The Awareness of Christ’s Presence

By Father Tomislav Vlašić

5 January 2022

(Translated audio)

Dear Brothers and Sisters, a year has passed since the Messianic times1 have begun. In the past year, we have become aware of the presence of Jesus Christ among us, the so-called intermediate coming of Jesus Christ. Those who have taken this path seriously in the past year could feel the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are now at the point of becoming fully aware of His presence so that we can consciously begin our mission2 with Him on Earth and in the Universe. The evangelisation of the Earth has been entrusted to the Earth itself, to the Church of the Earth, which has united with the Church of the whole Universe, from which this Church on Earth receives help to bring the evangelisation to the Earth together with Christ.

We celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord, the revelation of the Lord. We have celebrated His revelation throughout history, as testified by the first reading of the prophet Isaiah, who heralds the coming of the Messianic times.3 This shows that the priests of the Jewish religion knew the prophecies. They knew where Jesus was to be born. We know from the Gospel that even King Herod knew exactly where Jesus was born, and this led to the division of humankind in the face of Jesus’ presence: the people who accept Him and the people who reject Him, even wanting to kill Him. Therefore, this is where original sin comes to light. Neither rites nor superficial prayers are enough: the time has come when every person on Earth and in the Universe, all the people, must encounter the Lord Jesus Christ.

If we study the readings, we may easily understand that the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph welcomed and protected Jesus. They were completely devoted to Him, and they were defended and protected by Almighty God. We also know that Herod wanted to kill the child and that the High priests of the Jewish religion condemned Jesus to the atrocious death on the Cross. Whatever attitude man has chosen, the truth must be revealed before Christ, who is in us and among us. In the intermediate presence of the Lord Jesus Christ among us, the light will be revealed more and more; everyone will show his or her true face before God.

Saint Paul says in the Letter to the Ephesians:

“Surely you have heard about the administration of God’s grace that was given to me for you, that is, the mystery made known to me by revelation …. In reading this, then, you will be able to understand my insight into the mystery of Christ, which was not made known to people in other generations as it has now been revealed by the Spirit to God’s holy apostles and prophets. This mystery is that through the gospel the Gentiles are heirs together with Israel, members together of one body, and sharers together in the promise in Christ Jesus.“4  That is what Saint Paul said for that time, and we know what he was referring to.

Last time, in the Christmas vigil, we spoke of the celebration of the memorial.5 Today this truth, this grace is revealed even more; today, even the graces that accompany us in the final phase of the recapitulation of the whole Universe in Christ are revealed. If we do not perceive these graces, we talk about an unreal story, about a source of water that is so far away from us that we cannot draw from it and remain thirsty; we remain hungry, even though we speak of the miracle in the desert where Jesus fed the people.

Celebrating the memorial of those times means celebrating the grace of Jesus’ presence in these times. Therefore, the people must become aware of this grace and take responsibility for it. There are many justifications, e.g., that it is difficult to understand this grace, that it is difficult to understand Jesus’ intermediate presence. Yet, it was not difficult for the faithful brothers and sisters to understand that Jesus was born on Earth. They did not need any algorithms for that. They were open to grace and not only did they adore Him as a new-born, as Saint Joseph explained last year on the eve of his Solemnity6, they were often visited and helped by the angels when Jesus was growing in the womb of the Blessed Mother Mary.

Today all the instruments are at the disposal of this Church, which participates in the plan of the recapitulation of the whole Universe in Christ, and anyone of good will can understand this plan. We do not want to criticize anyone, but we want to look at the truth so that you, too, can see the truth. A recent example: the apparitions of Our Lady in Fatima pointed out the path to salvation.7 Certain truths that Our Lady communicated to us were concealed by the Church and never mentioned. Leaving that aside, we know that Our Lady asked the representatives of the Church, the Pope, together with all the bishops, to consecrate the whole Earth to Mary. This was not done because of resistance among the bishops and their calculations. Mary asked for the consecration of Russia to Her. It was not made until John Paul II performed the consecration in communion with the Mystical Body of Christ.8 He left aside the bishops who opposed it. This is where the division took place in the Church. Our Lady asked for the consecration of the world and for conversion so that the Second World War could be prevented. The war came and was catastrophic.

