Message of 2012 for reflection

You Have Wonderfully Made Me (Ps 139, 14)

Message of the Holy Spirit of January 28, 2012‬

“Dear children, I am starting a dialogue with you, that will be useful for your journey, and through which I will accompany you in the discovery of your life, but also of the reality that exceeds and surrounds you. I am starting right from the greatest mystery, that is your life, and that is fundamental.‬ ‪Only if you will understand the miracle of your life I will be able to help you penetrate the other mysteries, otherwise, each of my words could become difficult for you to understand.‬

Few consider their existence as the greatest gift of God, in fact, for too many of you, life is just a burden. Many ask for miracles and seek extraordinary signs, but do not realize that life itself is the greatest sign of the power and goodness of the Creator.‬ ‪For man, in fact, is created in the image and likeness of God, and is a sublime creature, because he can receive within himself, the life and thought of the Almighty.‬

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