Evil and Suffering

14 February 2011

Message of Jesus of 11 February 2011

My beloved children, I bless you with all the power of My Love. Today, I want to speak to you about the relationship between evil and suffering.

Evil is a poisonous root in you, which has become part of your nature as a consequence of original sin, committed by your progenitors. Before original sin, the reality of evil was outside of man; by sinning and allying with Satan, your progenitors allowed evil to enter into them, and it became a reality that was no longer only outside of man but also deep inside of him. From that moment, evil has been exercising pressure on you from outside and from inside of you, holding you in a terrible vice. You can observe the consequences in you and around you. Original sin has opened the doors to corruption, whose culmination is death, which passed from the progenitors to the following generations. Sick and suffering shoots sprouted from the sick trunk.

This is the origin of suffering, that is, the condition in which man is dominated by the events and matter because he is unable to know the divine laws of life and to comply with them because of the corruption he holds within. It prevents him from fully knowing God, the Highest Good. All suffering arises from the lack of knowledge of God. This is where your rebellion against the Creator has taken you; this rebellion renews itself every day and in all times, through the conduct of many people of the Earth.

Evil cuts you off from the God’s thoughts; it dwells in you and creeps into your conscience from outside. It incites you to act according to your thoughts, which are human and therefore limited and unable to embrace the mystery that permeates the whole creation and sustains your life. Yes, daughter, your life is a great mystery that you can only know in God by offering your life to Him. Your sincere self-offering to God, through the Immaculate Heart of My Mother makes life and its laws become a book that the Lord opens before your eyes so that you may read His Love and His power in it. Then, the Holy Spirit fills your heart and communicates My thoughts to you; thus, I can guide your life and present you to the Father so that He may renew the seal of life in each one of you: the seal you were marked with at your conception.

However, if you stubbornly keep away from God and refuse His love and His help, then evil will resurface in you with all its tragic consequences, and not only that. It also strikes you from outside: the enemy attacks you, shows you your weaknesses, those of the others and the wickedness of the world, causing you to remain locked in a circle without exit, which makes you suffer in spirit and body. Your depressions, your illnesses, your conflicts, the discomfort in which you live your existence derive from not knowing the laws of God or, even worse, from refusing those laws, which makes you ill and prevents you from seeing the solutions that God would have for you. How many men and women today on Earth, live in contrast with the laws of life! There are truly many, and they suffer and cause suffering in turn.

God has given you a law and has written it in your hearts. God’s Law is not a collection of commands and prohibitions like that of your legislators, but the fruit of His goodness, which leads you to a righteous life and happiness. It is founded on love, love for God and for your neighbour.

To love God in the first place and above all things; this love is the basis of your existence. To adore Him within yourselves, to serve Him not the people who think they are powerful but are nothing. Yes, I tell you: it is useless to adore the powerful, to submit to them, selling your dignity in exchange for some rewards. If you do not love God and do not adore Him, you place yourselves outside of life and end up crashing against death. I am not only talking about physical death, as there is an even more devastating kind of death: existential death, emptiness, the non-sense. GOD IS THE ONE WHO IS, and when you are detached from Him, YOU ARE NOT, because you deprive yourselves of the vital essence that gives meaning to all things. Thus, you live without existing; you observe without understanding; you walk without a purpose. This is how the days of so many of my poor children, who have chosen to stay away from Me, drag on.

 Love your neighbour as yourself; this love is the basis of your actions: do not kill, do not steal, do not commit adultery, honour father and mother, do not speak untruthfully, do not rob your neighbour of his dignity and his honestly earned goods, help your neighbours to grow in the knowledge of God and His Laws. If you do this, you will be happy; the heaviness of matter will not be able to dominate you, despite the difficulties that Satan, the enemy, relentlessly sows on your path because he is a murderer, from the beginning.

