the dimension of our personal relationship with God, in which we will talk about the things of God, contemplate the things of God, understand the work of God. Also, the signs of the times will be clear to us, and we will be able to help others understand them. Moreover, while we carry out this prophecy, we live our kingship, because God glorifies Himself in us, and Christ glorifies Himself in us. These aspects are linked to each other; when we live the royal priesthood, prophecy and kingship automatically begin; there cannot be one without the other.

This is true for every Christian and for the people; the people, too, must be a priestly, prophetic and royal people to oppose the times, to experience fully the events in the times that we are living. We can do it as individuals but we must also do it as a people, as a Church. However, a Christian cannot delegate someone else, because to form a people the originality and identity of each individual person is needed; thus, if the individual person is missing, there is a gap. We cannot think that someone else can fully experience what is actually our task, and that someone else can counteract the disintegrating energy, Lucifer, in your place. We can do it in communion but we must also do our personal part.

So, I’m saying this because I want to look at today’s readings1 together with you, because when we talk about everyone’s personal trials, we can also look at them in a wider context: there are trials for humanity and trials that people go through at a certain time, like a pandemic or a war. Then, there are personal trials, which are trials that God has allowed so that we may fully develop our priesthood, prophecy and kingship. They are not trials that have slipped from God’s hands and that Satan was able to give because he was smarter than God; God allows such trials for our good. Of course, as I said before, the service and personal identity of each one is truly foreseen to edify everyone; therefore if someone is missing, it becomes difficult to oppose evil, because it is a work to be done in communion.

In last year’s message, St. Peter2 gave a definition of this time that we should keep in mind, I think. I will read it:

“The time in which you are living is the obligatory passage towards the fulfilment of human history. It is an intermediate dimension, which is situated between the past and the future. The old creation is dying and the new one is about to be born3 . All is transforming rapidly. The people of God, His Church of the Universe, is the motor of this transformation. God is acting through His people to bring to light all existing things in order to promote the good and force evil to draw back. 4

This is what we need to keep in mind, trying to understand the events and inserting ourselves into these events with faith.

So, this Sunday’s readings5 once again show us the main road, as we have said many times. But let’s not take it for granted, let us look at ourselves individually: have I put God in the first place? Do I place God above all other things? Do I place God, as Abraham did, even before the son he had had by the prophecy, by God’s promise? God asks him to sacrifice Isaac. Look at what God asks of Abraham, which is what He asks of each of us. Yet, He does not test our strength or our courage. God does not test fanatics. Abraham was not a fanatic. God tests us, and everyone is tested in a different way, like in the example of Abraham. This is because the trial is the only way to free ourselves completely from the spirit of the world, from the way the world thinks. It is the only way to reach our complete liberation so that the resurrection, the transformation, which is necessary to live the full priesthood, prophecy and royalty, can begin. God did not test Abraham to make him a hero, but to free him from the last barriers in Abraham’s heart so that he would trust only in God and place God in the first place, and so it is for each of us.

Every compromise we make in a trial, when we do not want to face it completely; when we do not allow God to go all the way (Abraham went all the way, he had taken the knife), we block this process of resurrection. Every compromise takes away some light, brings some dark and confusion so that we fail to recognise the signs of the times, the help of God, the promises of God; we can’t see them.

We live in the time when the presence of Jesus is alive through His intermediate coming. We do not see Him, we do not feel Him because Jesus has not come to give us consolation; He has come to help us to go to the end; to live together with Him and with Mary Most Holy, whom we have rightly remembered as Co-redemptrix6; to fully become co-redeemers; that is what He has come here for.

If, instead, we put God in the first place, with the living presence of Jesus, with determination and faith, we too can say like St. Paul in today’s reading: “If God is for us, who can be against us? … Who will bring any charge against those whom God has chosen? It is God who justifies” (Rom 8,31-34). Then we enter the vortex in which we feel the living presence of Jesus, who takes us further to the transfiguration, to today’s Gospel7: you see Him transfigured; you sense Him; you feel Him; this is His living intermediate presence.

We must say that we are like the apostles, and there is nothing magical about it; thus, let us look at what the apostles did. They participated in this transfiguration! Then, as they were coming down the mountain, Jesus told them not to talk about it until He rose from the dead. So, they wondered what “rising from the dead” meant. We too are on this path where there are things we cannot understand, but in faith, we continue to follow Him. The apostles followed Him; they also had to experience their Master’s death on the cross before which they all fled; they had to make this experience. Yet, we cannot say, “They were weak, they ran away”, because that was also part of their instruction, but in faith.

We too find ourselves, at this time, before things greater than our mind can understand: Jesus is among us; God the Father who spoke at the transfiguration and then spoke the day before the Last Supper: “This is my Son, whom I love. Listen to him!” (Mk 9,7). God speaks to us and it is no small matter; these are great things. We must progress in faith and in listening, and we must let ourselves be guided and led.

God the Father speaks of villages and of the new creation8. We know in faith that we have the Church of Jesus Christ around us, the faithful brothers who help us, the angels who pave the way for us. We must, in faith, talk to them, have a relationship, believe. It does not matter how we talk to them, what we do; the only thing that counts is if we believe in them. There are no right words to talk to them, there are no right questions, and it is not just a question of always asking for help: “Help me here, help me there”. We must open a dialogue, and then everything is right, because they are the ones who come to meet us. God gives us these aids, which are extraordinary aids given by extraordinary instruments.

Let us remain firm in our faith and open to God’s action, and this will lead us to live our kingship, because it is God who glorifies Himself in us; because in this situation, as creatures, we can do nothing but allow God and Mary Most Holy to act; this is living the royal priesthood. Prophecy will be the consequence and royalty the fruit: this is the Church and this will counteract pandemics and the disintegrating energy, transform our thinking and allow God to build the new creation.

To be Christian, to be the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe, is to give Go total freedom to act like that, just as Abraham, Saint Paul and all those did who have preceded us. We must not make the mistake of not accepting fully the help and the gifts we receive, because in the clashes of this battle against the forces of evil we will not make it. Above all, the generation after us, if there will be one, will have to face a worse situation than ours, because every time a generation fails to do its duty, it leaves a worse legacy to the one that follows.

So, once again, let us entrust our lives to Mary, Mother and Queen of the new creation and Co-redemptrix of humanity, and let us do it with joy, let us do it with simplicity, so that She can count on us; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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