We are witnesses of another event: the apparitions of Medjugorje9, at least I personally witnessed them.10 From the beginning of the apparitions of Our Lady to the present day, the Church has fought against the apparitions. The official Church has remained silent. She has never recognised the presence of grace. Do you understand that? The conclusion that God drew from this – we have received messages and clarity on this as well – was the formation of the extraordinary instruments to attract the Church that wants to participate, and thus wants to form the body of the Church of the whole Universe. We are now in the time when we can receive the grace and help of the faithful brothers and sisters, the angels, the archangels and all the saints if we sincerely accept Jesus Christ through Mary, and the help of Saint Joseph. In this way we can become aware of this grace.

At this point, we may argue that we do not find it easy to believe in these things. Therefore, I would like to return to Saint Joseph’s message of last year, given us on the eve of his Solemnity11. He explains that at the beginning of life, in the mother’s womb, God reveals His plan to each one of us in spirit; then, He accompanies those who have chosen to serve God.12 We see the perfect realisation of this in the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph: at the right time, God revealed to them the following steps of their path and their mission. What we recognise in Mary Most Holy and in Saint Joseph, the Just, applies to each one of us. These two people, sublime souls, are examples for us; they are like pure mirrors, in which we reflect ourselves and see that we too are destined to be awakened, accompanied and guided, according to our originality, to the full light. This is the reason why we can only understand the presence of Jesus in spirit; then, in the depth of our spirit, we can open to what God has engraved in us. Our task is to be righteous in the eyes of God in order to reach immaculateness13, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, so that we will be able to enter the new creation.

It is important to recognise and accept this connection to understand that the invitation to participate in the Church of Jesus Christ of the Universe is not left to our own discretion, but that there is no other way. Either we adhere to the laws of the pure spirit to enter the glory of God, the new creation, or we will slide downwards. This is the decision that needs to be made now.

Whoever is walking his path and has accepted the Lord’s invitation to participate in the Church of Jesus Christ of the whole Universe is marked by the generosity of God’s Love., the Three Divine Persons love each other with the generosity of God’s Love, and in the same way, They love us. However, we can only perceive God’s Love if we love His Love with the same generosity; then that Love incarnates in us, and we become loved and lovers of Love.

It is not a matter of choosing to belong to another structure; no, it is a choice for the life of God. Just as the grace of all times has required us to live according to the given grace, so all those who want to participate in that grace must accept these programs. It is only natural that these people want to know each other better, get closer and communicate more with one another, just as the faithful brothers wanted to adore Jesus after His birth.14

This year the action of grace will increase greatly. Those who have accepted the plan of God15 are asked to move forward with the power of grace to experience and manifest the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One might ask this question: why did a child, who said “yes” to God at conception, not develop perfectly? Because the Church was missing. Which church? That of the parents, who were not immersed in Mary’s immaculateness and in the grace of Saint Joseph, who saw Christ in his wife and Spouse who served Christ. If that had been the case, the parents could have accompanied the child in the right direction. If there were a Church around them, living in this way, she would accompany those children.

You who live here, have you not experienced that you have changed, that the trials have not weakened you but made you stronger, that they have purified and elevated you? Have you experienced that the communion among you is a protection for you? Then, this must express itself in your life; the life of all those who belong to this Church must show that this Church is moving, now in particular, in the dimension of the spirit, where demons cannot enter. This year, this Church must grow and reveal Christ, who is present among us.

You cannot learn this from books or theories. Moreover, you cannot understand all that God has revealed over the millennia without the presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit. He, who is here among us, is the One, who casts out all darkness from the souls who choose Him in spirit, and He imparts in spirit the power of the Trinity. Let us become aware of this, this year, and bring this grace to all those of good will. Everything we do in this spirit will reach the souls.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

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