How will you observe this law? Through your human efforts? Through formalisms and appearances? No, you can only live according to God’s laws if you love them, and you can only love them if you love the One from Whom it comes. Let us return to the starting point, dear children: the main road to love God is offering one’s life to Him through Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Only then, do you allow Me to act fully in you, and only then My Law works in you and bears fruit, a fruit of peace, joy and justice.

Thus, evil produces suffering and causes physical and spiritual disease. Those who hate God and the laws of life contaminate both themselves and the whole of humanity. The perverse conduct of many, too many people, falls on you all like a scythe. Often you wonder why the innocent have to pay for the faults of others, and you place the responsibility on God: God allows this; God does not prevent this, etc. etc. My answer to you is that evil does not come from God, as God is only good, light and goodness. Evil comes from Satan and from the alliance that your progenitors made with him, which, is constantly renewed in the generations over the centuries. With deep sorrow, I notice that a large part of the humanity of this Earth wants to please itself rather than God. It puts the law of selfishness, which leads to death, before the law of the Spirit. This produces the violence of evil, which affects all of you indiscriminately, and it is strong because, in this time on Earth, there are more selfish than true children of God.

Is there thus no remedy for you? Has God abandoned you? No, children, you have not been abandoned. Your Father has given you the chance to escape forever the terrible vice of evil, which produces suffering. How? Through Me.

I came to Earth to annul the power of evil, facing Satan directly. Taking death upon Me and annihilating it with My Resurrection, I not only overcame evil, but I did much more: I sanctified suffering making it salvific. So now, if you are united with Me, if you love Me and unite your suffering with that of My Passion, all your sorrows become salvific. Every time you unite one of your sorrows with My Cross, it has the power to annihilate evil and return it to the enemy like a boomerang. Satan thought to kill God on the Cross, yet he destroyed himself.

After My death and resurrection, suffering has been sublimated. It is no longer only the terrible consequence of sin, but also the victory over the enemy. In fact, by suffering like Me and for Me, My children are no longer overcome by evil, but they destroy it, just as I did. On the Cross, I suffered but I defeated evil. United with Me, you too, suffer on your crosses, but you also defeat evil. Thus, when you offer your suffering to Me, it becomes balm for the wounds of humanity, but also a sword that strikes the enemy.

Know that the suffering of many innocents, today on Earth, is intimately united with My Sacrifice. It is such a powerful weapon that the Earth is regenerated by it despite the evilness of a multitude of people who wickedly crush the poor and the little ones, but I offer the blood of the innocent, who love Me, to the Father and unite it with My Blood. The least of the Earth, rejected by humanity, considered as worth nothing, are worthy of being beside the Redeemer, worthy of climbing the Cross with Him. Thus, Satan again annihilates himself where he thought to have won, where he thought to have eliminated the little ones he hates so strongly because they remind him of the purity he has lost.

Only I have the power to make your suffering salvific because I am the Saviour. Salvific suffering redeems you and the entire humanity. I can only transform your suffering into victory if you offer your life and your crosses to Me, because I respect your freedom; therefore, I want you to participate in My work of redemption freely and consciously. Now more than ever, humanity needs the children of God. It needs people who are able to transform evil into good with the power of divine love that works in them. Therefore, take courage, dear children! And, when it happens that you have to suffer, know that I am by your side, ready to transform every cross of yours into resurrection; a sincere act of faith is enough for Me; the sincere offering of your pain is enough for Me. Your sorrow is a precious treasure when offered to Me! The suffering of the saints purifies, like a burning fire, the entire humanity and defeats evil.

Suffering will not reign forever on Earth, neither will death. I will return to eliminate evil and corruption definitively and to decree the final victory of My people over Satan and his fellows. Immense legions of unknown martyrs, victorious over evil and death, will rise again. They will be by my side on the day of victory. Their footsteps will crush all the pride of the enemy. Humanity will no longer experience suffering but only the beatitude of the good, the meek, the true adorers of the Father. This is not fairy-tale; it is the promise of God the Father.

I bless you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.